Gardening articles and useful info on gardening

Garden hints and tips from around the web.

Here at Asgard we know our sheds... and our garden security!  We are also pretty good gardeners as well!  Many of our team here are trying to lead the "Good Life".

Here we have pulled together some useful gardening articles from the internet to help you plan and maintain your garden.  As ever these are supplied in good faith - so we don't accept any responsibility if it all goes wrong!

Storing chemicals in your garden
Selecting your garden tools
The best tools for weeding your garden
The best tools for indoor gardening
Small garden tools, great for small gardens
Power tools in the garden
General information about garden tools
Garden tools for children

he best garden tools for vegetable gardens


Growing vegetables in winter
Christmas gardening gifts
Protect Christmas garden decorations from theft 
Create Santa's grotto in your garden 
Get gardening confidence
How to store chemicals in the garden
Gardening in the snow
Why gardening is good for you

Garden for National Gardening Week 2013

Gardening on a budget

Garden accident statistics

Garden safety tips

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