Cycling Electric reviews the Access E Plus E-Bike Storage Shed

Cycling Electric Bike Shed Review

Asgard Shed Review: an e-bike-specific high-security bike shed

Posted: 14/09/23

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RATING: 4.75

HIGHS: Easy to put together, 10-year guarantee, Does its job effortlessly

LOWS: Electric sockets and other security items are not included

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Cycling Electric is looking here at the e-bike-specific Asgard Shed for review, but what makes a shed e-bike specific? It’s all in the design, and specifically the capability to charge your e-bike while in one of the most secure sheds on the market. Suppose you’re looking for more bike security – in that case, Cycling Electric has a buyer’s guide on the best bike security and storage – but let’s see how the Asgard shed performs regarding at-home security.

It’s important to note that nothing is entirely thief-proof. If someone has enough want and enough tools, they could steal something. It’s the job of your security products to make it as difficult as possible for that person. The Asgard Shed has many features that help to keep your bikes safe. It’s a metal shed that you need to build yourself, but it goes together intuitively and easily. You can get Asgard to install it, but if you have a flat surface and a drill or screwdriver, you should be able to put this together yourself.

An external shed like this is perfect for someone with limited internal storage and no garage or garden space. Asgard has a range of products that could suit your needs, so let’s look at its e-bike-specific shed and see if it could be a match for you.

Asgard Access Premium Electric Bike Shed

Any negatives

I can’t fault the shed in terms of its construction and being fit for purpose. It’s solid, robust, and certainly secure at the time of writing. But then, it hasn’t received any attempts to break into it yet. However, a minor negative is that Asgard does not provide the sockets to make the shed e-bike-specific as standard, and you may have to go somewhere like Tool Station to get the correct socket. If it all came as one, it would make everything just that little bit easier.

Final verdict

I think it’s a fantastic product that exploits a niche market with the ability to safely and securely charge your e-bikes. As a security product, it’s excellent, easy to use and does its job without requiring constant fiddling, which is fantastic. It’s robust, sturdy and easy to put together. The only slight nagging issue is the lack of sockets provided, but these are relatively inexpensive to pick up and install in your shed.

This review is about the Asgard Access E Plus. Click here for more information.