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Motorcycle Garage Discount Code by Asgard

Discount on Motorcycle storage

Are you part of a motorcycle club? Motorbike clubs are a great way to expand your hobby, finding like-minded people for trading motorcycle tips and tricks. Here at Asgard, we have many motorcycle enthusiasts and understand the importance of getting the right type of safe, dry and secure storage for storing your pride and joy. Often the best way is to ask your fellow motorbikers what they value and rave about, that's why we're offering an exclusive 10% discount code to motorcycle club members!*

It’s really simple to get involved! All you have to do is register your club with Asgard and we will send an exclusive discount code for all club members to use. To register your interest, simply email

If you’d like to know more about the motorcycle garages we have to offer, we’ve listed a few of our most popular ranges below. All our motorcycle sheds come with middle panels with built-in ventilation to ensure your bikes are safe from condensation build-up all year round.

British Motorcyclists Federation
Chopper Club Scotland
Kawasaki Club
Oxford Wanderers Motorcycle Club
Yamaha Tracer 700 UK Owners Club

Please note: the discount is applicable to all Asgard sheds and bulk packs on orders over £100. This offer excludes delivery and installation, however, we offer free delivery to most of the mainland UK*. 

*Please check our delivery page before ordering.

**All offers and discounts are subject to our Terms and Conditions.

Centurion - 9ft x 5ft 2” Motorcycle Storage Garage

The Centurion Motorcycle Garage is one of our best sellers. This super secure storage shed comes with a range of features that will keep your motorbike out of harm’s way, whether it's thieves, condensation or weather conditions, this shed is a very safe place for your motorcycle. The unit features a tough 5-point locking system and is Secured by Design (Police) approved, LPCB approved, and UK Locksmith approved, providing you with the toughest level of security. The extra-large vents allow moisture and fumes to escape easily from the inside reducing any condensation build-up. The Centurion secure metal garage is also available in 10ft 11" x 5ft 2".

Centurion Motorcycle Shed

Gladiator – 8ft 11” x 7ft 4” Motorbike Storage Garage

Gladiator Motorbike Shed

The Gladiator Motorbike Storage Garage heavyweight motorbike storage unit that measures 2.2m wide and 2.7m long, providing you with an array of storage space. The all-metal shed features pick and drill resistant lock and heavy deadbolts which are fixed from the inside. Like all our sheds, the Gladiator is made from tough, galvanised (weather proof) steel and has hidden ventilation in the roof to reduce any condensation build-up. Additionally, for that extra peace of mind, the Gladiator also comes with an extra ventilated side panel. This garage is Secured by Design (police), LPCB, and UK Locksmith approved. The Gladiator is also available in 10ft 11" x 7ft 4".


See our motorcycle storage category for more details of all of our approved motorcycle storage sheds. If you’re interested in an Asgard motorbike shed, it’s also good to note that Bennetts Motorbike Insurance offers an exclusive discount to Asgard customers.**

*Please note this excludes installation and delivery if applicable.

**Your discount will vary depending on your personal circumstance - such as rider history and location etc. Your Bennetts insurance advisor can provide further details.

Are you a member of other clubs?

If you are a member of a cycling club, click here. If you are a member of a garden or allotment club, click here.


Locksmiths Approved
LPCB Approved
Secured by Design
Bennetts Insurance

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