How We Deliver Our Sheds

Asgard shed delivery van

How we deliver Asgard sheds

Asgard delivers our metal sheds using our own fleet of vehicles and trained staff, ensuring the best service and quality direct from the manufacturer. By using our own teams, we can easily adapt to customer requests, tailor delivery drops to reduce emissions and ensure our teams fully understand the product helping reduce mistakes. 

How are Asgard Sheds Packaged?

Each Asgard shed is stored within a delivery cage(s), allowing easy movement from the factory to delivery vehicle and the customer. To ensure your shed arrives without scratches or dents, we use reusable cardboard between each panel and strap them to the cage to keep them secure. The cardboard is a tried and tested method to protect panels and is the only wrapping we use and so reduce our wastage. The panels are stacked in a specific order within each cage, which is checked to ensure the order is complete before dispatch. 

Asgard metal shed delivery Asgard metal shed UK made

More than just Kerbside Delivery

Our delivery teams will deliver your shed panels to where you require them, whether that's a back garden, outhouse or front of house. As each panel is heavy, we carefully stack them where needed*. 

UK Wide Network

Whilst our factory is based in West Yorkshire, giving great access to major road networks, we have storage hubs and staff in both London and Scotland. These hubs provide a central base for our local delivery and installation teams to offer a premium service, speaking directly to the customer and offering quick and stress-free after-sales support if needed. 

Efficient Delivery

By bringing in our deliveries in-house, we’ve achieved a 19.20% reduction in CO2 diesel emissions per Asgard Storage product drop (2020-2023), streamlining our delivery services to reduce our carbon footprint and reach our 2042 Net Zero goal. Find out more here.

For delivery lead times and FAQs, please visit our delivery page.

* Please note, that if you require panels to be delivered through the house, we may require you to sign a damage disclaimer before entering. Please use common sense when asking our team to place panels in a specific location, if the request is unreasonable our delivery team may refuse.