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Metal Garden Buildings & Outdoor Garden Workshops 

Asgard sheds are made from tough, galvanised (weatherproof) metal, making an Asgard metal shed strong and heavy.  Our workshops are no exception.  Designed and made by us here in Yorkshire, our ultra-tough outdoor workshops take sheds and storage to the next level. With weight comes strength & security – and our smallest 10x11 workshop weighs 90 stone (584kg).!

As with all our sheds, our range of workshops comes with an integral all-metal floor, reinforced panel construction, and a superb 10-year warranty.  With a 5-point locking system, Euro cylinder, pick-resistant locks, and "proper" door handles (with security snap-off feature), these are comprehensive high-level workshops.

The Complete Workshop Package

Outside pir workshops are tough and secure, inside you will find a full metal floor, integral to the structure, reducing the chance of theft and minimising the risk of condensation.  On top of the metal floor, our workshops come supplied with ultra-tough OSB3 flooring panels, helping to reduce noise and keep the floor nice and flat.  On the walls, you will find mounting plates for electrical sockets, perfect for adding power via the grommeted cable access holes.  Key to the workshop is our unique ventilation system, our internal and external vent design helps to maintain a constant air flow keeping moisture to a minimum.

Keep your tools safe & dry.

Our Garden Workshop Buildings have the same unique, vented roof design as all of our sheds – discreet holes in the roof eves allow air to flow inside every Asgard shed even when fully locked, and further ventilation comes from the large louvered side panel vents - reducing condensation inside - keeping your tools and equipment not just safe from theft but also dry. 

With a choice of outdoor quality paint finishes our accredited workshops offer incredible metal storage and an outdoor workspace that is stylish yet discreet ..... secure, yet easily accessible.

Metal Workshop with integral floor.

Asgard sheds regardless of size come with an integral FULL metal base.  The base is structural and helps to improve security, reduces condensation, and helps to make Asgard sheds rodent-proof.  Exclusively to our Workshop range, these heavy-duty garden buildings come complete with additional OSB3 Subfloor, sitting on top of the metal floor, for noise reduction, reducing fatigue on the user, and increasing comfort.

Supplied Installed.

Our metal garden workshops are huge and a multi-person build, as such our workshops are supplied and installed by one of our fully trained and experienced UK-wide Asgard installation teams.

Buy a British-made approved Garden Workshop.

Our workshops have been tested or approved by the Police, Insurance Companies, The UK Locksmiths company, and The Loss Prevention Board.

POLICE APPROVED. Read about Police Preferred Specification Design here>*

LOSS PREVENTION CERTIFIED. See the Insurance testing video here> *

LOCKSMITHS APPROVED. Locksmiths Association report here>*

Customer Case Studies here>

Independent Reviews here>

Made in Britain>


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