Fully Tested Storage

LPCB Approved Sheds

Asgard shed enclosures are fully Loss Prevention Board Certified.
No additional locks are required.

Many manufacturers create a shed shell and rely on ground anchors and internal locks, not the unit itself, to keep your bikes and equipment secure and to gain the LPCB certification. This means that most of your shed security comes in use after they’ve already broken in, giving access to unlocked equipment. 

The price of these compulsory/ complaint locks can sometimes be a large percentage of the shed price, so an important consideration when choosing the best and most secure units for your property.

Are all certified products the same??

NO! Asgard sheds are tested and do not need extra security measures to be Loss Prevention Certified.

The good news is that adding any additional ground anchors or internal locking points to your Asgard shed is a great bonus - but not a necessity. 

Is there an easy way to cross-reference shed Accreditations & Certifications?

The Loss Prevention Certification (BRE) website hosts each manufacturer’s certifications, giving a great overview of the security status and what individuals need to do to make their shed compliant. 

On the website, each of Asgard’s certifications references the actual shed with no restrictions or additional must-have locks listed to be compliant.

How to Search: 

  1. Visit the LPCB/BRE test site to view the security status of sheds: https://www.redbooklive.com/  
  2. Type in the manufacturer's name to check certification status and restrictions.
  3. Look out for the shed model you are interested in, plus any must-have locks, locking methods, and ground anchors inside to be test-compliant. 
  4. For Asgard certificates & test results, please visit: https://www.redbooklive.com/search?search=asgard

*Please note, that there maybe discontinued shed models listed on our profile due to our continuous product development program.