Asgard metal storage FAQ

General Questions

Why do you give a "base size" and what does it mean?

Do I need to be "in" to take delivery?

I don't have a flat surface, can I put my Asgard shed on my lawn?

What happens when I have placed my order?

I think my Payment has not been processed and I did not get a conformation email back from you.

What colours are the sheds available in?

What is the expected delivery time?

Why is the delivery time so long?

Can't you just post the shed to us via Royal Mail or a carrier?

Why do you need a contact phone number??

What if I need spares or replacement parts?

I ordered a shed two weeks ago and you still haven't debited my card?

My receipt says Flexiform Business Furniture on it and Not Asgard. Why? Who are they?

Can I collect my shed from the Asgard factory?
If my metal shed is outside, will it create condensation in the cold weather?

What is the thickness of the steel used and does it make a difference?

What is LCPB?

Are your sheds rodent proof?

Your sheds look complicated to build. How long does it take to build one?

The addition and the annexe, they look the same. What is the difference?

We live on a small country road, can your delivery van get to us?

What happens if I lose my key?

Are Asgard sheds fire proof?

Asgard vouchers

Requests for Asgard images

My handle snapped off? How do I fix it?

Delivery & Installation

What is the best way to place an order?

What happens next after I've placed an order?

I work nearby; can you phone me when you are near, so I don't have to take a full day off work?

Can I add on the installation service to my order if I choose not to build it myself?

What size vehicles do you use as access to my house is restricted?

Do you take away the packing when a shed is delivered?

How long will it take to build my metal shed?

Do I have to lay a base?
How much do you charge to install the ground anchors?

What tools will I need to build the shed?

Do I need planning permission for an Asgard metal shed?

Do the fixing bolts come as standard?

Do I need Planning Permission for a garden shed?

Planning permission for Motorcycle garages

Why is a level shed base so important?

Product Specific Questions


Asgard Shed Colours

Standard Asgard Paint Colours

How do I select my colour?
The Access Colour Options

The Addition Colour Options

Bike Locks

How do I fit the Rota Force ground anchor?

I have an Asgard Access Bike shed with a wooden floor - how do I install the ground anchor?

Do you also fit the ground anchor when my Asgard shed is being installed?

Which chain would you recommend to go with the Brute Force Anchor?

What is Sold Secure approved?
Will the Sold Secure accreditation affect my cycle insurance policy?

Will I get a discount on my motorbike insurance the Thatcham approved Monster lock?

I've lost my keys to the Monster Chain lock, Do you replace them?

How long does the battery last on the Cycle Screamer Lock?

Where do I place the Cycle Screamer Lock on my bike?

Bike Storage

What is the difference between the Addition and the Annexe bike storage sheds?

What is the point of the High Security Thatcham Pack for the bike stores?

Are the metal bike storage sheds easy to build?

How many bikes can I get into the addition bike storage shed?

I have an electric bike will that fit into an Addition?

Why is the roof angled?

Why is the recommended concrete base size so much bigger than the size of the bike store?

Do I have to bolt the bike storage shed down?

How secure are the bike stores?

Whats the wooden floor for?
Is the Access bike store lid heavy to lift?

Your High Security Bike Store (the Annexe) is LPCB to level 1. What does this mean?

The Access bike store has 2 locks Why? And do they have different keys?

Do your bike stores get condensation inside?

Metal rusts Do the Asgard bike stores?

How are Asgard bike storage sheds delivered?

Do you build the bike storage shed on site?

I am confused by the twin bike locker why is it a different shape to the others?

I don't really want a bike locker in my garden, they look ugly! Can I hide it?

How many bikes will I get into the large cycle garage/maintenance shed?

Bike Shelters

How do I choose the right shelter?

What materials are your shelters made from?

Do I need to prepare the base for a Bike Shelter?

How long does it take to install a bike shelter from order?
Do you provide a bespoke Shelter package?

Does the shelter have any other uses?

How many bikes can you store in a shelter?

Do you supply any accessories or upgrades to the Bike Compound Shelter?

Caravan Site Storage

I have a lawned area surrounding my holiday home, is this suitable to put an Asgard shed on?

Can I choose any shed for my caravan park?
I am only at my holiday home every couple of months how will I arrange delivery?

I have mislaid my shed keys. Can I buy extra sets?

Gas Bottle Storage

How many bottles will the gas storage take?

Is it safe to put gas bottles in a metal box?

Do I still need to have a flat level base for the gas sheds?

Do the gas bottle storage sheds lock?

Can the sheds be fixed to a base?
What if I loose the key?

Will I need to build the shed myself?

Are the gas storage sheds as secure as your other metal storage sheds?

What is the warranty?

Ground Anchors

Do Asgard fit ground anchors? Are they easy to fit?

High Security Storage

What is the difference between the standard Asgard shed and an Asgard High Security shed?

What is the LPCB accreditation for the High Security Storage sheds from Asgard?

Do you have any bike storage sheds which are LPCB approved?

Is my property covered by my Insurance Policy if I store it in this storage shed?
Can I install the Asgard high security Storage shed in my back garden?

Is the Asgard ATV storage shed waterproof?

Does the High Security Bike Shed come with a guarantee?


Who do you supply lockers for?

What is the expected lead time for custom or production locker orders?

Do you sell small quantities?

What colours are available?
We have a specific design specification for our College, will you be able to work to them?

Are all lockers made in the same way?

Are metal, plastic or wood lockers best for my needs?

What locks will my lockers accept?

Metal Garden Shed

What size metal shed do I need for my garden?

Where should I locate my garden shed?

What type of base is suitable for my shed?

Does the shed require DIY assembly?

Can I have electricity in my garden shed?
Do metal sheds suffer from condensation?

Will a metal shed rust quickly?

Are the Asgard Steel metal sheds strong enough to withstand extreme weather - snow and gales?

What quality guarantee do I get with my garden shed?

Are your garden sheds only available in Dark Green?

Mobility Scooter Storage

Where can I store my mobility scooter?

Where should I locate the Mobility Scooter Storage shed?

Can I charge my mobility scooter battery in the Mobility Scooter Shed?

Is it possible to ride in my disability scooter into the Shed?
I would like to store 2 Scooters inside this shed, is the Mobility Scooter available in a larger size?

Can I install a ground Anchor inside the Asgard shed to secure my mobility scooter?

Is the Asgard Mobility Scooter garage approved by Insurance companies?

Moped Storage

How big is the Moped Storage shed?

Can I charge up my moped in the Asgard Moped Storage shed?

Can I store my helmet and riding gear inside the Moped Shed?

Am I covered by my Moped Insurance if I store my Moped in this storage shed?
How does the locking mechanism on the Moped garage work?

Can I store my moped inside this Storage shed over winter?

Is it possible to wheel in my moped inside the Moped Store?

How many mopeds can I store in the Asgard Moped garage?

Motorcycle Storage

What is the difference between the Motorcycle garage and Motorcycle Plus garage sheds?

What is the difference between your standard large sheds and the motorcycle garages?

How many bikes can I get into the shed?

The shed has a metal floor, so why the wooden floor on top?

How does it lock?

Why is the recommended concrete base size so much bigger than the size of the bike store?

Do I have to bolt the motorcycle garage down?

Why does it have to be on a concrete or tarmac base?
How secure are the motorcycle garages?

Whats the wooden floor for?

Do your motorbike storage garages get condensation inside??

Metal rusts. Do the Asgard motorbike stores?

How are Asgard motorcycle garages delivered?

How difficult is it to assemble the Motorcycle Garage?

Do you build the motorbike storage garages on site?

Quad Bike / ATV Storage

Can I store my large ATV as well as an adult road bike inside the Asgard ATV Storage shed?

Can I store my Quad Bike inside this Storage shed over winter?

Is my Quad Bike covered by my Insurance Policy if I store it in this garage?

Can I still use my Ground Anchor and chain to lock up my ATV?
Can I build a Quad Bike garage in my back garden?

How do I charge up my Quad Bike in the Asgard Quad bike Shed?

Is the Asgard ATV garage waterproof?

Is it possible to ride my quad bike inside the Asgard Quad Bike Garage?

Sports Equiptment Storage

What is the point of your sports storage range?

Your sheds seem expensive compared to B and Q plastic ones?

Metal will rust when I put my fishing tackle in....won't it??

Why are all your sports storage sheds different heights and widths??

Why is the roof angled?

Why is the recommended concrete base size so much bigger than the size of the bike store?

Do I have to bolt these sports equipment sheds to the ground?
How secure are your sheds?

I see some of your sports specific storage sheds have a wooden floor option?

Are all your sheds really that heavy?

Your High Security Bike Store (the Annexe) is LPCB to level 1. What does this mean?

Do these sports storage sheds get condensation inside?

How are your hobby stores delivered?

Do you build the sheds on site?

School Storage

How do we know what accessories go in each shed?

We don't allow deliveries during normal school hours. Can you delivery before the school opens or during the holidays?

Can we obtain quotations to submit to Governors?

We would like to put a storage shed on our playing field. Is this ok?

Why do I need a wooden sub floor when ordering a Centurion or Gladiator?

How many keys are supplied with the shed and can I get replacements if we lose them?

Do you have any bigger sheds available??
We have a very strict health and safety policy - are the Asgard School Sheds suitable for children use?

As a school, we don't have the facility to pay for goods up front. Do you provide any other option?

Do you make site visits?

We don't want people installing sheds on school premises when the children are playing outside. Will this be a problem?

What do we get with each School Storage Pack?