Quad Bike & ATV Storage Garage - Police Preferred Specification

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Quad Bike & ATV Storage Garage - Police Preferred Specification

Quad Bike & ATV Storage Garage - Police Preferred Specification:

Our insurance-approved ATV and Quad bike storage shed is an extra-large all-metal storage shed giving you safe and secure storage for expensive ATVs, Quad bikes and off-road motorcycles.  As with all our high-quality metal storage units, our Quad bike storage shed is built from thick, heavy-gauge, galvanised (weatherproof) steel panels and this unit features reinforced doors, hinges and panels for seriously tough storage.

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Secure Quad Bike Garage

To provide you with the ultimate storage, our quad bike storage shed features a full metal floor and large double door access. This metal storage unit also features our unique shed ventilation system, which has been designed to maximise airflow and reduce the risk of condensation. With this metal shed, you’ll receive a selection of storage accessories including a full protective wooden subfloor and an easy access ramp.

For security our ATV store is fitted with a tough (pick resistant), five-point locking system, designed to help keep thieves out, giving you maximum security. This UK designed and manufactured ATV storage shed is an exceptionally versatile storage unit suitable for both domestic and commercial storage of ATV, Quad bikes and off-road vehicles.

Hidden in the heavy-duty, reinforced roof you will find Asgard's unique shed ventilation system – discreet holes designed to allow air to flow freely inside this huge shed keeping condensation down to a minimum – keeping your tools safe and dry.

This Secure By Design shed offers professional-level security in a tough, secure metal shed designed and made in Britain.

Accessories are shown for illustration purposes only.

Easy to Assemble

Shed Installation Service Available

Is self-assembly not for you? Why not try the Asgard installation service? This service is available at the checkout. You can find further information on Asgard shed installation here.

Please note: Before installation can take place a level and firm surface will be required (e.g. concrete, tarmac, patio 50mm/2" thick) before installation. The base must be solid, completely flat, and secure. You can find further information on this here.

*You must check the size of your bikes before ordering.
** Check with your local planning authority.

Wash your bike - for free!!

Our large motorcycle garages have a secret...  add in one of our gutter kits and collect rainwater straight from your shed, in a water butt and wash your bikes post-ride, with rainwater.... for free!!

See the Asgard Garage Shed Gutter Kit here.


This heavy-duty Quad storage shed is Locksmiths, Police (Secured By Design), and Loss Prevention Certified (to level 1) - Independently tested for quality and security.

*Your discount will vary depending on your personal circumstance - such as rider history and location etc. Your Bennetts insurance advisor can provide further details.

Accessories are shown for illustration purposes only.

Product Code: Cent6

Quad & ATV Bike Storage - Police Preferred


Our Quad & ATV bike storage pack includes:

  • Includes: a Centurion Quad Bike Shed - a 5ft 2" x 9ft metal shed. 
  • Includes: A heavy-duty ramp (slides under the unit) - easy loading.
  • Includes: Integral metal base - complete with free fixings for securing to the ground.
  • Includes: OSB3 subflooring - which sits on top of the metal base - helps to protect the shed metal floor. 
  • Includes: A tough helmet and leathers hook strip - great for riding gear.
  • Includes: A single heavy duty shelf - perfect for tools and spare parts.
  • Includes: A ground fixing kitBolt the shed to the ground for extra security.
  • Includes: Electric mounting plate kit - add power to the garage (note: qualified electrician required to install power unit and wiring - not supplied. Socket size and specification may also vary, and some customer drilling may be required to install).
  • A unique ventilation system is built into the roof of the shed - minimizes condensation.
  • Second side ventilation system - exhaust fumes and vapours to escape.
  • Reinforced double door access - walk-in or ride in your bike into the garage.
  • Tough five-point motorbike garage locking system - for maximum motorbike security.
  • Tough welded hinges - for added strength & security.
  • Strong, reinforced panels - to help to prevent forced entry.
  • Cable Access within the Fascia - easily add security cameras and/or lights to the front of your shed.
  • Compatible with our Shed Guttering Kit - harvest water from the apex roof shed.
  • Add our optional ladder storage shelf - a heavy duty metal storage rack.

Note: pictured is a plywood floor - We have now upgraded the flooring to OSB board as part of our green policy. 

Planning Permission: is not required in most instances. However, we recommend you check with your local authority.

Please note:
- Asgard does not fit the electric sockets as part of the installation option.
- A professional, qualified electrician should be contacted when installing electrical equipment.
- The electrical sockets and wiring are not provided as part of this package.
- The sockets shown are for illustration only - available from Screwfix.com.

Note: Before your installation can take place a level, a firm surface will be required. (e.g. concrete, tarmac, patio 50mm/2" thick) The base must be solid, completely flat, and secure.

Why do I need a flat base for my shed?


ATV/Quad Bike Storage - Dimensions

ATV and quad bike storage

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