Asgard Weight Category Explained

Asgard Storage and Sheds are renowned for their durability and security, with a big part of this being their weight. Made from thick galvanised steel (weatherproof) the sheds are made as strong and supportive as possible. This is also enforced with an integral metal floor that provides several uses, including a reduction in condensation. Thus allows you to keep your equipment both safe and dry.

Another feature, that increases the security of an Asgard storage shed, is that it’s built from the inside out. By being built this way, there are no exposed fixtures on the outside, as well as hiding the sharp ends of any screws which maximises safety.

Weight Category Summary

Our weight category rating is simple, the heavier the storage the higher the rating. Even our category 1 sheds are extremely heavy, which is only a small part of what makes them so strong. The heavier a shed is, the less vulnerable it is to extreme weather conditions and from theft. Every Asgard storage unit also comes with the option to be bolted into the ground to further increase its security. The heavy-duty ground bolts are supplied as standard at no extra charge with each purchase, giving you the option for even more security.

As seen in the graphic above, the Weight Category reflects the weight of the shed itself. This allows you do have a clearer idea as to the strength of the shed as photographs may not always convey this. Simply summarised, the high-quality storage units built by Asgard are mirrored through the excellence in quality and engineering that goes into each and everyone.

An example of a Category 1 storage facility would be the Compact Metal Garden Shed: The Secure Store which weighs 76kg or 12 stone.Whereas a Category 6 would be the XXL Metal Shed:The Gladiator Plus 2 which weighs 539kg or 85 stone.

The Weight Category rating can be found on each product page and should give you a better understanding as to why the product is so secure.

Information regarding the weight and size dimensions of all Asgards Storage and Sheds can be found here.

**Please note that the Weight Category rating does not include the weight of any extensions or accessories you may install at a later date. However this increased weight only aids the total ground security of the shed.

For more information regarding module extensions, please click here.