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Metal Bike Lockers

Our range of Bike lockers have been designed when bike storage is needed, but space is restricted.  Each bike locker is constructed from heavy duty weatherproof metal – galvanised and powder coated – specifically to prevent rust and corrosion. 

Our bike lockers are available in several versions – single, double and double ended.  Each version has been created for a specific need, and situation.

The Vertical Bike Locker:

Primarily for commercial applications – but increasingly used by private customers.  Heavy duty deadbolt locking, shrouded locks, anti tamper, drill and resistant locks designed to shear off during an attempted break-in.  A full metal base and integral bike hold and wheel guide keep a single bike, safely stored in a very small footprint.

Bike Shelter x2.

Galvanised weatherproof construction, 2 point dead bolt locking, pick and drill resistant locks – perfect for keeping two bikes safe and secure.  These units are ideal for regular bike users such as commuters, where security is important but long time storage is not needed.

Double ended bike locker

The perfect bike storage solution for landlords or flat shares.  This fully galvanised bike store features 2 independently locking compartments, giving two individuals the opportunity to lock their bikes in one unit, separately.  Each end of the locker features its own 3 point, pick and drill resistant locking point, and separate internal anchor point and wheel guide for each bike, all in a galvanised, weatherproof shell.

Bike Shelter

Designed very much for commercial use – this heavy duty shelter will hold three bikes in dedicated bike channels, with independent locking points.  A large heavy duty drop down cover, keeps the bikes safe from view and theft with a dead bolt locking system in place.

Keeping bikes and garden tools dry & secure

All Asgard bike lockers have a range of storage accessories such as hooks and locking points.  Please see the individual product pages for more details.

You are looking at a range of exceptionally secure metal bike lockers suitable for domestic or commercial use - tough and hardwearing in a small footprint, designed and made in Britain.

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