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Protect your mobility scooters and equipment in a tough, Police Approved, high-security metal storage shed, designed and made in Britain,  providing superior protection for all of your equipment. All metal weatherproof construction has given Asgard storage a level 1 rating from the Loss Prevention Certification Board

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Asgard Mobility Scooter Storage Sheds

Our high-quality mobility scooter storage range has been designed especially for the ease of use, accessibility, and convenience of mobility scooter users. Now storing your mobility scooter has never been easier. This weatherproof, all-metal garage is made from galvanised, heavy-gauge steel. Each mobility store is fitted with a tough pick and drill resistant 5 point locking system (with internal deadbolts) helping to keep those thieves out! With such security features, you can be sure that Asgard mobility scooter storage will give you the protection you need.

Locksmiths + Insurance approved mobility scooter shelter.

Other features of our best-selling mobility scooter shelters include large double-door access and a handy ramp that allows you to simply ride your scooter straight into the garage. Ventilation points are situated all around the shed (hidden in the eves) helping to increase airflow and keep condensation inside the unit to a minimum.  So this super secure shed, will not only keep your scooter safe but also helps to keep condensation at bay, keeping your precious scooter not just safe but also dry.

Scooter Charging point.

Do you need to charge your scooter overnight? No problem, an electric mounting plate kit is supplied inside the unit for mounting an electrical socket (electrics not supplied).  To each side of the unit, you will find grommet holes for cable access, perfect for adding power (and light) to your scooter store.
These weather-resistant storage sheds have been designed and built in Britain to high-security standards and have been awarded the following accreditations

Protection from the Heat, Cold, and Condensation.

Asgard's range of all steel storage garages has been cleverly designed with hidden ventilation in the roof eaves, ensuring that condensation will be kept to a minimum. Further ventilation is courtesy of the large side-mounted vents, helping to maintain a constant airflow inside the garages even when locked. More information about condensation

Easy Access Scooter Storage.

Asgard storage is large enough to accommodate your scooter and garden tools all at once,   yet, requires no planning permission in most areas of the UK.
The Asgard mobility scooter shelter is ideal for storing your scooter out of sight, outside of your home no matter the weather – frost, wind, or rain, your mobility scooter will get the best protection.

Home Assembly or Installed By Asgard.

Our Scooter sheds are available in a choice of 3 hardwearing outdoor finishes all are designed to be self-assembly using the fully illustrated instructions.  An installation service is also available.

Weatherproof Sheds.

Asgard sheds are water-resistant and secure, with each shed featuring a ventilation system designed to reduce condensation.  Our sheds are recommended by industry experts, customers, and professionals.  Each and every Asgard is 100% British made,  by us in our own factory then delivered by us free* by Asgard staff on our own vehicles. 

To find out more about the best way to keep your mobility scooter safe, simply browse our collection of high-security mobility scooter shelters online, today.
If you need a secure and spacious storage unit that you can use as a garage but is much easier to assemble, doesn’t require permission, has the provision to supply power and provides enough space to move around your scooter when it’s inside, and a garage you can take if you move house then Asgard sheds have everything you need.
Find the answers to all of your mobility scooter storage questions with our Mobility Scooter Sheds FAQs.

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