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Large Metal Sheds - Approved & 100% Made In Britain.

Asgard metal sheds are made to the highest standards.  Every Asgard shed is made to order from heavy-duty (galvanised), weatherproof steel.  All Asgard sheds are made by us, in our own multi-million-pound factory and delivered directly to you (free*) on our own vehicles, complete with a 10-year guarantee. With 50 years of manufacturing experience, Asgard believes this is the only way we can provide you with the best quality metal sheds.

High-Security Metal Sheds, with Integral Floors.

Every Asgard shed features an integral - full metal floor (as standard) and heavy-duty British-made construction. Asgard sheds are heavier than other manufacturers' products with our sheds weighing up to 70 stone – With weight comes security and durability; Asgard sheds can weigh over 70 stone, other manufacturers simply can’t match our robust designs.   With a choice of tough 3 or 5-point (pick and drill-resistant) deadbolt locking systems and Insurance, Secured By Design and UK Locksmiths approved sheds, Asgards' range of hardwearing metal garden sheds offer unequaled garden security.     

Self-build Sheds or Installed By Asgard.

Our large all-metal garden sheds are available in a choice of 3 hardwearing outdoor finishes and are designed to be self-assembly thanks to the clever inside-out design and amazing fully illustrated instructions.

Weatherproof Sheds.

Asgard sheds are water-resistant and secure, with each shed featuring a ventilation system designed to reduce condensation.  Our sheds are recommended by industry experts, customers, and professionals.  Each and every Asgard is 100% British made,  by us in our own factory then delivered by us free* by Asgard staff on our own vehicles. 

All Asgard sheds are supplied with a 10 Year Warranty.

Secure Sheds.

Asgard sheds are approved by Insurance Companies, UK Locksmiths, Loss Prevention Board, and even the Police.

Long-lasting metal garden storage.

Every Asgard metal shed features our unique built-in ventilation system hidden in the eaves of the roof.  Discreet ventilation holes help to reduce condensation and keep all of your garden tools safe and dry.  All Asgard sheds are finished in a choice of external quality, hard-wearing paint finishes, making an Asgard shed virtually maintenance-free. 

Keep your garden tools and furniture safe and protected from the weather all year round in an Asgard metal garden shed.

Our Garden shed FAQ has all of the answers to your shed questions.

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