Features of Asgard Large Metal Sheds

Large metal storage units

Asgards range of large sheds offer increased storage capacity similar to that of a domestic garage, but without the need for planning permission*  Most of our Large Metal Sheds feature increased security features such as Loss Prevention Certification (to level 1), Secured By Design approved (Police approved) and UK Locksmith approved.  As with all of our secure storage units, our largest sheds are made from tough, heavy-duty Galvanised metal, making them weatherproof and secure. Each shed features an integral, all-metal flooring and is built from the inside out giving Asgard sheds unequalled security features.  Read more below.

Large metal sheds

1. Galvanised steel

All Asgard metal garden sheds are made from Weatherproof steel, for the toughest storage.

2. No exposed screws

There are no dangerous exposed screws or sharp edges.

3. Easy assembly

Even though they are big, Asgard large metal garden sheds are easy to assemble and come with step by step instructions. An installation service is also available.

4. Accessories

Shed accessories such as hooks and shelves are available to purchase and allow you to maximise your storage space.

5. Ventilation system

Asgard sheds are fitted with a unique ventilation system to minimise condensation. 

6. Integral metal floor

The integral metal floor adds more security to the metal shed. 

7. Low maintenance

Metal sheds are low maintenance.

8. 10-year warranty

All Asgard sheds are supplied with a 10yr warranty as standard.

9. Pick resistant locking mechanism 

This pick-resistant locking mechanism helps keep your stored items safe.

10. Tough locking system

Tough locking systems help keep thieves away!