Care & Maintenance of your Asgard Shed

General maintenance of your Asgard Shed


  • Asgard sheds are made from galvanised metal, so require just a little ongoing maintenance.
  • Asgard storage units are made to the highest standard possible - passing through a stringent quality control procedure.  However, to maintain the look and prolong the life of your unit we recommend you follow this basic maintenance routine:
  • We would suggest that all hinges be regularly greased, to ensure smooth operation.
  • Ensure all locking mechanisms are oiled before use and regularly oiled after that. 
  • Make sure the unit is clean and free from dirt and grease. DO NOT USE A HIGH-PRESSURE JET WASH.
  • Wash the unit (at least twice a year) with soapy water* this will help to maintain the weather-resistant properties.
  • Keep the lock mechanism well cared for and free from dirt consider a lock lubricant such as this one.
  • On metalwork, where the paint has been chipped or scratched: The affected area should be gently rubbed down to base metal with medium-grade sandpaper. Treat the area with any rust inhibitor product, apply touch-up paint, and leave it to dry (touch-up paint is available from our customer care department).

Condensation in your shed:

All Asgard units are designed with built-in ventilation holes to minimise the build-up of moisture (condensation) in the unit. However, in extreme conditions (such as severe frost or heavy snowfall)some condensation may form. To minimise this, ensure the unit is situated in a well-ventilated area i.e. not tight up against a fence or wall. This increased airflow around the unit will reduce the chance of moisture forming.

In the event of heavy snowfall, try to brush any thick snow from accessible areas of the roof of the unit.

In the unlikely event, that your unit does get persistent condensation we recommend you purchase a moisture absorber. These tiny units trap moisture in the air keeping condensation and musty odours under control.  These are available in most DIY stores for around £3.00 or online from Amazon or eBay.  Here are a few more tips on reducing condensation in your metal shed.


Asgard sheds are the toughest on the market.  To be this tough we use heavy-gauge steel.  The nature of the material means the shed may get warm inside if built in an area that gets direct sunlight for an extended period of time.  If you are storing goods and products inside the unit that may be damaged by excessive heat, we recommend you do not site the unit in an area that is exposed to direct sunlight for extended periods.  Try and keep the unit in partial shade.  

Shed bases: 

To ensure the shed doors open smoothly and the locks function correctly.  You must site the shed on a flat and level base.  See each product page for details of minimum base sizes for each shed. Click here for details on how to build a shed base.

Scratches, dents, and touch-up paint.

Asgard sheds are super tough – made from Galvanised (weatherproof) steel and covered in tough outdoor quality powder paint.  But through the rigours of everyday use, your Asgard can get scratched.  If this happens, don’t panic!  Just order a bottle of touch-up paint here.  Simply clean off the affected area and apply the touch-up paint. YOU MUST treat areas that become damaged - both panels and components such as hinges.

Asgard Warranty:

All Asgard products are covered by our 10-year warranty.  This warranty covers product faults and outer skin perforation by rust if used under normal working conditions. Our warranty is invalid if the above maintenance schedule has not been adhered to.  Our warranty does not cover accidental damage or damages resulting from attempted or successful break-ins.

Read the Asgard warranty details here

*  Please note that units will require additional cleaning if situated in coastal locations. We recommend washing your unit at least once a month in such areas,


All Asgard locks are covered by a 12-month warranty. Our warranty is invalid if the above maintenance schedule has not been followed. In the event of a harsh frost, the locking mechanism may stick. Simply pour a little warm (NOT BOILING) water over the handle to release the lock.

Replacement lock kits can be ordered here >

Damaged or Faulty components:

We offer full spares and repairs after-sales service for replacement parts.  If you have any concerns about your product or require replacement parts contact our customer care department on 03456 580 730. Attempted /successful break-ins are not covered by our warranty.  If your unit is damaged during attempted theft Asgard accepts no liability. When ordering replacement parts please have your order number on hand as this will speed up the process.

Lost Keys:

If you lose your keys: 

Please contact us to arrange placements to be sent to you.  You will need to provide us with the number/code located on the front of the lock barrel. 

Order your keys via the Asgard replacement key service.  Note there is a charge for replacement keys.

Damaged Handles:

If you discover your shed handle is damaged, then the chances are someone has tried to break into your shed.  Not to worry, the handles are designed to break during an attempted break-in.  A new handle can be ordered from us.  Here is how to replace an Asgard handle.

If you have any issues or are unsure just contact us, we are here to help.

Asgard does not accept responsibility for loss or damage suffered due to environmental factors.  See our terms and conditions for further information.