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Insurance + Police Approved Quad Bike storage & ATV storage

Police approved & Locksmiths approved Quad Bike Storage & Loss Prevention Certified, so, your pride and joy will be kept safe from thieves and the bad weather. Asgard motorbike sheds have been designed for simple and secure bike storage at home or work.  Large Approved security for your bikes without the need for planning permission.

As the theft of quad bikes increases, security is becoming even more important. You need to lock your quad bike or off-road vehicle in a quad bike storage garage that can offer you excellent security features & high-quality British manufacturing. The Asgard quad & ATV store offers all of this in one UK-designed & made secure storage package. From the large double door access to the easy load ramp to the shelf and hooks packs this Secured By Design ATV / Quadbike store has it all.

As with all Asgard's high-quality metal storage, our ATV & Quad bike storage garage is built from thick, heavy gauge galvanised (weatherproof) steel panels.  With 5-point deadbolt locking, welded hinges, folded (reinforced) joints, an integral full metal floor, and a vented design (to reduce condensation).  Asgard Quad bike storage garage gives you superb bike security as well as good looks.  

These heavy-duty  sheds have been built in Britain to high-security standards and have been awarded the following accreditations

LPCB (Loss Prevention Certification Board).

Lexham ATV Insurance Approved.

Secured by Design – Police Approved Storage.

See the LPCB testing videos here.

Read the UK locksmiths association report here.

Read the magazine reports here.

Protection from the Weather and Condensation

Asgard steel sheds and garages are designed with hidden ventilation holes in the eves of the roof, coupled with side ventilation in the panel's condensation will be kept to a minimum even when your Quad bike is safely locked up inside.  As with all British-made Asgard sheds the ATV storage sheds and garages are made from heavy-duty galvanised (weatherproof) steel, coated in polyester powder coat paint, keeping the weather out of the shed and your ATV and quad bike inside safe and dry.

Easy Access ATV & Quad Bike Storage

Our ATV storage sheds are huge!  With double-door access, you can quickly drive your Quad bike straight in, with room to dismount inside and plenty of shelves and hook space to store all of your equipment.  Despite their size, you do not need planning permission for Asgard storage in most cases (always check with your local planning authority). You can build them where ever you have space and should you move house, they can easily be dismantled and moved to a new location.

If you need something that you can use as a garage but is much easier to assemble, doesn’t require planning permission, and provides enough space to store quad bikes, mowers cycles, and everything else you can think of then Asgard-approved storage sheds have everything you need.

Find the answers to your motorcycle and quad bike storage questions in our FAQ section.

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