Quad Bike & ATV Storage Garage P1 - Police Approved

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Quad Bike & ATV Storage Garage P1 - Police Approved

Are you looking for a secure quad bike storage unit for your ATV (All-Terrain Vehicle) or a convenient lock-up for your Quad Bike or Commercial Farm Vehicle? We’ve got the perfect solution! The Asgard Quad & ATV Storage Plus 1 package is a Police and Insurance approved* all-metal storage garage, designed to safely store, Quad bikes, Mini Tractors, Off-road bikes, and ATVs. Standing at over 2 meters high and 2.2 meters wide, this Secured By Design (Police approved) storage garage gives you a huge amount of storage space to safely store away your expensive vehicles, or off-road motorcycles, plus all of your tools and accessories. The extra-wide double door opening of nearly 1.7 meters allows you to ride your bike, quad, ATV or tractor straight in, with room to dismount inside.

Secure ATV & Quad Bike Storage

As with all Asgard sheds, this huge storage shed is made from tough, galvanised steel and features reinforced doors, welded hinges, and thick metal panel construction. We know how expensive ATVs and Quad Bikes can be and this secure storage shed has an array of features to ensure a top-level of security, including a heavy-duty 5-point locking system with deadbolts and pick and drill resistant locks, an integral all-metal base, and no exposed external screws to help keep the thieves out!

Key features of the Quad and ATV Storage Shed:

  • British design and manufacture.
  • Huge capacity, extra wide and deep.
  • Tough, galvanised, weatherproof steel construction.
  • Integral full metal floor, with additional wooden subfloor to protect your tyres.
  • Pick and drill resistant Euro lock.
  • Supplied with free fixing bolts for ground anchoring.
  • Exceptionally Secure 5-point locking system.
  • Heavy-duty deadbolts fixed from the inside - no visible screws on the outside!
  • Extra-large multiple side vents - Helping heat to escape after use.


Weight Category Rating

Weight Category Rating: 6

The Gladiator Quad Bike Storage is classed as a Weight Category 6.

ATV and Quad Bike Storage Shed Plus:

To maximise security, the Gladiator Quad Bike Storage Plus 1 shed has undergone rigorous testing by a number of independent companies such as the Loss Prevention Certification Board (achieving level 1 certification). This all-metal shed is also Secured by Design (Police preferred specification) and UK Locksmith Association approved, for maximum confidence. Featuring electrical mounting points inside you can not only store your Quad, but you can also charge it up – the grommeted side panels, allows you to feed a power cable straight into the unit. This UK designed and manufactured all-metal shed includes a unique shed ventilation system in the eaves of the roof to allow air to flow freely inside the shed. Around the sides of this huge storage garage, you will find additional ventilated panels, again designed to maximise airflow within the unit keeping the condensation build-up to a minimum - helping to prevent moisture and rust forming on your ATV or Quad Bike.


This outdoor storage shed has been Independently tested for quality and security and is UK Locksmith Association, Police (Secured By Design), and Loss Prevention Certified.

Installing your Quad Bike Garage

This all-metal 7ft 4” x 14ft 6” * Quad Bike Garage is a British designed and manufactured product. All Asgard products have been specifically designed to be self-assembled with the minimum of tools and, unlike traditional garages, these units require no planning permission*** in most areas, yet, will serve as a secure garage-like structure to store your ATV in. The unit is delivered in panel form for easy DIY construction, with minimal packaging, and so minimal waste. Supplied with fully illustrated instructions.

Installation Service Available

If a self-build is not for you, try our installation service, simply select at the checkout and the Asgard installation team will deliver, install and bolt to the ground for you. Further information on Asgard shed installation available here.

Please note: Before installation can take place a level and firm surface will be required (e.g. concrete, tarmac, patio 50mm/2" thick) before installation. The base must be solid, completely flat, and secure. You can find further information on this here.

*You must check the size of your quad bikes before ordering.

**Your discount will vary depending on your personal circumstances - such as rider history and location etc. Your Bennetts insurance advisor can provide further details.

***Always check with your local planning authority.

Please note:
- Asgard do not fit the electric sockets as part of the installation option.
- A professional, qualified electrician should be contacted when installing electrical equipment.
- The electrical sockets and wiring are not provided as part of this package.
- The sockets shown are for illustration only - available from Screwfix.com.

Product Code: MB12

Quad Bike and ATV storage shed


This Gladiator based Quad Bike Storage Includes:

  • Includes: a Gladiator Quad Bike & ATV Storage Garage Plus 1 - a 7ft 4" x 14ft 6" metal shed.
  • Includes: Full metal integral metal base - with fixings to secure the shed to a base.
  • Includes: Access Ramp - ride your ATVs or Quad Bikes straight in.
  • Includes: Wooden subfloor - sits on top of the metal base to prevent tyre damage. 
  • Includes: Shelf pack (x4 shelves).
  • Includes: Electric mounting plates (x6) - add power to your unit.  
    (Note: qualified electrician required to install power unit and wiring - not supplied. Socket size and specification may also vary, and some customer drilling may be required to install.).
  • Includes: Universal Hooks (x10 hooks).

Key features include:

  • Made from 18 gauge galvanised steel - tough and weatherproof.
  • 539kg in weight (that's 85 stone) - weight = security.
  • Approved design (Police specification)- Secured by Design.
  • Loss Prevention Certified - Certified to level 1.
  • Insurance Approved - Receive 20% off your ATV insurance premium with Lexham Insurance.
  • Reinforced hinges - to prevent forced entry.
  • Reinforced panels - making it tough!
  • Reinforced doors - extra security.
  • Welded hinges - extra security features.
  • Reinforced locking - shrouded locking mechanism for increased security.
  • EN1303-rated pick and drill resistant lock - to keep thieves out!
  • Exposed screw ends are hidden - no dangerous sharp edges.
  • No planning permission required - for most of the UK**.
  • Bolt the shed to the ground for extra security - free fixing kit supplied.
  • Easy to assemble - simple step by step instructions provided.
  • Full assembly available - using Asgard installation teams - select at checkout.
  • A choice of outdoor finishes available - to suit any environment.
  • Virtually maintenance free - hassle-free secure storage.
  • Fire Resistant material - reduces the chance of fire.
  • Free Mainland Delivery* - to most of the UK.
  • Made from Welsh Steel – with 30% recycled content.
  • 99% Recyclable Shed – environmentally friendly shed design.

Planning Permission: is not required in most instances. However, we recommend you check with your local authority.

Please note:
- Asgard does not fit the electric sockets as part of the installation option.
- A professional, qualified electrician should be contacted when installing electrical equipment.
- The electrical sockets and wiring are not provided as part of this package.
- The sockets shown are for illustration only - available from Screwfix.com.

Note: Before your installation can take place a level, a firm surface will be required. (e.g. concrete, tarmac, patio 50mm/2" thick) The base must be solid, completely flat, and secure.

Why do I need a flat base for my shed?


Gladiator Plus 1 Quad Bike Storage Dimensions

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