Improve Shed Security with Outdoor Cameras & Lights

Asgard Shed Security Light

Add Security Cameras and Shed Lights to your Asgard Metal Shed

Some of our Asgard metal sheds have a secret - tucked away and hidden in their fascia is a pop-out cable management hole designed to add a shed light and / or security camera to the front of your shed, giving you complete shed security. Each of our large high security sheds; the Saracen, Centurion, Gladiator and Garrison metal sheds has this neat design feature making it easy to get the ultimate secure shed set-up. 

Why add a Light and Camera to your Asgard Shed? 

Asgard secure sheds are designed to keep your bikes, gardening equipment, motorcycles and tools safe and secure. These sheds have excellent security features and are accredited by LPCB, Secured by Design (Police) and UK Locksmith, however, like your home, if someone really wants to be in - they’ll stop at nothing to find a way. Adding a security camera and/or light to your Asgard shed acts as a further deterrent and alerts you to any unwanted guests. 

As many of our Asgard sheds are also used for bike maintenance and workshops, an additional external light can make your Asgard easier to use in the winter months. 

How do I fit a Security Camera and Light?

To install a security camera or shed light on your Asgard metal shed, simply locate this perforated circle between the roof shroud and fascia, and use a flathead screwdriver and hammer to knock out the hole. This will act as your cable management to feed any wiring directly into your shed to the internal electric mounting plate. We recommend you add a bung to the cable hole to ensure your shed remains weatherproof. 

The shed shroud has two screws in the front to allow you to attach a mounting plate, camera or light directly onto the Asgard. To make this easy, we’ve launched our Yale all-in-one security camera complete with all the fittings, fixings and mounting brackets needed.

See the Asgard shed installation team fit the Yale All-In-One Camera

What is the Yale All-In-One Camera?

The Yale All-In-One Camera is a recordable camera that has a motion-activated LED light and a siren that alerts your mobile phone if anyone arrives. The security camera has a microphone for you to speak to your unwanted guests and has excellent night vision too. The camera pack includes all the bungs, fixings and mounting plates needed to secure it to your Asgard shed. 

No matter if you are out at work, on a bike ride, or simply tucked up in bed, the combination of an Asgard Shed & Yale All-In-One Camera gives you peace of mind your equipment is safe, secure and under surveillance with motion detection alerts at your fingertips. 

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