Asgard (Google) factory tour

Take a look around our Asgard factory and discover just how much work goes into making an Asgard storage unit. Click on any of the images below to go straight to the Asgard Google factory tour.  This may take a few seconds to display depending on your internet connection.

Asgard manufactures all our of our products from our factory in West Yorkshire. Using a team of 8 dedicated design engineers, we have the skills and resources to ensure we design and manufacture only the best possible products. Asgard is an ISO14001 approved company and, as part of the Flexiform group of companies, we have over 50 years of manufacturing experience! All Asgard metal storage is made using a combination of cutting edge (computer-controlled) machines and the all-important hand finishing to ensure you receive the best possible storage product.

Asgard sheds and storage is the only metal storage that is Police Approved, Insurance Approved, Locksmith, Approved and used by Team GB cyclists and finally made here in Yorkshire,

You can also see our "How an Asgard is made" video here.

Asgard shed manufacture stage 1

Stage 1: The raw (galvanised - which means weatherproof) steel is punched out of large sheets - creating the basic Asgard panel shape.

Your Asgard shed is cut and formed

Stage 2: Each panel is now bent into the required shape.

The asgard welding bay

Stage 3: In the welding bay, reinforcing bars are welded into place and other key areas are welded to give each panel the maximum strength.

Your Asgard is painted

Stage 4: The galvanised panel is now powder-coated (dry) with exterior grade paint to prevent rusting and give a long-lasting finish.

Your Asgard is finished and put in the loading bay ready for delivery

Stage 5: All Asgard sheds are then held for a day or so until the customer is contacted to confirm their individual delivery slot.

Delivery and despatch

Stage 6: Each Asgard is checked by hand and placed on our delivery vehicles ready to be delivered.