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Asgard Electric bike Storage – Reduce the risk of theft.

There has been an increased number of E-bikes in the UK, with an estimated 35,000 units sold in 2016. But in 2021 Electric bikes now outsell traditional bikes x 16:1.  So there are a lot of electric bikes on the streets of Britain.

Asgard e-bike metal storage units feature a pick and drill resistant locking system, deadbolts, theft resistant snap off handles, and stainless steel locking points*.  Some of Asgard’s bike storage sheds benefit from being both Insurance and Police approved, meaning they are some of the safest places you can store an electric bike, outside of the home.

Electric Bike Charging Point.

The Asgard e-bike storage units not only have Asgard’s usual security features such as heavy-duty construction, integral metal floors, and an integrated ventilation system, but they also feature unique electric mounting plates and power access points.

The pre-drilled plates allow you to mount electrical sockets inside the sheds, enabling you to bring power to the metal e-bike shed. This allows you to charge your electric bike, lights, and accessories, whilst safe in the knowledge your bike is charging inside the protective structure of an Asgard bike shed.

Bike Sheds UK - 100% Made in Britain.

All of our e-bike sheds have been designed and made in the UK to the highest standards. They are constructed from tough, weatherproof steel and have a hidden ventilation system that reduces condensation, meaning your electric bike will be kept safe and dry in all weathers.

All Asgard sheds have integral full metal floors, to increase strength, weight, and security.

By investing in an Asgard e-bike shed, you can be sure that your electric bike is stored and protected as well as possible from both the weather and theft.

All Asgard metal bike sheds come with a 10-year warranty.

* See Asgard Bike Storage Insurance approved testing video here.

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Team GB Cyclists - Asgard Bike Storage Owners

Laura Kenny with her Asgard Bike Shed

Laura Kenny

Jason Kenny and His Asgard Bike Shed

Jason Kenny

Elinor Barker and Her Asgard Bike Shed

Elinor Barker

Victoria Barnes and Her Asgard Bike Shed

Victoria Barnes

Helen Scott and Her Asgard Bike Shed

Helen Scott

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