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Calor Gas
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Safe, long-term storage at your holiday park home.  Our ventilated sheds offer long-term peace of mind for keeping equipment dry and safe in or out of the holiday season, with high-quality approved locking systems and a range of Calor-approved gas bottle storage. Asgard offers a full range of Holiday & Caravan storage. 

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Caravan Park and Holiday Home Storage

Asgard offers a wide range of caravan storage sheds to suit all of your holiday home storage needs in the UK. Our caravan park sheds have been designed the provide you with the very best in holiday home storage, giving you efficient space to store things such as BBQ’s, patio furniture, bikes, and all of the other things that are often brought along to caravan sites.

With an Asgard steel caravan storage unit, you can rest assured your holiday items will be safe from harmful elements when they are inside one of Asgard’s caravan sheds. 

The Best in Shed Security

This range of holiday home storage features several security methods (depending on model) - 2, 3 or 5-point locking models are available, all offering fantastic security for your equipment.  Each of our sheds features a built-in full metal floor, which can be bolted to the ground for even more peace of mind.

Asgard holiday home storage units are tough, robust, and long-lasting and you won’t have to worry about leaks or bad weather getting inside.

Weatherproof Sheds

Asgards range of sheds has been designed for long-term storage, of your holiday home equipment.  Each of our sheds is made from tough galvanised steel, which is then powder coated for further resistance to rust and the weather.  Our shed's built-in ventilation system really helps to maintain a constant airflow inside the shed, even when fully locked, keeping your equipment safe and dry in or out of the season.

Being weatherproof isn’t the only feature that makes an Asgard holiday park storage unit stand out from the rest. Each shed has a highly secure, strong locking system to keep thieves out. The structure of the shed is immensely strong and sturdy, making these some of the most secure caravan site storage units on the market.

Our caravan park sheds can be found across the United Kingdom in many holiday park resorts. Because these sheds are perfect for safeguarding your equipment during the holiday season.

We’re very proud of our holiday park storage units and we have many case studies that prove our customers also think highly of our sheds.

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