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Extra Large Bike Storage & Cycle Workshops

Our extra large bike workshop and storage range of storage unit have been designed with clubs and serious riders in mind. If you are in a cycle club, or lucky enough to have your own mini fleet of bikes.  Then you need one of our super large bike sheds, one of these beasts will house all of your bikes, all of your riding gear, all of your maintenance equipment and workstands, the perfect way to store and maintain your bikes.

As you would expect, these enormous units are Loss Prevention Certified and Secured By Design (Police preferred specification) with the usual high-quality ESEN 1303-rated pick and drill-resistant locks.  These "ultra" bike storage workshop sheds are based around our original bike storage, Centurion, Gladiator, and Garrison models.

Centurion-based bike sheds

Fully galvanised (weatherproof) construction, heavy-duty pick, and drill-resistant locking systems, with 5-point deadbolt locking. Integral heavy-duty metal floor-reinforced doors and welded hinges.  Featuring hidden vents in the roof eves and further vented side panels, designed to maintain internal airflow and keep condensation to a minimum, helping to keep bikes not just safe but also dry.  Pick from a full range of accessories including hooks, locking point eyelets, and bike stands.  Store your bikes on the ground or in our toast track stands or on the wall using adjustable bike hangers!! Our shelf packs fit down the rear of the shed, for full storage of all of your riding accessories. 

Gladiator based bike sheds.

This range offers everything the Centurion range does but is a little wider. This extra width allows you to put your shelves down the sides of the unit keeping the main area clear for not just bike storage, but this giant bike shed is a handy bike maintenance area when the weather is not too good.

Garrison based bike sheds.

The ultimate bike workshop and shed????  All of the features of the Centurion and Gladiator … but EVEN bigger, with more power mountain points and more ventilation.  Store more and more charge more!! 

Secured By Design Bike Sheds.

Our Bike Sheds can be fitted with electrics.

Inside Centurion, Gladiator and Garrison sheds, you will find handy electrical mounting plates and grommeted access points – perfect for installing electrics into your Asgard shed, great for charging cycle lights, or just plugging in some tunes!  

Store, maintain, and charge your bikes in one secure metal shed – quicker and cheaper to build than a garage and normally requires no planning permission**

Planning Permission: is not required in most instances. However, we recommend you check with your local authority.

Note: Before your installation can take place a level, a firm surface will be required. (e.g. concrete, tarmac, patio 50mm/2" thick) before installation. The base must be solid, completely flat, and secure.

Why do I need a flat base for my shed?

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