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Addition and Annexe - Bike Storage for 3/4 bikes

The Addition and Annexe bike sheds are suitable for storing up to 3 road, cross, or mountain bikes.  Both storage units feature a double-door access system, which can be handed either left or right by the user when building. Heavy-duty doors and an integral full metal base will ensure your 3* bikes are stored safely and securely, yet remain accessible, thanks to the wide double-door access.

Keeping bikes safe and dry

Above the doors, on both the Annexe and Addition you will find a handy rain guard keeping rain drips out of the main unit, even after a hard downpour.  The Annexe and Addition units have been designed to keep condensation to a minimum ensuring your bikes are safe from theft and damp.  Both bike units feature an integral ventilation system hidden in the roof eves, allowing air to freely flow inside, even when fully locked up, helping to keep moisture to a minimum. 

Additional security is courtesy of the inside-out design and build of the sheds, with no external fixtures and fittings to attack, this gives a further layer of security.

Heavy Duty Locking

The Addition and Annexe bike sheds feature a multipoint, pick and drill resistant locking system, the Addition shed has a 3-point deadbolt system, and the Secured by Design Annexe shed a 5-point deadbolt system, with additional lock shroud and reinforcing.

Both the Addition and Annexe bike sheds offer a range of additional storage accessories such as shelves, hooks, and locking points, see the individual product pages for more details on which accessories are available.

100% Designed & Made in Britain

You are looking at exceptionally secure bike storage, tough and hardwearing in a small footprint, designed and made in Britain.

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