Why is a level base so important?

Asgard shed base sizes

Before building your Asgard shed, it is important to make sure you have a good, firm base for your shed to sit on. Your shed should sit on a level base of either concrete, tarmac or paving slabs.

Why does the base have to be level?  A common question!   Asgard sheds are precision-made products – Designed to be as secure as possible – The doors need to be level for all the bolts and locks to line up correctly and provide you with that top level of security Asgard is famous for.  Also, let’s not forget... Asgard sheds are the heaviest on the market, with Asgard sheds weighing over 101 stone you need a decent base just to take the weight!  

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Preparing a base for your Asgard shed

When preparing a base for your shed, the base should be built bigger than your shed. This is very important!  

All Asgard sheds can all be bolted down to a concrete base as an added security measure. If the shed base is built to the exact size of the shed and you attempt to bolt the shed down, the impact of the drill can cause the concrete below to break and crumble.

How to build a base for your shed - guide here >

Shed base size for an asgard shed

How can I find the base size for my shed?

On each product page, the shed base dimensions can be seen on the ‘dimensions’ tab. These dimensions are the minimum recommended size that your shed base should be built to. Please note that the shed base should also be a minimum of 50mm/2”thick. However, if you are planning on installing a ground anchor, your shed base should be a minimum of 100mm/ 4” thick

Asgard storage requires a strong and level base


Your base should be at least 50mm deep.

If fitting a ground anchor your base should be at least 100mm deep.


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