Asgard competition winners

Asgard Competition Winners:

Everyone who buys an Asgard is a winner in our eyes - however, some of you win more than others. Here is a list of competition winners from our website.

Asgard run a regular high street voucher give away and every now and then we give away some special prizes!  Just send us in your shed pictures and you could win big!!

Asgard competition rules can be found here.

All winners are chosen at random, to be in with a chance just send your photo and /or review to


Asgard Winners:

Linda Middleditch
£25 M&S / Wiggle / B&Q Vouchers
Darren Carlton
£25 M&S / Wiggle / B&Q Vouchers
David Hewitt
£25 M&S / Wiggle / B&Q Vouchers
Linda Bratcher
£25 M&S / Wiggle / B&Q Vouchers
Mark Worsnip
£25 M&S / Wiggle / B&Q Vouchers
Graham Leggett
£25 M&S / Wiggle / B&Q Vouchers
Ryan Williams
£25 M&S / Wiggle / B&Q Vouchers
M. Boardman
Pip Claffey Print
£100 B & Q vouchers
A. Evans
Naked Wine Vouchers
K.V. Heusen
£60 Brown Vouchers
£25 M & S Vouchers
A. Burns 
Naked Wine Vouchers
Naked Wine Vouchers
D. Askew
Naked Wine Vouchers
P. Hayhurst
Naked Wine Vouchers
A. J . Thomas
Naked Wine Vouchers
J. Molyneux
£30 M & S Voucher
£30 M & S Voucher
C. Laycock
£30 M & S Voucher
A. Simpson
Naked Wine Vouchers
Naked Wine Vouchers
J. Nevan
Naked Wine Vouchers
A. Smith
Naked Wine Vouchers
L Polley
Naked Wine Vouchers
A + H Roe
£25 B&Q Voucher
C. Murley
£25 Wiggle
£25 M&S voucher
J. Knott
£25 M&S voucher
B. Stocker
£25 M&S voucher
S. Mason
£25 B&Q voucher
C. Leitzell
£25 M&S voucher
Flexistore shed
£25 Homebase voucher
£25 M&S voucher
£25 M&S voucher
Screamer lock
Shed alarm
£20 Wiggle voucher
£20 Wiggle Voucher
M. Ryans
£25 M&S Voucher
J. Lynch
£25 M&S Voucher
£20 M&S Voucher
P. Bennett
 Shed Alarm
S. Best
£25 Wiggle Voucher
M. Hibbins
£25 Homebase Voucher
£25 Wiggle Vouchers
£25 Wiggle Vouchers
Simon H
Adrian Clarke
Flexistore shed
Ben Duncan
£25 Homebase Vouchers
J Mckenna
£25 M&S Vouchers
£25 M&S Vouchers
S Bunting
Ground anchor and lock
P Buckley
£25 Wiggle Vouchers
B Smith
£25 M&S Vouchers
£25 B&Q Vouchers
Mr Clarke
 Flexistore Shed
Tim Mc
£25 of Wiggle Vouchers
£25 Wiggle Vouchers
Mark B
£25 B&Q Vouchers
£25 B&Q Vouchers
£25 Vouchers
Amy Jane Becket
Oxford Bike Lock
Chas Sherran
Oxford Bike Lock
Gerry Telford
Oxford Bike Lock
Lindsey Cunningham
£40 Naked Wine Vouchers
Stephen Horsham
B&Q Vouchers
Kim Harding Porter
£40 Naked Wine Vouchers
Jodie Louise Crowe
Oxford Bike Lock
Charles Marvell
£25 M&S Vouchers
Zoe Williams
Oxford Pro Commuter Rear Light
David Johnston
Oxford Backpack
Hannah Jayne Martin
£40 Nake Wine Vouchers
John Mark
£25 M&S Vouchers
Leanne Yvette Hall
£40 Naked Wine Vouchers
John McGregor
£25 M&S Vouchers
Vinny Jones
Hiplok HOMIE Bike Lock
Robert Milligan
Hiplok POP Bike Lock
Steve Webster
Cycling Travel Journal
Jo-Elle Byrne
£40 Nake Wine Vouchers
Stephen Teale
£40 Naked Wine Vouchers
Keith Morey
£25 Wiggle Vouchers
Zoe Mackie
£40 Naked Wine Vouchers
Andrew Smith
£40 Naked Wine Vouchers
Michael Boardman
£40 Naked Wine Vouchers
Katy Van Heusen
£40 Naked Wine Vouchers
Gwennan Williams
Oxford Bike Lock and Ground Anchor
Mark Rigby
Oxford Bike Lock and Ground Anchor
Katy Beardmore
£40 Nake Wine Vouchers
Dan Miller
£40 Naked Wine Vouchers
Jason Cross
Oxford Bike Lock and Ground Anchor
Jo Williams
Svelte Cycling Cap and Socks
Derek Bratton
Oxford Bike Lock and Ground Anchor
Becky Thompson
Oxford Bike Lock and Ground Anchor
Matt Bewers
Oxford Bike Lock and Ground Anchor
Verity Hartopp
£40 Naked Wine Voucher
Sue Collins
M&S Vouchers
Vijay Chandra
£40 Naked Wine Vouchers
Leonie Foster
£40 Naked Wine Vouchers
Natalie Cripps
£40 Naked Wine Vouchers
Jim Radford
£40 Nake Wine Vouchers
Michael Vine
£25 M&S Vouchers
Hannah Martin
Morpher Helmet
Dennis & Barbara
£50 M&S Vouchers
Helen Dury
£50 B&Q Vouchers
Barry Dugan
£50 B&Q Vouchers
Maria Guest-Naharnowicz
£50 M&S Vouchers
Daniel Heffernan
£50 M&S Vouchers
Winston Bourne £50 M&S Vouchers
Gary Weedon £50 B&Q Vouchers
Lindsay Padbury Kitchen Garden Subscription
Mal McNeil Boardman Bike Helmet
Mick Blakeley Oxford Bike Lock & Ground Anchor
Steven Scrase £60 Naked Wine Vouchers
Craig Boneham £60 Naked Wine Vouchers
Jason May Tour De France Print
Jim Murray Plenty of Bang Chilli Growing Kit
Alyson Chapman Asgard LED Sensor Light
Anne Tomma Sustrans Water Bottle
Claire Albert Cateye Omni Front & Rear Lights
Paul O'Donoghue RAW Mudflap Mudguard
Keith Machin £50 M&S Vouchers
David Gorton £50 B&Q Vouchers
Steven Haasz £50 M&S Vouchers
Paul Lewis £50 B&Q Vouchers
Toni Dent £50 Love2Shop Vouchers
Peter Mead £50 Love2Shop Vouchers
Jo Eaton £50 Love2Shop Vouchers
John Walsh £50 Love2Shop Vouchers
Lucy Pringle £50 Love2Shop Vouchers
Graham Davidson Bike Helmet by Specialized
Kyomi Johnson Muc-Off Essentials Cleaning Pack
Laura Lou RHS Bloom Collection - Trowel & Fork 
Michelle Blane Oxford Bike Lock & Ground Anchor
Sam Merron £50 Love2Shop Vouchers
Pauline Burroughs-Shelton Cateye Orb Light Set
Amy Bondoc ImmobiMark Complete Property Marking Kit
James Jordan ImmobiMark Complete Property Marking Kit
Amy Simpson ImmobiMark Complete Property Marking Kit
Dave Glover ImmobiMark Complete Property Marking Kit
Claire Knott ImmobiMark Complete Property Marking Kit
Brenda Bradley ImmobiMark Complete Property Marking Kit
Lee Simpson £50 Love2Shop Voucher (Review Competition - March 2021)
Dan Joyce £50 Wiggle Voucher (Review Competition - April 2021)
Karla Williams £50 Wiggle Voucher (Review Competition - May 2021)
Rebecca Christensen Beer Hawk Customer Favourites Mixed Case
Allan Woodhouse Beer Hawk Customer Favourites Mixed Case
Karen Louise Priestley Beer Hawk Customer Favourites Mixed Case
Kris Kirkbride Beer Hawk Customer Favourites Mixed Case
Jack Williams Beer Hawk Customer Favourites Mixed Case
Susan Pointon Beer Hawk Customer Favourites Mixed Case
Andrew Dempster £100 B&Q Voucher (Shed Modifications Competition 2021)
Michael Knight £50 M&S Voucher (Review Competition - June 2021)
R Joberns £50 M&S Voucher (Review Competition - July 2021)
Edvardas “Eddie” Andrijunas £50 M&S Voucher (Review Competition - August 2021)
Andy Ebben £50 Wiggle Voucher (Review Competition - September 2021)
Graham Lawn Asgard LED Magnetic Light (Halloween Giveaway 2021)
Peter Dalgliesh £50 B&Q Voucher (Review Competition - October 2021)
Ben Bradshaw £50 M&S Voucher (Review Competition - November 2021)
Jake Vita Yale Ground Anchor & Bike Lock Kit (Christmas Countdown 2021)
Darrell Scofield Impsport Apparel Cycling Jersey (Christmas Countdown 2021)
Alison Bright Muc Off Winter Essentials Kit (Christmas Countdown 2021)
Amanda Rose Smith Burgon & Ball RHS British Meadow snip, gloves and kneeler (Christmas Countdown 2021)
Milly Wordsworth Impsport Apparel Cycling Jersey (Christmas Countdown 2021)
Colin Campion Magnetic LED Light (Christmas Countdown 2021)
Graham T Watkins Dashel Urban Cycle Helmet (Christmas Countdown 2021)
William Dafydd Gibby Signed Bike Saddle (Christmas Countdown 2021)
Fraser Digby Cat Eyes (Christmas Countdown 2021)
Elizabeth Rahman Yale Bike Lock Kit (Christmas Countdown 2021)
Elizebeth Turvey Bike Maintenance Kit (Christmas Countdown 2021)
John Dean Kabloom Seedbom Kit (Christmas Countdown 2021)
Lucinda Cusack Shutt VR Cycling Mitts (Christmas Countdown 2021)
Paul Hopcraft Asgard LED Magnetic Light (Christmas Countdown 2021)
Matt Debouge Signed Cycling Cap by Philip Hindes (Christmas Countdown 2021)
Stella Holmes Shutt VR Cycling Gloves (Christmas Countdown 2021)
Toby Hinkins Yale Ground Anchor & Lock Kit (Christmas Countdown 2021)
Harry Finch Shutt VR Cycling Socks (Christmas Countdown 2021)
Micheal Boardman Rear Bike Light (Christmas Countdown 2021)
Chris Rooney Neck Tube (Christmas Countdown 2021)
Graham Davidson LED Magnetic Shed Light (Christmas Countdown 2021)
Andy Smith Foldaway Backpack (Christmas Countdown 2021)
Marina Owen Turbo Trainer (Christmas Countdown 2021)
RainboBiz CIC £50 B&Q Voucher (Review Competition - December 2021)
Roman Tatarek-Gintowt £50 Asgard Shed Voucher (January Competition Winner 2022)
Lyndys Yale Motorcycle Chain (Yale Collaboration - Spare Product Testing Locks)
Toby Hinkins Yale Motorcycle Chain (Yale Collaboration - Spare Product Testing Locks)
Laura Dimmock Yale Family Alarm Kit (Yale Collaboration - Spare Product Testing Locks)
Julie Bishop Yale Padlock (Yale Collaboration - Spare Product Testing Locks)
Alex Wynne Yale Disc Padlock (Yale Collaboration - Spare Product Testing Locks)
Arthur Humphreys Yale Padlock (Yale Collaboration - Spare Product Testing Locks)
Adrian Bowcott Yale Padlock (Yale Collaboration - Spare Product Testing Locks)
Mr Laing £50 M&S Voucher (Review Competition - February 2022)
Heather Snowdon £50 Wiggle Voucher (Review Competition - March 2022)
Claire Smith £50 B&Q Voucher (Review Competition - April 2022)
Chris Mather £50 Wiggle Voucher (Review Competition - May 2022)
Ross MacKay £50 Wiggle Voucher (Review Competition - June 2022)
Neil Francis £50 Love2Shop Voucher (Review Competition - July 2022)
YNWA Kaiser £50 M&S Voucher (Review Competition - August 2022)
Gary Marshall £50 B&Q Voucher (Review Competition - September 2022)
Sean McHugh £50 Wiggle Voucher (Review Competition - October 2022)
Tony Him £50 M&S Voucher (Review Competition - November 2022)
Michael Smith Asgard LED Light (Christmas Countdown Day 1, 2022)
Georgina Booth-Purdy Rapha Trail Beanie, Black (Christmas Countdown Day 2, 2022)
Evelin Sasi Asgard Bike Lock & Ground Anchor (Christmas Countdown Day 3, 2022)
Phil Stainton Motorcycle Underseat Tool Kit (Christmas Countdown, Day 4, 2022)
Yas Larkin Plum Tree, Swopped for Hawthorn Tree - (Christmas Countdown, Day 5, 2022)
Peter Hardy Yale Ground Anchor, Christmas Countdown, Day 6, 2022
Jo S Rowley Muc Off Kit, Christmas Countdown, Day 7, 2022
Chris Williams Asgard LED Light (Christmas Countdown, Day 8, 2022)
Phil Chandler Rapha Trail Socks (Christmas Countdown, Day 9, 2022)
Gareth Evans Access Bike Disclocks (Christmas Countdown, Day 10, 2022)
Natalie Bishop Oxford Alpha Alarm Disc Lock (Christmas Countdown, Day 11, 2022)
Cig Knowles Gardener's Tool Bag (Christmas Countdown, Day 12, 2022)
Tim Priestley £50 Wiggle Voucher (Review Competition - December 2022)
Paul W £50 M&S Voucher (Review Competition - January 2023)
Rob Smithson £50 Love2Shop Voucher (Review Competition - February 2023)
Neil Coltman £50 M&S Voucher (Review Competition - March 2023)
Paul Lewis £50 M&S Voucher (Review Competition - April 2023)
Paul Phillips £50 Wiggle Voucher (Review Competition - May 2023)
Jorge Vegas £50 M&S Voucher (Review Competition - June 2023)
Lynne & Nick £50 M&S Voucher (Review Competition - July 2023)
Robert Filby £50 M&S Voucher (Review Competition - August 2023)
Graham Roscoe £50 M&S Voucher (Review Competition - September 2023)
Pam C Smith LED Magnetic Light (Clock Change Competition)
Will Bissett £50 M&S Voucher (Review Competition - October 2023)
Heather & Alex - Renovations at Number 7 £50 B&Q Voucher (Review Competition - November 2023)
Dave King (Facebook) Christmas Countdown 2023, Day 1, Topeak Nano Torqbar
RafasKaty (Instagram) Christmas Countdown 2023, Day 2, Asgard LED Magnetic Light
Mich Barnes (Facebook) Christmas Countdown 2023, Day 3, Oxford Maintenance Mat
Laura Anne Mcdaid (Facebook) Christmas Countdown 2023, Day 4, Bike Mobile Phone Holder
Evelin Sasi (Instagram) Christmas Countdown 2023, Day 5, Bike Lock and Cable
Stuart Worsey (Facebook) Christmas Countdown 2023, Day 6, Oak Painted Bird Box
Ian Loves Beer (Instagram) Christmas Countdown 2023, Day 7, Cateye Light Bundle
Andrew Flynn (Facebook) Christmas Countdown 2023, Day 8, Bird Feeder & Peanuts
Brize Smith (Facebook) Christmas Countdown 2023, Day 9, Oxford Helmet Care Kit
Cara Baker (Facebook) Christmas Countdown 2023, Day 10, Topeak X-Tool & MultiTool
Nicola Bradford (Facebook) Christmas Countdown 2023, Day 11, Asgard LED Magnetic Light
Ben Brooker (Instagram) Christmas Countdown 2023, Day 12, Tree of Choice
Winner 1: Antony B (Instagram)
Winner 2: Matthew Stephens
Please note, there are 2 winners for this prize due to superficial damage on the box and the replacement.
Christmas Countdown 2023, Day 13, Bike Repair Stand
Alyson Chapman (Facebook) Christmas Countdown 2023, Day 14, Sarah Raven Gardeners Bag
Grant Wise (Facebook) Christmas Countdown 2023, Day 15, Ground Anchor
Lance Walsh-Norman (Facebook) Christmas Countdown 2023, Day 16, Muc-Off Cleaning Kit
Gareth Drake (Instagram) Christmas Countdown 2023, Day 17, Winner Announced 03/01/24
Michelle Grossmith (Facebook) Christmas Countdown 2023, Day 18, Winner Announced 03/01/24
Lorna Elliot (Instagram) Christmas Countdown 2023, Day 19, Winner Announced 03/01/24
Dee Hall (Facebook) Christmas Countdown 2023, Day 20, Winner Announced 03/01/24
Slawomir Kobrzynski (Facebook) Christmas Countdown 2023, Day 21, Winner Announced 03/01/24
Susan Mottram (Facebook) Christmas Countdown 2023, Day 22, Winner Announced 03/01/24
Paul Lewis £50 B&Q Voucher, Review of the Month Competition, January 2024
Tym Smith £50 Love2Shop Voucher, Review of the Month Competition, February 2024
Brendan Keilthy £50 Halfords Voucher, Review of the Month Competition, March 2024
Alexander Martin £50 M&S Voucher, Review of the Month Competition, April 2024
Ian Smith Asgard Access Shelf, Review of the Month Competition, May 2024