Asgard storage - 5 Point locking system

Asgard 5-point locking system

Asgard has built a reputation for security. So what's the reason behind this?  We use Euro Cylinder pick and drill-resistant locks on our metal sheds, with either a 3-point or 5-point locking system built into the shed body.  As you can see by the images below, our 5-point locking system features a steel shrouded lock casing and 10mm steel deadbolts for the best in-shed security.

No Additional Locks Needed

Asgard sheds are tested and do not need extra security measures to be Loss Prevention Certified.

Many manufacturers create a shell and rely on ground anchors and internal locks, not the unit itself, to keep your bikes and equipment secure and to gain certification. The price of these compulsory/ complaint locks can sometimes be a large percentage of the shed price, so please consider this when choosing the right product for your needs.

Visit the LPCB testing website (BRE) website and take a look at the certification for each manufacturer you will notice all Asgard certification references the actual shed/ enclosure with no restrictions, and not a list of must-have locks, locking methods, and ground anchors inside to be test compliant.  

To check out the security status of sheds and test results of any manufacturer: 

Type in the manufacturer's name to check certification status and restrictions.

For Asgard certificates & test results:

Our tough 3 & 5-point locking systems are superior to other outdoor storage locking mechanisms. With a tough drill and pick-resistant (BS EN1303) Euro cylinder, we believe there is nothing tougher. On the rear of the shed handle, you will find 8mm or 10 mm solid steel bolts, BOLTED to the handle, which "shoot" deep into the framework for the ultimate shed security.

Many of our sheds feature 5-point locking systems and so are Insurance approved, Police Approved and / or UK Locksmiths Approved! The sheds that are not - still feature reinforced doors and panels. All of our sheds are made from heavy gauge steel which is galvanised and powder coated, ensuring they are not just super strong and secure but also weatherproof.

Secure 5 point locking system

Theft resistant handles

Are you still worried about your Asgard being broken into?

Asgard handles are designed to shear off in the event of an attempted break-in, leaving the shed secure and your tools or bikes safe inside!  How does this work?? simple, Using excessive force on the handle (i.e. when trying to force entry) will cause the handle to snap off thanks to the internal security pin.   Once the handle is broken off (as seen below) the only way to get into the shed, is by using the key.  A simple but effective security measure.

Broken Shed Lock Shrouded Shed Lock

With a classification of 15000C52 (BS EN1303) Look at this Asgard shed attempted break-in.

Asgard Keys

Asgard keys are fitted with Anti-Bump and Anti-Pick Technology, along with hardened steel inserts that prevent access through drilling, the i6 is strong and secure. Our keys have been specially designed for better protection against illegal copying.  Asgard locks are provided with a registration card, which certifies ow

Asgard Lock Detail