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Locksmiths & Insurance Approved Extended Motorbike Storage Garage

Asgard offers a range of secure motorbike storage.  Each Asgard motorcycle garage has been designed with theft prevention in mind.  Each unit has a fully galvanised (weatherproof) steel construction, for strength and security, with a choice of weatherproof powder-coated paint colours – Ivory, Green or Brown.  Each motorbike unit has security features including reinforced doors, heavy-duty welded joints, and a full metal floor.  Each Asgard shed is built inside out, so no external fixtures or fittings for a  thief to target, the shrouded drill and pick resistant locks and deadbolt system ensure you have a fully secure place to store your motorbikes.

Our range of secure Motorbike storage has been tested and approved by the Loss Prevention Certification Board (to level 1) and tested by the UK Locksmiths Association and are Police Approved (Secured By Design).  Many insurance companies class our units as a solid building by many insurance companies, so may attract discounts on motorbike insurance (subject to Insurance Provider). Asgard currently partners with Bennetts Motorcycle Insurance.

Available as Standard size (standard motorcycles) or Extended storage (for tourers or multiple bikes),  a fully ventilated motorcycle storage unit will suit your Motorbike storage needs.

Asgard motorcycle sheds are Police approved & Locksmiths approved & Loss Prevention Certified, so, your pride and joy will be kept safe from thieves and the bad weather. Asgard motorbike sheds have been designed for simple and secure bike storage.

All of our metal motorcycle sheds have been built to exceptionally high-security standards and have been awarded the following accreditations;

·        LPCB (Loss Prevention Certification Board) >

·        Secured by Design > – Police Approved Motorcycle Storage

·        Insurance Approved* > Bennetts Motorcycle Insurance

·        See the Motorcycle LPCB testing videos here > 

·        Read the UK Locksmiths Motorbike Storage report here >

·        Read the magazine reviews here >

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 Motorcycle storage sheds features include;

  • Built from 18 gauge, heavyweight steel.
  • Integral metal floor.
  • Ventilated design
  • 5 point locking system.
  • Deadbolt system
  • Heavy-duty, reinforced double door doors.
  • Welded construction. 
  • Motorbike garage - key features here 

Protect your motorbikes from Weather & Condensation

Asgard storage features unique hidden ventilation in the roof, allowing air to circulate so condensation build-up will be kept to a minimum. Keeping your Motorbike not only safe, but also dry.

Easy Access Motorbike Storage

These sheds and garages are very spacious, fitting up to two Motorcycles (subject to size and style). However, unlike purpose-built garages, an Asgard motorbike storage unit normally does not require planning permission*.  Giving you the space and security you need at a minimal cost, with the added benefit of being portable, should you move house simply take the shed with you.

Our motorbike sheds have large double doors that you can easily roll a motorcycle in and out of and there is also enough room inside for you to stand up, as well as store additional items around your bike.

If you need something that you can use as a full-function garage, but is much easier to assemble, doesn’t require permission to erect and provides enough space to move around your motorbike when it’s inside, Asgard sheds have everything you need.

Find the answers to your motorcycle storage questions in our FAQ section.


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