Motorcycle Storage Photos & Reviews

Take a look through some amazing customer pictures, showing off their Asgard Motorcycle Storage sheds and garages in use. Take a read through some Asgard customer reviews and see how we can help you to store your motorcycles in a safe and secure manner.

Paul Shannon

Project @asgardstorage completed. Took some right weekends to graft. Worth it! Had some help cheers


Oh yes! It means I no longer have to eat my dinner with a motorbike beside me!

John Andrews

Thank you, worth the wait, and the spend on new drive

Daniel Curry

The shed only took 3 and half hours to put up with the help of a Friend putting it together was very easy everything went together beautifully. The only problem we had was we missing a few cover pieces for the inside call up Asgard they had then to me in 48 hours. In summary, the shed is very high quality easy to assemble and customer service was amazing only gripe I have is instructions could be a better

Dean Spraggon

Thanks guys. Over the moon with my centurion 9ft x 5ft. The quality is brilliant and you’ve thought of everything. Cheers

Mike Allport

Bought this very easy to put together and very robust would highly recommend


Still dazed…Where do I start? Watching Daren And Lee assembling the Fort Knox was indeed an experience. The speed of their work, their professionalism and care had my head spinning. Before I even realised what was going on the job was done, and everything was cleaned up. Still dazed...Marvelous job lads.Although there were few problems with communications with Asgard in the end when shed finally arrived it shows that it is indeed built like a tank. Plenty of space for the bikes (and storage of all sorts of junk) and as soon as I widen the garden gate even the Big Bertha will fit in next to Virago. The only thing that I find lacking is that it should have couple of "letterbox" type windows (which would not compromise security) to let some light in if you do anything in it when it rains and blows. Otherwise, well chaffed.


Well ,well ,well ,what can I say. I normally don’t do reviews. But when product that good, could not resist. I was researching internet for garden shed for a while .I stubble across of Asgard sheds. Looked at their product line and it looked quite good products. So decided to order 7x11 Gladiator P1 Shed Police Approved shed. It was quite long lead time around 2 month, but decided to wait. Is it worth waiting for two month? Oh Boy YES YES and again Yes. If you looking for Rolls Royce of Sheds? Asgard sheds Are Rolls Royce of sheds. Finish-10/10 Building quality -10/10 Robustnest-10/10 Accessories range 10/10. Client satisfaction 10/10 (100% guarantee) If anyone picked up Asgard MOTO (Storage for Life) that’s describes everything. Don’t buy those other companies “Mickey mouse” sheds made out of paper thin metal or wood which will last you 4 years. Spend maybe a bit more but receive NIRVANA feeling once Asgard shed is in your garden.


I needed the space in my garage for other projects and after 8 years of squeezing past my Harley I decided to resolve the issue. Not cheap, but secure (for insurance purposes), perfect size (see pics) and pleasing to the eye (for her indoors). It arrived at 9am and in slow time I completed the build by 4pm. Slab base cemented on hard core. No real issues with the build although some bolts left over (hoping they were just packed in error). I had trouble fitting the final roof section although it eventually fitted into place. This resulted in annoying spread of the sealant which was a pain to clear up. I couldn't get the final 2 bolts in at the back of the long capping section, but I think we can live without those as that section fitted securely with friction. Delivery guy was great and offered good advice, all bits present and correct and no requirement for any drilling. Very pleased.

James Gibson

Good evening. I received my asgard shed on Wednesday and took me and my dad 3 hours to build, it is fantastic quality and the instructions are easy to follow. I highly recommend these to anyone that would like their stuff securely storing. thank you asgard team.

Tim Turnbull

By 'eck but I'm chuffed to bits wi me new shed from @AsgardStorage. Delivered ahead of schedule, whipped up in no time flat and brilliantly robust. Ta very much Asgard.

Ian Wilson

Hi Asgard I received my gladiator motorcycle shed on Wednesday at 4.30 so had to put it together there and then by myself. It was finally up by 11pm. Hard work bye yourself. Absolutely chuffed to bits with the shed, fantastic quality. I would highly recommend your products to anyone. Thanks very much, all the best Ian.

Stephen Simpson

Ok thanks and thank you again what an excellent product I’ve posted it on insta and Facebook with possibly three interested parties for new sales


Nothing else to do except re arrange the garage again ! Please rain go away ! @asgardstorage perfect ! Need more space so I’ll be in touch to extend longer soon ! that’s the final set up now and works a treat !


I bloody love my new garage

Martin Moody

Just received my new Asgard Gladiator motorcycle garage superb quality and service thanks Asgard

Andrew Parsons

Really good quality product and we'll engineered. Delivery driver arrived nice and early, giving me more time to get building. He even gave me some good tips and was really cheerful, despite the bitter cold! Took me 5 hours from start to finish, assisted now and again by my teenage daughter to help hold and lift some panels. Everything lined up nicely and proved is worth spending time getting base flat. Only issues were a piece of metal that hadn't been trimmed correctly on the gable section, preventing the door closing and the bolt holes needed filing. Minor things sorted quickly with a hacksaw and file. Whilst may seem expensive this is a quality product that gives real piece of mind compared to inferior wooden products. I will definitely be getting a second one when my current wooden shed gives up the ghost. Well done Asgard.

Kate Connor

Our Asgard storage arrived yesterday, earlier than the estimated time with the most lovely delivery driver who was incredibly helpful! Didn't catch his name but a huge shout out to him as he was fab! We assembled it within 3 hours and it's blended in so well. Was a bit apprehensive when my husband ordered it as worried it would stand out and not look very good but we're so pleased with it and looks really impressive.

Steve Connor

Home schooling task. Read in strange places. The lad chose my bike but also wanted my boots on. safe to say it’s in his blood


@asgardstorage - We're really happy with our installation. Here's a few snaps from last week's build of our #gladiator. It even held our bike boxes. Happy days.

James Beckett

My Asgard motorcycle shed was delivered the middle of December we installed over the two days following delivery. Just me and my partner completed the installation which in the middle of December fitting a metal shed together took longer than normal due to freezing conditions and darker days. The installation was simple following the instructions and I am extremely happy with the finished product. I haven't had a chance to move my motorcycle over from my dads garage yet. But come the spring the shed will be in full use. Excellent thank you for supplying my bikes new home.

Web review

As you will see from the photo the "bike-shed" is up and occupied and I am well pleased with the result. There is plenty of room for my Yamaha MT-03, in fact if parked in the middle of the shed there is plenty of room to work on both sides of the bike at once without repositioning it. The quality of the metal work is robust and the panels all fit together very snugly…


I needed a reliable and secure motorbike garage as it's located in a remote and dark area near my house, this does the trick nicely.


Apologies for the time taken to reply, I am more than happy with my unit and in fact, it is better than I had envisaged! I have sent a picture into Performance Bikes and it has appeared in this month's issue along with Asgard's name as the supplier, the guys that arrived to put it together did a great job (making it look very easy) and were also very friendly. Paying the extra for this service was more than worth it! As described the garage is a great size and again as mentioned on the website counts as garaged for my insurance purposes so very very happy


The Asgard motorcycle shed is great, really good quality and seems robust. My wife and I put it up and it was really simple. It did take longer than we thought but that was because I was the only one putting the screws in. One point to note I put a lot of screws in that I then had to remove to put the screw cover plates on.

Chris Price

The shed now it's up is great. it is solid and I'm sure it will withstand attacks. I still have to enlarge the bottom bolt hole on for the left hand door as the bolt does not line up. The delivery was long but that was expected. However, they then missed that date & delivered the following day when I was not available. My wife had to help the single delivery guy to get the shed to the back garden. I lost brownie points for that! The assembly was pretty easy & I did most of it on my own. I had help holding up a couple of panels until I had a corner & then I could rest it & screw. The roof was a problem as I'm 5'7 & my wife 5'3. The first section is heavy and even with steps etc it was hard. The following panels we did one at a time which is not what the instructions said. The instructions were pretty good but could be improved. Sometimes it was not clear what was required and because I did it over a weekend I was not able to call for clarification. I think it probably took 6-7 hours with a little help. Now it's up I'm very happy as the shed is ideal.


Thanks Andy and to Asgard – my motorcycle, (and kids bikes) and riding clothes are super dry and secure – even in the snow.

Jordan Fearnley

A fantastic secure unit that makes me feel at ease with my motorbike and bicycle inside. It’s also easy for me to pop in and out and be on my way whenever I need. The fella who delivered it was friendly and gave advice on putting it up. It took me an afternoon, a drill, a friend, and a few beers to put it up. I was really impressed with the simplicity of the design, essentially it only uses one type of screw which are all put in from the inside. This is what makes it so secure. The size is perfect for my thin driveway with room for me to get past. I’m insured with Bennetts, who accredit this unit as a garage which is very important (and it’s much cheaper than a garage!) Although I would have liked to spend less on it, the quality is there, and it is a much better option than the £300 flimsy metal sheds out there. All in all, I am very happy with my purchase!

Jonathon Phillips

This motorcycle shed is absolutely fantastic!Quality of the materials is fantastic too. The staff that brought it and erected were brilliant. Thanks very much Asgard

Jamie Murrell

I wanted to send you some pics of my new gladiator shed from prep to finish, I'm over the moon with it the reviews on your site were all true all holes line up with construction taking my dad and I about 5 hours amazing quality. I had a small issue with some paint rubbed off the hinges but one phone to you guys and I had a tin of your touch up paint sent within a week excellent service thanks again

Steve Johnson

Great bit of kit, pricy but BlueLightCard discount helped. 2 man job took approx 5 hrs to erect. Brilliant quality product. Bike is secure, Love it

Gary Millson

A cracking little shed! 10ft 11" x 5ft 2" and it easily stores 1 large motorbike with luggage + 3 x push bikes. I can actually get 4 bikes in without too much hassle but it’s a better fit for 3. I have fixed the bike rack at head height and secured the bikes vertically. They stand on their rear wheel with the front wheel in the rack. A little problem with a couple of incorrect / missing parts but very swiftly resolved without issue. I ordered my shed in ivory and would definitely recommend this. Its part visible through an obscure bathroom window and instead of a large dark shape it reflects the morning sun and lightens the room. It’s a similar situation inside the shed. My photographs were taken on a dull rainy day but it is still bright and light inside the shed. Ivory gets my vote! They're not cheap sheds but for what you get they are not expensive and I am 100% happy and would recommend!


Really impressed with this building. It's strong, and makes excellent use of our space. The door is high enough for me to ride in, (with care!) and space to store bicycles and garden tools as well as my motorcycle. The guys who installed it for me were thorough, and did a great job, including checking exactly where I wanted the shelves and hooks fitted. Highly recommended all round.

Nick Williams

Had my Centurion motorcycle storage delivered and built at my house this week. Delivery guys were super helpful and had the job done in no time at all. I honestly cannot praise Asgard and the quality of this product enough. The whole process has been a positive one and I'm absolutely thrilled to bits with the end result. My bike is now stored nice and securely under cover. My insurance company recognise the product due to it's "secured by design" which gives additional peace of mind. This is the best product I've bought in a long time and has been worth every single penny. Prospective purchasers? Don't hesitate, you will not be disappointed. I'm already planning a second purchase to replace our aging wooden garden shed ! Excellent stuff.

Michael Mitchison

Great product, easy to install and loooks great

Les Biggs

Having looked at all manner of sheds on line for a Motorbike store and small work shop, I came across the Asgard site purely by accident via FB and was impressed by the range/sizes on offer. The Motorcycle Storage Shed 10ft 11" x 5ft 2" was exactly what I was looking for and fitted on my drive next to where I park my van, the idea for additional storage came about because my garage was getting full and meant I had no room for my classic vehicle. the Motor cycle shed gave me the extra room with the security needed for my tools and Motorbike. The instruction were fairly good to understand but being an engineer it worked out ok. Overall its Excellent product at a great price and the shed itself is well constructed too so its an 11/10 for me on everything and worthy of a recommendation each and every time.

Darren Harvey-Hill

Excellent product, great team delivered and built, provides me with peace of mind for security and protection from the elements, big enough to ride straight in and climb off inside, love it

Lee South

Just had mine fitted today absolutely fantastic love it

Nicholas Greedy

Does exactly what it says on the tin, excellent quality! Took roughly 4hrs to build, requiring two people, electric screwdriver and a good solid Base. I’m able to store 2 enduro bikes and one hypermotard in it, two side by side and one across the rear with space around them to maintain them. No signs of any condensation whatever the weather and I was able to install electrics no problem with the access holes using 30mm stuffing gland. It’s super secure, with an excellent locking mechanism, doors are heavy and can get caught in the wind, however I secure them using bungee cords, hooking one end over the door and the other end hooked into one of roof drain holes when opened. Highly recommended with an excellent payment plan!


BESPOKE PRODUCT. Look at this and I dare you not to be impressed - perfect for my Fireblade - and a bonus bike rack at the end for the unpowered version. 2 hours to build though ..... 3 guys - worth it ... IMMENSE! Thank you Asgard

Barry Dugan

Fantastic unit, my bike fits in perfect and with plenty of room. Excellent customer care, helped with everything from order to drop off and installation, recommending to all my friends and family, the storage shed is solid and looks amazing, five stars all the way.

Stephen Simpson

All done and just in time for the rain extremely well made couldn’t be happier took I while mostly on my own to assemble excellent customer service especially in this strange way of living now but perfect many thanks to you all at Asgard.

John Casebourne

Outstanding - The size was perfect for my garden equipment, my car roof box, my wife’s medium sized disability buggy, collapsed garden furniture, my bicycle, tool box, step ladder, hose pipe on a reel, Black and decker workbench, and there is still room to move around quite easily. The instructions were easy to follow once I got my head round them and care is needed to make sure you understand the instructions before assembly... I made sure that the base was perfectly level and this paid off because when it was all up the doors fitted perfectly and no need to use the levelling plates... The security is top notch and I really like the door lock, no fiddling about with a padlock and it’s very secure. If anyone was to attempt a break in I’m sure it would be a complete waste of time. I really would recommend this shed and I think it will still be standing after I’m pushing up daisies. 9and 3/4 out of Ten.

Simon Kaylor

The perfect storage solution. With not having a garage at my house and becoming increasingly concerned about motorbike thefts, I decided to order the Asgard Secure Motorcycle Shed to protect my pride and joy from thieves as well as the British weather. The whole ordering and delivery process was faultless from start to finish and i’m incredibly impressed with the quality of the shed. The instructions were really clear and due to lockdown restrictions, I had to build the shed by myself but it only took 5 hours. It’s solidly built, looks great, the shelf is ideal for my helmets and cleaning products and the hooks are perfect for hanging up my leathers. It really is the perfect motorcycle storage solution.

John Harrison

Very pleased !! Really pleased with the Asgard - exactly what I was after. I had thought about a motorcycle shed/garage/workshop for some time, but when I saw this one I knew it was the one I was going to get. Unfortunately with the lockdown I haven't been able to ride my bike and hence I haven't been able to make that much use of my Asgard. However, I have been servicing my bike and it has helped, covered, access to tools etc. It's also been good to be able to leave a job and come back to it later. I could do with installing electrics/lighting. My partner is pleased too, to get tools etc out of the house, which is an added bonus. So all in very happy with my purchase. Customer service and follow up has been good too. So thank you Asgard.

Lee Tayler

Buy it! You won’t regret it.... Purchased this after attempts to steal my bike, I am now 100% confident no one is getting anywhere near my property. Easier than Lego to construct, just follow the instructions, and you will get a great deal of satisfaction making your man/bike cave. Other than keeping scum at bay, the unit protects from all weather conditions and will store all the paraphernalia we bikers so desperately need. Well designed and constructed motorcycle storage I wish I’d purchased sooner. Thx.

Rob Russell

The delivery was great, lots of updates and the driver was fantastic- a real credit to your company, helpful and efficient. I erected the shed Saturday and it has survived 70mph winds down here on South Coast!!

Darren Herbert

Exactly what i needed. I needed something bigger than I had and the Asgard fitted the bill perfectly. The ordering process was simple, delivery happened on the day I was told and installation was very straight-forward - I even managed most of it on my own. The added extras (shelf, hook rail, ramp and flooring) make all the difference and I've also installed light and power. All in all, a 5* product.

Darren Harvey-Hill

Excellent product, great team delivered and built, provides me with peace of mind for security and protection from the elements, big enough to ride straight in and climb off inside, love it

Karl Hughes

Overall though I am very happy with my Asgard motorcycle shed. Yes, I would recommend it, and yes, I would buy another.

Graham Leggett

I bought this Specific shed to safely and securely store my Lambretta scooter. The Delivery Guy was very helpful on a cold wet Saturday morning and it took less than 15 minutes to offload all the materials into my Back yard. I didn’t build the shed immediately I had to wait for a window in the weather, which came 1 week later. The whole process of building it took approximately 5 hours over 2 days. I did it unaided by anyone else but can see the advantages of having an assistant to lighten the load. Day 1 I built the complete shell without install the doors. Day 2 I installed the doors and any remaining trim, Shelf and coat hooks and laid the Wooden flooring panels, Job done

Brian Thomas

Superb product. Nothing to say but absolutely brilliant, easy to put together, strong, weather proof and perfect for looking after my bike and gear. When the sun shines it heats up and dries all the wet gear. The only thing I would improve is the ramp it needs to be a little higher and longer, but I’m just being a bit picky, because I have no issues getting the bike in or out. The delivery was very good, nice driver really helpful. Top marks to everyone at Asgard, well done, a very satisfied customer.

Dave Harrison

Hassle free back office service, great product. Great value for money product, very well made. Put up in a day on my own with clear instructions of use. Unfortunately one of the side panels didn’t have the pressed in female threads to accept the door hinge, a call to their back office staff quickly sent out the parts, these were pressed fitted by a local installer of the company the following day. The installer also levelled the unit at the time allowing both doors to hang perfectly. I cannot fault the customer service, product or installer service. Well done team, well deserving of 5 stars all round. This unit is a perfect fit for the 1250GSA.

Gregor Young

Very secure motorcycle storage. Delighted with the service and quality of my new Asgard motorcycle storage shed. The sales process was straight forward, staff were friendly and efficient and the product arrived early. Installation was straight forward with some assistance from my daughter and took just over four hours. Well worth the time and I would highly recommend this product to anyone looking to securely store their pride and joy :)

Ryan Williams

Awesome motorbike sheds. I've had my motorcycle shed 10 years now and it's still in perfect condition never had a problem with it bought another gladiator a year ago and the well happy with that too.

Mateusz Kucaj

Everything is perfect. Thank you so much for your service and support. Very happy customer from Bristol.

Paul Lewis

Well 6 months have passed since taking delivery of my Asgard Motorcycle garage & it’s the dog’s b’s. We’ve had some really bad weather, high winds & torrential rain at times & my shed it dry, stable, secure & most of all a place I can escape the wife & kids If your thinking of purchasing an Asgard shed I can personally recommend them without any hesitation. Yours Paul Lewis happy owner xx

Andy Phillips

Had this for a couple of months now and im as pleased with it today as I was on day one. no issues with the quality of the product, its very solid and well put together, no issues with condensation and enough space for what i need. I paid for the fitting service which saved me a job, the guys came and installed it in about 75 minutes, Overall Im very happy with my purchase.

FEBRUARY 2020 WINNER - Keith Machin

The instructions recommend 2 people to assemble the garage, both me and my wife, who is 5'-2" tall took just under 5 hours, however I must admit we did take our time, (what's the rush anyway). The finish is absolutely superb and the fastenings and numbered parts are easy to separate and install, it really is a one stop shop package. I researched most if not all products on the market and the Asgard came out on top every time, including price value for money, a true quality product.Finally I had to check my Insurance with Harley Davidson Direct and they returned with a full endorsement of the product to continue my Fully Comp insurance. Thank You Asgard. One Satisfied Customer.

Christopher Berry

Excellent quality and security shed fits my kawasaki with plenty of room for my 2 pedal bikes also comes with shelf for helmets and hook rail for all my gear.. So good quality my parents just bought one to replace there rotting shed

Jase Ward

My Asgard garage. Perfect for storing my motorcycle. My new garage thanks to Asgard.Perfect for storing my motorcycle.

Alan Nolan-Davies

Finally ready for my motorbike to come home... Secure Motorcycle Shed delivered and assembled

Eugene Brown

So, at almost £1200 - this is definitely a high end, premium garage. The only reason I have put 4 stars for price, is purely because it prices out a majority of people. I understand that each panel is custom made and it’s an English company (which is great, but it still seems slightly steep) Anyhow , my review. Installation is easy enough with two people and power tools. There was a small issue with my door, basically the locking bolt piece had been put on upside down , thus needed a replacement. It was a little wait, but when the engineer turned up with the new part it was fit and inspected. No complaints... Good customer care, I spoke quite a bit with Tracey before buying and no question was unanswered. Replacement part was organised as fast as possible. Build quality is top class , very sturdy and secured and it’s bloody loud! So anyone attempting to make an entrance will wake up the street whilst trying! The noise alone should act like a deterrent. I feel a lot more confident with this shed in my garden, but as you can see it fits in the following ( with ample space left ) : 636 Kawasaki, large garden mower, 2 adult bicycles , paddock stands , shelf for all bike maintenance bits etc. Hooks for leathers and textile jackets , pots of paint and so much more ..

Alasdair Burton

The shed took forever ! I was given a estimated date that passed ... so I emailed Asgard, I was given another estimated date ... that passed ... so I emailed asgard who told me that the shed would be delivered to the fitters who would contact me on another date .... this date passed so I emailed and confirmed what I had been told had actually happened (I was untrusting at this point) it had happened. 10 days later the shed was erected.... 68 days after ordering (9 weeks 5 days) its a shame shelves or hooks art included as standard, so if you want these then you will have to add them on. this isn't overly clear in the buying description. but I would recommend getting the shelf... its a nice addition. the guys who came to fit the shed were awesome and smashed the job out quickly and efficiently, would recommend.

Mark Worsnip

Please find attached photos of my newly acquired shed

Mal McNeil

I received my second shed yesterday, just like my bike shed but a bit longer. Excellent service as usual and found some shelving that fits perfectly along the back of the 7' x 11' model from screwfix and only £60 for all 3

Ian Ward

Although the shed arrived a little later than planned it was worth the wait. Driver unloaded and set all panels in order which was great and near to where the shed was to be erected. Shed is now up and standing proud and full of garden items in their new home. It took around 4 hours to install the shed with three people - the only issue being the third panel of the roof to line up but with a slight levering with a flat blade screwdriver all lined up perfectly. Doors lined up first time as well. Excellent well built shed. Thank you.

Darren Harding

I did a lot of looking around for the correct shed for me and after weeks of searching and comparing, nothing was even getting close to Asgard. I needed something that could house 2 motorbikes and a little workstation. I could have bought the specific shed for motorbikes but as I needed a little more room so I purchased the Gladiator plus 1. It took around 5 weeks to arrive which is a little long but wow was it worth the wait. I can only compare the shed to an ammo bunker and I can’t see a way any toe rag could get in it. Even if someone had got in, by the time they had they would have made enough noise that the local off duty policeman would of come to take a look and lifted the tired thief very easily due to exhaustion from the unexpected hard graft of getting in. I built the whole thing myself in less than 2 hours and I struggle to wire a plug at times and I made my own floor as I felt the floor should have been supplied with it for the cost but im not bothered. Anyway all in all I have now a bombproof shelter that could house me and the kids incase world war 3 happens while the misses scrambles around outside sending us supplies.

Colin Campion

I purchased this garage after a lot of internet research. I have had a bike shed previously at another house but I wanted something more secure. The purchase was easy and all questions answered. the delivery driver contacted me as arranged and he was there when asked. My wife and I put it together in a couple of hours and once levelled it was perfect. At each stage of the build i found another thing to be impressed with, the build is very strong and the design and features are second to none. I have added power , alarm and I could not be happier with how secure it is and how much storage I have. I have a motorbike , tools , two mountain bikes and a lawnmower in it. I am going to buy a bike storage shed as soon as I can. Yes its not cheap but you have will not be disappointed.

David Harrison

Put up in a day on my own with clear instructions of use. Unfortunately one of the side panels didn’t have the pressed in female threads to accept the door hinge, a call to their back office staff quickly sent out the parts, these were pressed fitted by a local installer of the company the following day. The installer also levelled the unit at the time allowing both doors to hang perfectly. I cannot fault the customer service, product or installer service Well done team, well deserving of 5 stars all round. This unit is a perfect fit for the 1250GSA.

Lorna Scales

Think he's pleased with his new Gladiator P1 shed, expertly installed by your friendly efficient team.

Peter Mace

Good bits 1) Firstly highly recommend would be happy to buy another if I need too 2) Stong, well made, easy to fit out with electrics. 3) Big enough for both of my full size bikes with ease. 4) Dry with good ventilation. 5) Tell you insurance company they offered me a discount!


When the shed arrived, I was impressed straight away with the quality of the panels and paint work, also the lads that delivered it, gave me straight forward advise for a no hassle assembly, which I had to do on my own as the family assistance never showed up. So it is possible to assemble on your own, but wouldn't advise it. All the panels lined up nicely and it was up in about 2-3 hours. It's even more sturdy and impressive once built, great value for money and the bikes are dry and safe.


love my new house!! Thankyou

APRIL COMP WINNER -Whorterbank Community Garden

Yay, we have a shed now, delivered, erected and solid! Will get it filled with our equipment within the next couple of days or so. Filled the shed with most of our equpment and had a bit of a sort out looking good with plenty of room for more stuff. Can just see some of our @WOLFGartenUK multi change tools. Perfect timing and no excuse not to grab a tool for all those spring garden jobs

Derek Carruthers

Just like to say I am delighted with this product. I know things didn’t go exactly to plan but you went above and beyond to sort it, that’s excellent customer care

David Bilton

This is mine, love it. Keeping my stuff safe inside.

Andy Lucas

After two and a half years, mine looks brand new.. fits two bikes easily

John Dinning

Love my asgard man cave...

Bryan Williams

In this case it is a case of you get what you pay for. I live in a very windy area and up until now all my other bike covers, tents etc disappeared like the house from the Wizard of Oz. Until now. Several storms later and my “man cave” is still there. Just pay the extra and you won’t be disappointed. Thanks Asgard

Melissa Nuttall

We ordered this shed in brown rather than green. We were pleasantly surprised with how well this colour fitted into the natural surroundings and has become an unobtrusive addition to our garden. The shed was delivered one day late and with incorrectly sized floor panels but these were replaced within about a week. Some touch up paint was also supplied FOC for a few minor scratches on the panels. The shed has plenty of space for a family of four’s bikes, scooters, skateboards helmets, bike carriers and car paraphernalia! It’s solid and the lock seems sturdy. No attempted break ins to report. All in all very happy with our shed


Today will be spent attempting to build my @AsgardStorage shed armed with nothing more than a plucky attitude, a selection of screwdrivers and a hammer. *PROGRESS REPORT* Getting there. Also, high winds are not helping matters. Massive thanks to @AsgardStorage for advice on getting the shed set up properly.

Sarah Morley

It has taken a while, but as I have finally got around to bringing my bike home out of storage I thought I'd share a photo of my Asgard centurion shed with both bikes fitting in with room to spare. We are very happy with the shed. Thank​ you


The Asgard shed has been great for us, an ideal place to store tools and materials, safely and securely. Being in a remote location, it's important that we have confidence that our equipment is safe and secure. The shed was delivered on time, and complete. Very happy with our purchase!

Brian Thompson

Nothing to say but absolutely brilliant, easy to put together, strong, weather proof and perfect for looking after my bike and gear. When the sun shines it heats up and dries all the wet gear. The only thing I would improve is the ramp it needs to be a little higher and longer, but I’m just being a bit picky, because I have no issues getting the bike in or out. The delivery was very good, nice driver really helpful. Top marks to everyone at Asgard, well done, a very satisfied customer.