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UK made Asgard Sheds

Asgard Product Designers

Asgard is a British designer, manufacturer, and installer of secure storage and metal sheds based in West Yorkshire. As part of the Flexiform family of companies, Asgard has 50 years of experience in manufacturing steel storage.

Our team of designers & engineers have over 100 years of combined experience in storage and metalwork. They’ve been with us from the very beginning of Asgard, designing, trialing, and manufacturing secure outdoor storage. 

Meet the Designers

Chris Raby Asgard Shed Designer

Christopher Raby

Chris joined the Asgard/Flexiform team way back in 1997. With his many years of experience, Chris is “the” guy behind nearly every Asgard product, designing each one from scratch. As Chris is part of the early Asgard team he knows everything about our products down to the tiniest detail - and our sheds are all about the detail, that is what makes them market-leading!  

“Design has always been important to me, I enjoy creating new products, and with the technology we have in our factory, we can make almost anything out of metal. Our design team works well because we have high standards, constantly pushing our creations to be the best they can be” - Chris Raby, Head of Engineering

Antony Bray

Antony graduated from the University of Birmingham in 2000, specialising in Industrial Design. With 24 years of commercial product design experience and 3 years of experience with Asgard, Antony brings a wealth of knowledge to the team. Collaborating with Chris and Andy from marketing, Antony has been the lead designer behind some of our latest products from our guttering brackets, adjustable bike rack, workbench, and cycle locker. 

“It’s been fantastic working with Chris to develop new lines of Asgard sheds and accessories. As Chris knows Asgard inside-out, he’s been great to learn from, but I can also put my stamp on things and bring industry knowledge and help to create the next batch of market leading products Asgard are known for.” - Antony.

Asgard Shed Designer - Antony

Chris and Antony are supported by a wider team of knowledgeable engineers, creating a strong design and engineering team pushing products forward.  

See How It’s Made

The Asgard Approach

Asgard’s approach to new product designs encompasses teams across the board, from Customer Services, Marketing, and Engineers to bring new concepts and take on customer feedback. We are thorough in our approach, researching materials, the market, challenges our customers face and general feedback before bringing a flushed-out concept to the table. From there we create a prototype that gets abused - we test its weatherproof features (not hard in Yorkshire!), strength, stability, ease of use, size, and much more, developing it further as needed. Only when we are happy with the new creation, the product is born.  

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