The Burner King – Dedicated Outdoor Wood Burning Stove


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The Burner King – Dedicated Outdoor Wood Burning Stove

This summer why not enjoy the long evenings even more with a dedicated outdoor wood-burning stove, keeping you and your guests warm late into the summer evenings.

Made from thick, solid steel the Asgard Burner King is 100% made in Britain by Asgard Secure Steel Storage a British manufacturer with decades of manufacturing heritage.

With an impressive overall height of 1750mm the Asgard Wood burner has rugged good looks, and as with all Asgard products, has been designed to last. With an all-steel, heavy-duty construction, featuring a heatproof (roped) glass door and an amazing 1-meter chimney, this 75kg Outdoor wood burner gives off an astonishing amount of heat for the full 360 degrees around the burner, providing you and your guest's continuous warmth late into the night.

Outdoor Garden Heater

As with all Asgard products, we have thought of everything.

Externally the heavy-duty steel construction has been finished in heat-resistant matt black paint. For a classic style, that will gradually age over time.

A large oversized vision panel door provides not just heat you can feel, but heat you can see with a great view of your fire late into the evening.

Outdoor Cooking

Why not cook your breakfast on the integral hot plates?  Just get the burner up to temperature and sizzle away (approx 40 mins to achieve cooking temperature). 

A 750mm high 5-inch diameter chimney helps to keep the smoke away from your food and guests (the chimney is fully removable for easy storage).  

Asgard's superb cool leg design helps to keep as much heat as possible in the main body of the stove and minimise heat lost to the floor – giving maximum heat, 360 degrees around the burner


We recommend the burner is set on a solid concrete or flag base as pictured.  



Outdoor Cooking:

The Burner king features two hot plates on the top surface - perfect for snacking late into the evening.

Removable Chimney

A 2inch thick over sailing metal top and chimney allows heat to radiate upwards not just outwards for all-round heat, throughout the evenings. 

  • Built from tough, heavy-duty steel - 75kg of British quality.
  • Coated in heat-resistant paint - durable.
  • Fully integral airflow system - maximum air draw = maximum heat.
  • Fixing holes for the option to anchor the stove to the ground - to help to reduce the risk of theft.
  • Hotplates - cook and enjoy the evening.
  • Large viewing window door - see and feel the warmth.
  • Cool leg design - minimises heat transfer to the floor.
  • Cool handle design - minimises heat transfer to your hand.
  • The unit is shipped complete - just attach the chimney and use it.
  • 100% Made in Britain - in our Asgard factory
  • Delivery 4-6 weeks - shipped to your door on a palette.
  • Burn the delivery pallette - your 1st burn is free!



Outdoor Wood Burning Stove


The Burner King - Key Features

  • Stylish Outdoor Woodburner - perfect for any garden.
  • High-temperature paint - providing a great look.
  • Gives an ambient glow to your garden - heat, and light.
  • Burns chiminea fuel/ logs and logs - available from DIY stores.
  • Durable steel construction - made in Britain.
  • Provides warmth - on chilly outdoor evenings.
  • Integral airflow system - maximum air draw = maximum heat.
  • Heat resistant glass - see and feel the warmth. 
  • Internal split removable ashtray - for easy cleaning after use.
  • Hot plates - integral and perfect for cooking up a treat.
  • (please allow approx 30-45 mins to get to cooking temperature)
  • Removable chimney - for easy storage. 
  • 75kg of high-quality construction - a permanent garden feature.
  • Quick made-to-order delivery - 4 weeks from time of order.
  • Bolt to the ground - for security.


DO NOT place this outdoor stove under trees or near shrubs.
DO NOT place this outdoor stove inside a structure or shelter under any circumstances.
DO NOT use this outdoor stove directly onto decking – YOU MUST have a concrete or slab base underneath.
DO NOT touch the stove when in use other than the handle as the external materials of this stove get very hot.
DO NOT leave the stove unsupervised under any circumstances.
DO NOT allow children or unsuitable people to use this stove.


Do not use petrol, coal, or accelerants.


On 1st ever use: light a small fire, burn for 30 minutes and allow the burner to cool, repeat for a 2nd time before full use.  This will allow the burner to naturally expand ready for full use.

Ensure a minimum gap of 1.5 meters between the stove and any other materials.

Please note:

If the log store is overfilled, or the fuel tray is over-fuelled, excessive heat build-up can occur.

A cover should be used for short-term usage (once the product has cooled), it should be stored in a cool dry place for long-term storage.


To clean your Burner King glass door either;

Use the traditional method of old newspaper and water.


Hob Brite or other oven cleaner works just as well.


To clean the main burner body:

For the main body only use a damp cloth.

Only clean when the burner is cool.

What if I damage the finish on my Burner?

Apply high temperature/heat resistant paint to repair any minor damage.

As this item is steel, the unit has been designed to patina naturally this will add to the aesthetic over time.  Some discoloration to the finish is normal.

The Burner King is supplied with a 12-month warranty against manufacturing defects.

Note; the 10-year (shed) anti-perforation warranty does not apply to this product. 


Asgard Outdoor Log Burning Stove

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