Motorcycle Storage FAQ

Motorcycle storage - questions answered

Q: What is the difference between the Motorcycle garage and Motorcycle Plus garage sheds? 

A: The Motorcycle Plus shed is deeper than the standard motorbike storage shed. This design came about as customers were looking to store tourers/larger bikes. The standard shed is suitable for most standard motorcycles, always check before ordering though.

Q: What is the difference between your standard large sheds and the motorcycle storage sheds?

A: Hi. The Centurion sheds and Motorcycle storage sheds are based on the same basic super strong design. However the motorcycle sheds have an extra vented section in. These extra vents (all our sheds have roof vents to reduce condensation) give lots of air circulation, to help reduce condensation even more.

Q: How many bikes can I get into the shed?

A: We have had 2 sports bikes in and all the riding gear we own.

Q: The shed has a metal floor, so why the wooden floor on top?

A: This helps to protect your tyres from any, burrs that may appear in the metal floor over time. It also helps to protect the integral metal floor.

Q: How does it lock?

A: The motorcycle sheds have a tough 5 point system. Using bolts and pick resistant locks to give you the best possible security.

Q: Why is the recommended concrete base size so much bigger than the size of the bike store?

A: This is so there is enough material to drill into.  If the base is the same size as the motorcycle store, it will crumble as you drill the fixing bolts into the ground.

Q: Do I have to bolt the motorcycle storage shed down?

A: We recommend you bolt the shed down to prevent thieves tipping the shed over to try and break in or moving the shed. Though this does depend on your location.

Q: Why does it have to be on a concrete or tarmac base?

A: The shed needs to be level to allow the doors and locking systems to function correctly. If the shed is not level the doors may not close correctly. 

Q: How secure are the motorcycle garages?

A: Currently they are the no1 seller in the UK, so we are quietly confident they are pretty good! All our metal sheds have integral metal floors, no exposed fixtures, approved locking*, a security rating*, thick heavy gauge steel, multiple locking points and floor bolts! This is what makes our sheds so tough none of the competition offer all this!!

Q: Whats the wooden floor for?

A: These provide protection for the built in metal floor of the sheds, to prevent scratches and marks. They also help to prolong the life of your bike tyres.

Q: Do your motorbike storage garages get condensation inside??

A: All our sheds have built in vents in the roof, the motorcycle storage sheds also have side vents. Though, we never say never, we have found that it is rare to get excessive moisture inside our sheds. We at Asgard all have our own bikes in them at home! You must adhere to the installation guide to ensure your shed is correctly situated, to reduce the condensation risk.

Q: Metal rusts. Do the Asgard motorbike stores?

A: Asgards are galvanized and powder coated, so they don't rust under normal circumstances. All you need to do is give them a wipe every so often and they will continue to give excellent performance for years. See our care section on the website.

Q: How are Asgard motorcycle storage sheds delivered?

A: We have our own distribution network, so we deliver each and every shed personally. They are supplied in panel form, for easy self assembly. 

Q: How difficult is it to assemble the Motorcycle Garage?

A: The Motorbike Garage Plus shed comes with all the necessary fixtures and fitting as well as illustrated instructions making it very easy for you to build easily with a friend.  Watch how to build an Asgard motorcycle storage shed in this video.

Q: Do you build the motorbike storage garages on site?

A: Yes we can, though the current cost is £185.00. The sheds always come with fully illustrated instructions, so they are easy enough to build yourself. Expect it to take around an hour for two people. Be warned, some of the panels are heavy.

*depends on the exact shed.

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