Fitting a ground anchor into an Asgard shed

How to fit a Ground Anchor in your Asgard shed.

Your bike is secure now you own an Asgard, so well done. However. Do you want even more security?? Then why not fit a ground anchor in your bike shed.

Why use a Ground Anchor?

Extra security for your bike. You can often get a discount on your insurance if you use one of our Sold Secure ground anchor packs.

How do you fit a ground anchor?

This is covered on our how to fit a ground anchor page here. Follow all these instructions before looking at this page.

Before you begin - Important points to note for fitting the Ground Anchor through your Asgard shed.

- The ground anchor must be secured into a good solid concrete. At least 100mm deep

- Before fixing the anchor, plan where it will go before bolting it down.

- Check for pipe work under the ground.

- We recommend the use of safety goggles when fitting the anchor.

- You will need a metal drill, with a bit size of 12mm.

- You mays also want a brush and a small hammer.

At this point we assume you done all the basic work outlined here.

1: Use the product as a template and mark out, then drill the holes through the base of your Asgard using a 12mm Metal drill bit.

how_to_fit_a_ground_anchor_for_cycle storage

2: Notice that drilling has removed the paint and exposed bare metal.


Hole drilled in the Asgard shed base

3: Place your ground anchor in situ over the pre-drilled holes in your concrete base and put the bolts in place and begin turning by hand.

Ground anchor in situ

4: Finish screwing the bolts in using the supplied allen key.

Fitting the ground anchor

5: Screw all the way down flush with the product. The bolts should be flush with the top of the anchor.

Ground anchor fitted and ready for use

6: Finally tap in the ball bearings into the top of the bolts.

Finished ground anchor

7: Use your ground anchor.!

Ground anchor inside a bike shed

Note* If you have a wooden subfloor floor in your Asgard you will need to cut out a section of the flooring to accomodate the ground anchor AND the chain.


Remember, You MUST treat the holes with a rust inhibitor.

Asgard do not fit ground anchors.

Asgard cycle security.