Can I insulate my Asgard shed?

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Storage shed - Brian May Super Guitar, Guitar Storage

Insulating my Asgard metal shed.

An Asgard shed customer gives us a step-by-step guide explaining how he insulated his old Trojan Shed.

"Hi Asgard, Insulating my Asgard shed was a breeze – and I mean that sincerely – I have been putting this off for months now, but thanks to actually getting around to updating my home studio, I need a temporary hidey-hole for my gear so I have had my hand forced into doing something!" 

Asgard insulated metal shed

So how do you insulate a metal shed and why?

Why? - "I’ve never had an issue with condensation at all, I am lucky(?) enough to live in a very windy, open area, so the internal ventilation system on my Asgard does the business, never to my knowledge has a drop – BUT I am about to empty my home studio, as I decorate and update it, so.. time to get my Asgard to earn its keep.  I will be filling it with 10k worth of equipment for a couple of weeks, so ventilation system or not – the temperature changes inside will not be too good for my equipment – so how do I reduce the risk of damage? Insulation!

I have searched around and noticed a few Asgard customers have had the same idea, they seem to have used Kingspan insulation, the stuff you find in houses – for me, that’s big and awkward, but in theory is the best solution, as its hardcore stuff. For me, the insulation on a roll is a better option as it’s easier for me to handle – so this insulation is my choice."


How did I insulate my Asgard shed? - "This was really easy, I was stunned at just how easy this was. 

Asgard outdoor metal shed with insulation

1. Empty the shed!

Insulation of your Metal Shed

2. Roughly measure the size of each panel.

DIY Metal Shed Insulation, Insulation Roll

3. Roll out the insulation, cut it to size - roughly!

Asgard Shed with Customer's Modifications

4. Apply tape to the inside of the shed.

Shed Insulation Step by Step

5. Apply silicone to the shed panels (I used the clear stuff from Toolstation as it was cheap)

Insulated metal shed

6. Apply to the shed panels, wiggle it around into position and smooth out – 5 mins later, this is on for keeps!

Top tip: Put the tape on the shed, not the insulation – gives you more wiggle room. Big blobs of silicone really help with movement and adherence - I took the nozzle off and splattered it directly from the tube.

Does insulating a shed make a difference???? Well … YES, stand in the shed and you can feel on a cold day, it’s much warmer… on a hot day, it's cooler!!! In all honesty, I would never consider leaving such delicate equipment in there full time, insulation or not, there will be temperature changes – but for everyday garden gear or bikes etc. – this is a brilliant solution, and for a long weekend, fine for my amps.

Equipment used:

  • 1 roll of double-sided tape
  • 1 knife
  • 1 tape measure
  • 2 tubes silicone
  • 2 rolls of insulation foil

"As promised here is an update on my FULLY insulated Asgard Trojan shed. This is now a temporary home for my guitar tech whilst I decorate and insulate my home studio – in the picture you can see the temporary home for my Brian May Super, inside are 2 x Vox Ac 30s, various Boss pedals from the 80s and all sorts of cool 80’s stuff."

Asgard takes no responsibility for the hints and tips in this section/ blog.

More information on condensation can be found here.

Condensation and Heat in sheds 

Condensation in metal sheds is well documented, by the nature of the material, when it’s cold outside, some moisture can appear inside, particularly when locked/ closed. All Asgard sheds are ventilated through the roof eves, and some of the larger sheds (used for motorbike storage) have additional vents in the main body, this unique system really helps to keep condensation down to a minimum. The key to a dry shed is the location – the more space around the shed, the better, as air can flow freely inside the shed and reduce moisture. 

Heat can be another issue,  but again the steps to remedy this are simple.  Try and keep the shed out of direct sunlight, i.e. where the midday sun would hit it all day, but the insulation technique above will also help to keep the internal temperature down. 

Sometimes, a customer can’t place their new Asgard in a huge, well-ventilated place or they know that they will constantly be putting warm motorbikes inside a big metal box on a cold day – in those instances, it is possible moisture will appear. The easy DIY solution is to insulate your shed, it sounds complicated, but as this customer below indicates – it’s not difficult or expensive.

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