Heavy Duty Ladder & Tool Rack X2


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A lot easier to store large ladders
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Heavy Duty Ladder & Tool Rack X2

Heavy Duty Ladder & Tool Rack/Hooks

Made from the same heavy-duty, weatherproof (galvanised) steel as all Asgard sheds, these ladder hooks have been designed specifically to safely store ladders, sweeping brushes, poles, and long gardening tools safely off the ground and so, freeing up valuable floor space. Of course, you can store more than just ladders on these all-steel hooks, the genius is in the design. These all metal hooks are predrilled with hanging holes with both hooked and sloped ends, you can hang just about anything from these racks.

Supplied in pairs, these handy ladder racks/ ladder shelf/ladder hooks are designed to be a quick and easy install, fitted into your Asgard shed in minutes* using only a screwdriver. Simply align the hooks on each of the shed's seams, slacken the existing fittings, and fix the hooks – simple. Your ladders can now be stored horizontally down the side of your shed suspended by both ladder storage hooks, freeing up floor space.

Brilliant Bike Storage

This just gets better, designed for garden tools, these racks work really well in our bike sheds as well!  Fitted across the back or sides, these racks hold pumps, roof bars, and cycle racks, not to mention they are great for general bits and bobs of cycle gear!  Check out the pictures for some ideas.

Ultimate Garden Storage

The Asgard ladder rack shelving is compatible with our large shed units including The Flexistore (5ft wide), Centurion (5ft wide), Gladiator (7ft wide), and Garrison (10ft wide) models over 9ft deep. See below for a comprehensive list.  If you are unsure about compatibility please contact us.

Shed Compatibility:

Flexistore 1533 5ftx11ft shed,

Centurion 5ftx9ft, 5ftx11ft, 5ftx14ft, 5ftx18ft sheds,

Gladiator 7ftx9ft, 7ftx11ft, 7ftx14ft, 7ftx18ft sheds,

Garrison Ranges



Ladder Storage Hook Strips (Pack of 2)

  • Includes: Heavy Duty Ladder Hook Strips x2 - for storing ladders, brushes & long equipment.
  • Includes: 10-year warranty - British-made and designed to last.

Metal Ladder Storage Racks


Asgard ladder shelf dimensions

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