Universal Shed Hooks (10 Pack)


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This is available for orders valued between £250 - £5,000. With plans designed to offer you convenience and flexibility.

These are useful, sturdy hooks, and they screw in nicely to the frame of Asgard's sheds.
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Universal Shed Hooks (10 Pack)

Metal shed hooks pack (Pack of 10)

All our Asgard metal storage units are compatible with these heavy-duty metal hooks.  These hooks are heavy weight and made of the same steel as the sheds and are ideal for hanging very heavy items out of reach of children, or for keeping delicate items off the floor. Adding hooks to your shed helps to increase your shed capacity by utilising wall space, and makes your shed tidier and easier to find what you are looking for. With these hooks, you can now store even more!

The shed hooks are made out of galvanised steel and are finished in powder-coated exterior quality (weatherproof) paint to match your Asgard shed. With a depth of 40mm, they can be used to hang/ store an array of items, from a spade or fork for gardeners, to a helmet or even tyre* for cyclists, this simple hook is one of the most effective ways to boost storage capacity. 

How to install an Asgard Shed Hook

Asgard shed hooks are simple to install and require no heavy-duty tools, as all you need is a screwdriver. All Asgard storage sheds feature hook points inside as they use the same pre-drilled holes used in your shed construction. Simply choose an existing screw point, unscrew, align the hook with the pre-drilled hole, and screw them back into place.

Key Features

  • Heavy-duty design - Great for hanging heavy items.
  • Easy fit - Just a screwdriver is required. 
  • Easy to relocate - changed your mind? No problem, move them as many times as you want.
  • Fully galvanised finish - Weatherproof and hard-wearing to match your shed.
  • Available in our standard range of colours - Ivory, Grey or Green.
  • Multiple applications - Versatile, hang almost anything in your shed.
  • Deep hook design - 40mm deep design to support a spade, helmet, bike wheel* or more.
  • Compatible with all Asgard sheds - Uses pre-drilled holes and can fit in any Asgard storage unit.
  • 10-year warranty - All of our hook packs are supplied with a free Asgard 10 Year Warranty.

These heavy-duty hooks are sold in packs of 10. If you need only 5 hooks, click here.

Please note, some Asgard shed packs come with hooks as standard, such as our large Centurion and Gladiator motorcycle and bike sheds packs, so double-check before ordering - but then you can never have too many hooks.

*Please check the depth of your belongings before ordering.

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Universal Hooks

Asgard shed storage hooks


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