Hidden Screw Heads

Safe storage with hidden screws

Asgard Metal Sheds are regarded as the toughest and most secure domestic storage sheds on the market and are packed with high-quality security features such as deadbolt locking, reinforced panels, and heavy-duty doors.

Each Asgard shed has been designed for everyday people's everyday use, with security and safety in mind.

All Asgard sheds have been designed to be built inside out with all fixtures and fittings inside the shed.  Sounds bizarre, but this unique design brings several benefits:

Inside-out fixings means:

Safe Sheds - No Sharp Edges, Child Friendly Storage
  • No exposed screws/bolts are visible or accessible from the outside – if a thief can’t see them, they can’t undo them.

  • You stand INSIDE the shed when building it, so you require less room to build the shed - great for tight spaces.

  • No unsightly rusty screws – no longer difficult to undo if you move the shed.

  • No external holes, so no water leaks and no spiders – spider-resistant sheds!

  • Safe for children – No sharp edges sticking out to cause injury, child-friendly storage.

  • Security!  An internally fixed base is difficult to force open.

How do Asgard sheds go together?

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