Electrical Mounting Plate

Ebike storage sheds with power

Electric Mounting plate - How does it work?

Electric sheds with power Asgard Sheds - Ready to add power:
Many of our extensive range of storage units have a little secret! Lots of Asgard sheds are electric-ready!! Look for the electric tag on the product image. 

These electric-ready sheds are fitted with integrated electrical mounting plates and grommet holes in the panels*   The amount of these special electric panels varies depending on the size of the unit.  Please check the product description for further clarification.

These panels are pre-drilled to fit most UK outside plug sockets, with the power being fed via the grommet holes in the side of the units.  Perfect for adding mains power to light your shed, charge your bikes and equipment, or just plug the lawnmower in.

Grommet Hole for Electrical Wires Wire Guide

Grommet Holes: At the base of selected panels is a grommeted hole, suitable for feeding the wire through to the power socket. Access e-bike shown - on our larger sheds the hole is centered on the side panels. 

Wire Management: Inside you can tie any loose cable back using the eyelet packs, simply tie off or thread the cable out of harm's way.

Fixing a socket into your Asgard E bike store Internal charging points in use
Mounting Plate: We have done our best to drill for the most common size plugs - but you may have to drill additional holes - sorry! This is easy with a standard hand drill. Sheds with Power: Once installed, your shed is ready for charging e-bikes, gardening equipment, motorbike accessories, lighting, tools and more!

Please Note:

  • Asgard does not fit the electric sockets as part of the installation option.  
  • A professional, qualified electrician should be contacted when installing electrical equipment.
  • The electrical sockets and wiring are not provided as part of this package.
  • The sockets shown are for illustration only - available from Screwfix.com
  • Images on this page are of the Access e-plus unit, however, the plate is the same on all electric-ready sheds.

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All motorcycle, ATV and quad bike storage sheds have the features above as standard.