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Replacement Lock Kits

Replacement lock and handle

In the event of an attempted break-in, it may become necessary to replace the lock, handle, and or lock housing of your Asgard.  Replacing a lock, handle, or lock housing is easy.  Simply identify which components you need (as illustrated in the dimensions tab) and select from the drop-down list above.

How do I spot an attempted break-in?

Easy, if the handle appears to have been snapped off, then sadly, there has been an attempted break-in, but don't worry, that means it's worked and has kept your equipment safe from harm!

Take a quick look at our super safe, snap-off locks in action here on our page; what happens during an attempted breakin.

For more information on how to replace a lock, visit our page here.

If you have lost your keys, please use our lost key service here.

Product Code: Lock

Handle, Barrel, Housing


Asgard shed locking -


  • Anti Bump pins – for security.
  • Anti-pick pins – for better protection (EN 1301 standard locking).
  • Heavy-duty shroud - for extra security.
  • Snap off handles - to help to prevent forced entry.
  • Internal 2nd handle - for safety.
  • East to fit - minimum tools required.

Asgard replacement lock parts

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