Metal Garden Shed Reviews

If you are looking for safe and secure, Metal Garden Sheds, then you are in the right place!  Asgard offers a range of secure Metal sheds in a range of sizes and security levels.  Look at some of our fantastic customer photos, and read extensive, detailed reviews on Asgard's extensive range of Secure Metal Sheds.  All Made in Britain from UK sourced Materials.


Looks great, solid and secure too. This is a great way of increasing garden storage space and the security of the shed design and door key ensures that expensive garden machinery is safely locked away. Very highly recommended.

Ian Taylor

Brilliant very sturdy great quality thank you

Alex and Heather

Ta daaa! We have a shed! and I wasn't even mortified about the size (we have a small garden) wahoo! We’re so pleased with it, we don’t have loads of storage indoors and we plan to convert the coal shed into a downstairs toilet so this is perfect for us! ... We love it thank you! It’ll certainly come in useful and so easy to put together


Twinning! We loved our first Asgard cycle store so much we bought another! We are an end of terrace house without parking and no garage, I was fed up with the bikes in the hall and camping equipment etc under the stairs. All our ‘stuff’ is dry, safe and secure!


Hi Andy, the flowers are coming out now and my Asgard looks even better


Asgard Storage I use it for my pottery kiln. I can lift the lid to load my kiln and then close it and leave the doors open whilst it fires. It fits in perfectly in our garden and has plenty of storage space inside. So pleased I purchased this!


This was my review and I stand by what I said! Definitely worth every penny spent the Trojan Plus is now installed by myself in less than an hour once I’d laid the concrete base! Thanks Asgard Storage for your service and prompt delivery

Sammy Bob Moeller

[In responce to the shed build] All good, it was very intuative! Thanks!


This is our second one and as soon as we make space we will get another one. So well made and easy to install. We had an incorrect part but customer services were brilliant and resolved the issue within 24 hours. Great company and so worth the wait.


We wanted a secure metal shed at our new park home and this fitted the bill, it is a great shed and to be honest better than we expected as not had a metal shed before, the old saying you get what you pay for is certainly true with Asgard , we had a little problem which was sorted quickly by them and their customer service dept were quick to respond and very helpful and we are more than happy.


After countless hours researching secure sheds online, I settled on Asgard and I’m glad to say I couldn’t be happier with the result. From Asgard’s website to the after sales support, delivery and build, everything was precision perfect. Oh and by the way, my neighbours are very envious and I wouldn’t be surprised if they come calling soon ????


Today Charlie,officially, became The King . What did you do today ? We build the @asgardstorage box to keep pig and sheep feed in. Not as significant but very important for the farm. These three had to put it together, patiently and properly. It is a good solid storage to keep feed away from the rain and rodents. Won’t be any good for bikes around here. @warland_ecogrowing @cleggsarahjane #todmorden #westyorkshire #happyfarming


Thanks again Asgard, you have given me the best garden shed ever! It made such a difference to our lives. Everything was in one of those plastic sheds, which fell apart and blew around the garden every time it got windy.


Ordered an 11x7 from Asgard last year and have been so pleased that I ordered a smaller shed to tidy up another part of the garden. Constructed it in two and a half hours with the help of my wife. (In our mid 60’s) Very pleased with both sheds

Shed Man

My usual Asgard winter picture for you. Over a foot deep this time, so I am skipping work and doing DIY and I am happy to say just like last year, 100% dry inside the shed :O) thanks


Picture as you asked for. Yes the shed is still dry inside and all my garden tools are fine.

Lucie & Tom

Very handy are our Asgard sheds. Keeps the children happy for hours and tools safe for years.


For an all-metal shed, the resistance against corrosion and dampness is superb.

Campari King

A Shed fit for a Campari King Unlike David, who didn't need any instructions or anyone else, and managed to build it in 2 hours exactly, most of my time was taken by having the 2nd panel upside down. Fortunately, my wife noticed this and put me straight. Joint effort had us done and sipping cocktails after about 3 hours. A Shed Fit For a Campari King, for sure.


I was looking for some additional storage space and had the Trojan recommended to me by my brother-in-law. (He was so impressed that he has two of them!) Mine arrived this morning at 10am and, with help from my assistant (wife) and her apprentice (our four year old granddaughter) the shed was assembled by 11:45. The instructions were very clear and concise and the build was very straightforward despite the rain showers! I was also very pleased with the care and attention shown by my delivery driver, Shane. All in all a very professional company with equally impressive products and service. Very happy to recommend.


Thanks again Asgard, you have given me the best garden shed ever! It made such a difference to our lives. Everything was in one of those plastic sheds, which fell apart and blew around the garden every time it got windy.n Attached are some pictures if you need any more let me know.


I just put together my Asgard metal shed 5x7 and I’m just simply in love with it! Absolutely simple to build, had it done on well under two hours. Excellent quality, really strong once built. The large door and strong security spot on. I just removed some wooden floor from my house, and out that in the floor of the shed. You definitely need a electric screwdriver to put it together. The only issue I found was the lock was sticking (lock kept stick ‘open’) but, some WD40 sorted that out. Wish I’d bought the shelves at the same time but, will get on that soon. I did have a couple of scratches on my shed, in areas where I simply couldn’t have scratched it, so ordered some touch up paint to ensure I maintain my warranty. I have every faith that my shed and I will have a long and glorious relationship……

Cindy Maddern

Loving our new shed

Stephen Robinson

Love everything about my new Sentry bike shed with bundle.Delivery on time.Went together easily and bolted to floor no problem. Would recommend for safe, maintenance free storage that looks great


The new #asgardshed #asgard #trojanplus galvanised and #powdercoated shed. The old wooden she gave up the ghost and was disposed of. Old one smashed up and new one built in less than the day


Absolutely delighted and so easy to construct.

Chris Marther

Wow. Despite reading all reviews prior to committing. I am still pretty impressed with this centurion. Solid! Easy to assemble! Secure! The hard work was laying a monster slab of concrete (to account for some pretty dubious angles in end terraced property yard). As you can hopefully ascertain, voluminous inside space, to which I have added a glorious expanse of pegboard. Note the bike rack also. So I now have somewhere to hide, somewhere to tackle jobs at the workbench. Somewhere to safely secure bikes etc. Just waiting for an electrician to rig up internal lighting/ electrics and then no stopping me:) Ground anchor took some work (for bike security) but I got there in the end. Again, superb. (I will say I did stop short of integrated shelving as a) costly and b) more functionality from blue aluminium shelving unit that can be seen in pics). Command sticky hooks are your friend!!

Tim Parr

After a break in, I lost all my tools, but now after upping my game, this excellent Asgard storage unit,protects my tools from underdearisables bolted to my garage floor.


We were in dire need of extra storage and after searching through all the available sheds we found that we had just enough room on our land for 2 x Trojan plus secure sheds. We're weren't in a rush so the 8 week delivery wait wasn't an issue especially as we needed time to build a level concrete base. The delivery driver couldn't have been more helpful and went out of his way to make sure that the panels were carried and placed safely as near to the level base as possible. We erected the first shed in super good time in 1.25 hours (2 adults) however with the second shed we found that one panel was missing/incorrectly labelled. We contacted your customer service department who quickly arranged for the correct panel to be delivered 2 days later. We were really impressed with the swift resolution of the issue. The sheds are solidly built and look amazing!! Our neighbours have shed envy and one in particular will be ordering one for themselves immediately!! We would highly recommend Asgard as a business, their products are superb and the service is brilliant.

Rectory Wildlife Garden

This time last week we put up another shed. We're out in the garden again this morning. Such lovely weather Thanks to @AsgardStorage for supplying and @stwater for funding.

Compressor Maintenance

Neat little job today, Supply a new aircompressor house and new oilfree piston fini aircompressor with -20 dewpoint desiccant dryer to supply air to some critical machines. We had to break the compressor down and carry both it and the metal Compressor house up 3 flights of stairs then rebuild in 1 day plus install prevost pipework.

Lee Currie

New shed in with and looking good. Solid construction, maybe needs a mural, any ideas? Cheers James Williamson for help with the base. Asgard Storage

Jimmer Carp Angler

Had my new Asgard Lock unit fitted today, a total game changer for me. Can access my kit so easy now don’t need any help from anyone happy days !!


Thanks gentlemen, for a very quick and straightforward ordering and installation process. Finally we have a safe, secure and economical way to store our clinical waste, and it looks as if it will last for years.

RainbowBiz CIC

As you can see our community gardening project Digging Deeside is still enjoying our @AsgardStorage secure storage! Here you can see just some of the people we support in front of our Rainbow Shed

Rectory Wildlife Garden

Over the weekend we assembled a new tool store from @AsgardStorage, and had a bit of a clean up. Thanks to @stwater and its #STCommunityFund for funding this work


Having being recommended by friends, I ordered my Asgard storage. I planned my base ready for arrival and assembly and was truly impressed with the build, strength and good looks. My comment to my friends was - my only regret is that it’s behind the garage and not in full view to admire. Thanks a lot.

Anthony Waith

I ordered 2 X 3 storage bike sheds which are Mega, the sheds are solid and extremely secure. Customer service was excellent and the sheds were pretty simple to construct with two people and the instructions are quite straight forward, the first shed took just over 2 hours to construct and the second shed took just over an hour to assemble with two people.
I placed both sheds on some timber battons just to keep them raised off the floor and prevent the bottom getting soaked during heavy rain fall.
Just now awaiting on the delivery of the shelving which will be by courier.

Chris Hubbard

We needed a solid, secure shed as we’re converting our garage. Having spent A LOT of time researching sheds - based on maintenance, ease of assembly and security, we opted for the ASGARDS 1522 and haven’t been disappointed.
The dispatch time was quicker than estimated - and delivery service kept us up to date on the day, to ensure we were in. The delivery guy was more than happy to take each component of the shed into our back garden, so that it wasn’t left next to the road.
After spending time laying a concrete base (so many reviews stress the importance of this), the shed went together like a dream.
I put it together by myself in a few hours, but I’m sure a couple of people would’ve have done this quicker, as it’s reasonably heavy! I had no problems though, as the instructions were clear and all parts lined up well. I’d definitely recommend this product!

Paul Reeve

After a number of years my old wooden shed finally gave up, so went looking for a longer lasting version. Not only did Asgard have the correct size to fit my garden, but they also had the right colour I was looking for. After a few installation queries the shed is robust, watertight and so secure. The customer service, communication and care from Asgard is first class and I can’t recommend them highly enough. Thank you so much.


Old wooden shed removed and replaced with an @asgardstorage bike shed. #shed #handyman #handymanservices


SHED’DING HELL. finally every single tool can disappear from my very nearly “done” house. very impressed with our steel shed from @asgardstorage, having so many tools to store outside a wooden shed wasn’t secure for us, so after a bit of research this police approved shed was the answer for us

Keith Hewitt

I purchased my Asgard shed around 14 years ago after our wooden shed had been broken into. It really was a fantastic purchase and gave immediate peace of mind. As you can see from the photos it even retains its original colour. Completely maintenance free apart from a squirt or two of oil on the hinges and lock. I recall it was very straight forward to assemble. It remains solid as a rock, Couldn’t recommend this shed enough.


Not cheap, but definitely worth the money.Wanted a secure well-built shed with integral floor, this looked like the best choice. Lengthy lead time but stuck to plan and communication good. Really pleased with the quality and simple to build (managed ok on my own). Got the accessory pack as well - all to the same high quality as the shed do I'm glad I did. Wanted to buy something once that will last for ages, I think this will. Highly recommended.

Andy Guant

Brillant bought one of your sheds, it stood up to an attempted break in. #doeswhatitsaysonthetin


BBQ Heaven! I ordered the surprisingly spacious shed so that I could adapt it to become my barbecue and garden upholstery store. This plan evolved and now includes a fold down barbecue platform . Quality is outstanding - highly recommended

Ragan Morgan

bikes or barbecue - works good for both. I've been using my cream coloured shed for over a year now, fitted with subfloor and shelves and hooks to store charcoal, heavy cast iron grates, spices and all sorts to be a complete barbecue station in the garden. I've recently added a wooden frame on top to create some more space for vegetable and flower growing. The shed is absolutely solid and doesn't let water in. Would recommend very highly.

Atina Atina

I put up this shed on a concrete base in a few hours by myself. The instructions were clear and the build quality such that all the bolt holes lined up and all the panels slotted together precisely. A year later the shed is completely solid. The paint all intact. I was impressed by how little condensation there was during the winter. There was no mould on my stuff as I have had in other sheds, and the walls stayed totally dry. The only moisture visible was on the roof panel, but this soon cleared and was never enough to drip. The locking mechanism works smoothly a year in. I added a wooden floor which helps reduce noise as well as protecting the base. I keep tools on the side shelves and can comfortably fit 2 mountain bikes and 1 road bike in the middle. I would definitely get an Asgard shed again.

Kate & Rob

Hiya Andy, As mentioned, I’ve had a wide-open bag of ready mix postcrete and a multi-purpose concrete bag in the shed for 6 months + and they are still powder dry, good to use. I’m quite amazed to be honest, I kept looking at it thinking ‘I bet that’s starting to absorb moisture, I should at least cover it up’ – but no, bone dry! A huge win, even in the thunderstorms it’s still good inside.

Kath Ferns

Love my shed haha! It's brilliant, it's very simple to put together, it's sturdy and looks really smart in my garden. I like the shelves, tool rack and hooks, it's surprising how much I can fit on the shelves, the shed is like the tardis! Asgard is very easy to deal with, the delivery driver was friendly and put everything where I asked him to. If I want any more storage I will definitely order from Asgard again and have already recommended them to others.

Kevin Hawes

This shed was so simple to put up, completed in about 2hr. Good costumer service. Rock solid , would and am recommending this shed. Very happy man


And we're done... Loving my new shed/bunker. Took me a day to put up a 5' x 7' including help from my Dad. Minimal swearing involved, really well made with the door fitting being the only tricky bit. @asgardstorage

Angela Preece

We have this shed my husband and son fitted in about 2 hours it looks great

Dave Park

Did a 7x11 on my own apart from the ridge in 5 hours. Very happy with the shed!

Hzl Thmpsn

And here it is! Asgard Storage a good sunny weekend job. Very pleased with shed.

Michael Knight

First Class Shed. Easy to assemble. We ordered the shed well in advance, giving us ample time to remove the old metal shed which was so light and flimsy and full of rust. Following the download guide from Asgard I constructed a solid concrete base and spent a lot of time ensuring it was level. The delivery of the new shed was exactly on schedule with regular updates on the eta. The driver was excellent and very careful with the handling, each item was visually inspected and stacked neatly. The first things I noticed was the quality of build and weight of metal compared to the old shed. This new one really looked the part. Construction was easy, the time spent on the base ensured that the door fitted easily and that I didn't need to use the shims. I had to open out many holes as the hole diameters were below the screw thread min diameter and even using a 18v driver the threads would not catch. This didn't present a major problem as it is better for the screws to fit snug than to spin around. I have bolted the shed down although it's weight alone should be enough. There was even an instruction to seal the bolt heads which is good practice. I have not sealed the outside of the shed to the concrete base. It is a slight concern of mine that moisture may seep underneath and cause rust in years to come, but then maybe I am looking for problems that don't exist. Overall I am an extremely delighted customer. Well done all at Asgard.

Allan Woodhouse

Thanks to @AsgardStorage for the Access Plus bike store and Vanguard shed. Excellent customer service throughout and Steve the delivery driver was just brilliant. Would highly recommend to anyone needing secure outdoor storage. And they do @bluelightcard discount!


I’ll be honest with you.....not the best day today to put up my new @asgardstorage metal shed in the rain. But’s amazing, can’t wait to organise and fill it when the finally stops.

Tommy Halliwell

Just want to leave some feed back. Got recommended by a friend about the Asgard. Absolutely amazed how well built it is can’t fault nothing about it. Easy to build. Actually built it by my self. Looks amazing and definitely doesn’t look out of place. I would recommend Asgard a million times.

Paul Freely

I received my Trojan Shed yesterday. The delivery team were great and arrived exactly when indicated. They put the disassembled Trojan shed exactly where I wanted it, and I started right away putting it together myself. Within 3 hours I had the shed together with 4 shelves, flooring and hooks. The shed sits great not too far the existing Trojan shed we got a couple of years ago which is looking in great shape still! Thanks Asgard!!


This is the third Asgard shed I have purchased and I’m always pleased with them. I’ve had three different models. The Sentry shed was needed for an alleyway with really limited space but I needed to be able to store garden equipment. So, lawnmower, strimmer, the usual spade and fork and also a bike. There’s also various garden type stuff placed on the two shelves I bought. Nowhere near full so still some space to put other bits and pieces. The hooks are a good addition allowing me to hang the tools up! The only gripe I have is I wish the self tapping screws had a tapered lead-in as it would have made screwing the panels together a lot easier. The ones supplied are flat and really does rely on correct alignment. I had laid a solid concrete base that was level but there was still a number of holes that didn’t line up quite as I’d liked. Other than that, I’m really pleased and would definitely recommend this shed and manufacturer.

Dan Joyce

What a great shed, delivery was excellent, with full communication on when the shed was turning up. The driver unloaded with no fuss. I chose to erect the shed myself, the instructions were very clear, had the shed up and complete in just over 2 hours. All predrilled holes etc lined up perfectly. As Asgard say - ‘it’s all about the base’. I would definitely recommend this product, I think it’s a fantastic shed, yes, you may pay a little more but it’s practically maintenance free and has a great guarantee.


Dear Asgard Team, I took delivery of my 5' x 4' Flexistore metal shed on the 21.04.21. This was delivered on time, with regular updates and kindly carried around the back of my house by the friendly courier team. The secure shed or ‘fishing locker’ as I refer to it is of fantastic quality and manufactured to a high standard. The shed was simple to assemble with all parts fitting together easily and is delivered with everything required for assembly, even silicone sealant is provided! All you will need is a drill/driver. This storage shed provides 2 very important functions for me: 1. It is a safe, secure, weatherproof environment for outdoor storage of my cherished fishing equipment, which gives me peace of mind knowing how well it’s protected. 2. It removes all this fishing equipment from the inside of our house which means my wife is very happy!!


Other than the minor problem with the floor strips, the I’m very happy with the shed. See attached time lapse movie of the build and a few photos from yesterday ;)


Today’s involved putting this shed up and screwing 148 screws into it! hopefully my grass will grow back neat round the edges once again. flamingo from Next in place to brighten up the shed

Tristan Wright

The Asgard Trojan shed is a quality item that provides secure outdoor storage for your belongings. The shed was delivered two months after placing the order and took me, and a friend, 2 hours to build (after some scratching of our heads). I am using the shed, with the help of a number of accessories sold by Asgard, to store a bicycle, power tools, car washing equipment and garden tools. It looks very smart and I am confident that it will stand up to all kinds of weather conditions along with any thieves that might want to have a go at it. Top marks. Thanks Asgard.


A terrible photo but a fantastic shed!! Very happy to have got one more task completed out of the never ending list. My sweet sister and Tom were incredibly helpful and we managed to get this done in a day. Complete with a base half done in crazy paving making the most of the local waste materials! Shed is from @asgardstorage - seriously good quality and manufactured in the Uk. What’s not to love.

Peter Hardy

Mine went back up this afternoon following its second house move. Still goes together perfectly, and only took about an hour this time.

Lucie & Tom

Painted our fence now to match the asgard. It really disappears into the background now it matches the fence!

Lee Simpson

3 x 7 The Sentry - Great quality and perfect size for tightest of space. Great quality and perfect size for tightest of space at the side of my house . I cannot recommend this shed enough. I erected in a couple of hours and more than happy with the storage it provides.

Christoph Hopniks

Hey Asgard, thought I'd send you a few pics of my sheds in use! They're great, cheers

Sally Hughes

Erected today and now we can get ourselves sorted! Thank you Asgard for amazing service and over and above customer service. We would highly recommend this product.

Kate Webber

Just put up my flexistore 5x7 shed and I'm really impressed with the quality! We're not great at DIY so took us most of the day with generous tea breaks but went up well, the panels aligned and the shed got stronger as more and more panels and screws we're added. We chose an Asgard metal shed as the shed reviews we're great, they look good and they are UK made, but more importantly, when we moved into our house, it came with 4 garden sheds! A wooden shed that was falling apart leaking and the floor had seperated, and 3 premium plastic sheds at various states of falling apart and cracking so they were just getting wet inside. We chose Asgard over other metal sheds as we saw a few case studies that we're 10 years on and they still looked great - so worthwhile investment. The shed delivery was good with the live tracker being super handy too. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Asgard garden sheds, they look great, really spacious inside and they will last many many years.


With lots of us now getting ready to host friends in our gardens again, so the garden clean-up begins. Gardens are one of those places that can accumulate a lot of clutter over the winter months. Sheds rammed full of ‘things’ and other outdoor storage areas overtaken. If you didn’t get the garden Organise-d before winter, now is your time to shine! 1- pull everything (yes everything) out 2- throw away anything broken or any chemicals past their best 3- remove any toys no longer age appropriate or used and gift/get on Facebook Marketplace 4- group items by use 5- use plastic lidded storage containers to avoid items getting damp 6- label label label 7- stack boxes away but make sure you leave a walk way for easy access If you don’t have a shed, these @asgardstorage containers are amazing and come in loads of sizes and colours! We couldn’t believe how much we could fit in!

Colin Popperwell

Here is what I did to one of your sheds! I don’t know if you would like to include them in your advertisements?


I just wanted to leave feedback and some pictures of my new access plus shed. I’m really happy with it and think it looks perfect where it is. The only thing is, we noticed when we put it together, there’s a bit of metal showing and I was wondering what I should do. It must have been damaged in transit as we only saw it when we constructed it.


Thanks for the super large Access shed, its great for wheelie bin storage.


Hey Guys, sharing a few pictures of our wonderful Asgard Storage unit. It was very easy to assemble and now gives us piece of mind having our bikes locked up securely. It looks great, the bikes are safe....we’re very happy. Thank you

Dawn Poole

Here are a couple of the recently erected Garden equipment/shed store. So much more space than our original shed.

Peter Madamson

I was so impressed with the build quality and security of this shed that I've ordered another one. I would have given five stars overall except for one minor criticism which can be resolved. The lip at the top of the shed and the forward slope means that rainwater drips down in front of the shed which is very uncomfortable when you need to get something on a rain day. The solution would be a sloping gutter going down to the right or left which could then be channelled into a water butt at the side of the shed,space permitting. The forward slope is good because any saved water becomes yours rather than it going behind the shed, possibly into a neighbours garden.We will probably fit our own gutter on to the shed but if Asgard could make that refinement it would be perfect.

Paul & Paula

Hi we just wanted to say how pleased we are with our new Asgard store. It's the Trojan plus and it's going to be ever so useful for storage. It was delivered on time and my wife and I put it together ourselves in under a day. We already have an Asgard bike store so we know just how amazing they are. We've included some pictures of it in situ.


Great to catch up – as promised here is picture of my Trojan shed – the original one door version. This is 14 years old now and (once it’s given a wipe down) it looks as good as it did the day we installed it. I can confirm the shed remains water free, no matter what the weather, rain, snow hail this shed has seen it all.

Peter Wilkins

So pleased with this shed. It was a long wait for delivery but understandable due to Covid. It took my son and I just under 2 hours to put up and it looks great. After several days of heavy rain I can report that it is waterproof. It has become known as our Tardis because it seems so much bigger on the inside. If you are considering buying this shed you will not be disappointed.

Daniel Townsend

I waited 3 months for my 5x11 shed to arrive, upon delivery there were a few scratches and bends on a couple of panels but when I made the shed up I was so impressed with how well made the shed was it didn’t matter!! I did contact Asgard and they have sent out some paint and some other items as compensation! I would order from this company again communication was spot of no issues all in all! Great product - recommend highly ..... excuse the mess of the garden not long moved in...

Colin Speed

This is my second shed from this company as we previously bought the 7x7 Gladiator which we use for storing our bikes. Hence the need for the extra security that the Gladiator provides in spades. This time we got the 5x11 flexistore which was almost half the price but gives you over 10% more space! The security features on this one obviously aren't as good as the Gladiator but nonetheless they are better than most sheds. A few improvements I would recommend: 1) provide self-tapping screws with a pointed end. This would make a huge difference when assembling, especially if you're working alone. 2) it would be easier to fit the door if it located on a couple of dowels. Trying to get it in position and drive home the short 5mm screws makes what should be relatively easy somewhat difficult. Apart from these two issues the shed is excellent and is adequately secure for our garden furniture etc.


Really pleased with our purchase, the quality of the shed is superb. Feels exceptionally secure and was really impressed with customer service when calling day before to check estimated time for delivery. Delivery driver also rang on day with update and was friendly and professional too. We will recommend your product and service. Thanks

Mark Howarth

I got the shed delivered in green. It blends into the garden perfectly. It took next to no time at all for me and my two sons to erect. The instructions were ok, but two parts, the one about the ramp installation and the part about the roof joint sealing flaps were not very clear. I would recommend dry fitting pieces before you secure anything with sealant. Now it’s up, it’s all about tinkering, I have installed power via an armoured cable from the house. The shed comes with side entry grommets but I wanted to bring the cable in through the floor, maybe Asgard could add this option instead of having to drill a bushing hole yourself? My only bad experience was after ordering and before delivery. I rang the dispatch contact number, left a message, but got no reply over many weeks!! On the delivery day itself I was expecting a call from the driver an hour or so before delivery as was advised on the delivery confirmation email, but none came. When I questioned the driver he said that he had messaged me the night before. He had, but I’d missed it as I wasn’t expecting any message then! Come on Asgard improve your customer contact, especially as we are having to wait 12 weeks for delivery, it’s a long time to go without any confirmations! However, it did arrive and the driver was very helpful with putting the pieces where I wanted them put, and he had some good tips on putting the pieces together. So overall a fantastically secure product finished with superb appeal robust enough for any application you have in mind. I will definitely recommend this to my friends.

David Scott

Absolutely loving the new access metal shed. The chap who delivered couldnt have been more helpful with guides and tips on installation and maintenance.It took me on my own around 2 hours to assemble and couldnt be more happier with the outcome. Friends have seen it and love it and are now considering purchasing one when their own shed disintegrates over time. This is one shed I will be taking with me when I move as it is perfect for horse feed and tack etc. I will never buy any other shed again.

Claire Hutchings

Excellent sturdy shed that was very easy to assemble. It took three months from ordering to delivery as it had to be manufactured. Our garden often floods in the winter so the shed was placed on a float (Max1500 from Zego Marine) capable of bearing 1500kg weight on land as well as in water. Obligingly, the garden flooded within days of installation and the shed happily floated for two weeks keeping the contents safe and dry.

Sabine Rohde-Patterson

This was our first order from Asgard and we are very happy with our purchase. Communication from the company was clear and accurate and the shed arrived exactly when they said it would in excellent condition. The parts are all solid and good quality. The driver was friendly and very helpful with the unloading of the parts. While it was easy for 1 or 2 people to transport the parts, it was helpful to have 3 people for assembling the first corner pieces at the back of the shed. From then on it was fine for 2 to continue. This was our first time assembling a shed and we found the parts were clearly labelled and the instructions were straightforward to follow. The parts slotted in perfectly. A drill is more useful than a screwdriver as there are quite a large number of screws required. We found it safest to seal all along the outside joints from the top of the roof to ensure that no rain drops can creep in. We found it unusual to pull out the key for the locked door sideways at 9 o‘clock and hope this will be mentioned in future instructions to alert people who are new to this type of security lock. Very happy overall, great storage space and would highly recommend!

Andrew Hardwick

I’m very happy with my new shed. It easily stores two mountain bikes very well leaving lots more space for the wife’s mop bucket and life’s other little essentials. It was straightforward to assemble

Krzysztof adamczyk

Hi I like to say thank you for the my new shed I love it I attach a picture thank you so much one more time

Luke Athey

Our new Asgard shed was delivered on Thursday and we have emptied and tore down the old wooden shed and build the Trojan Plus all in less than a day. Great engineering and good workman ship. I’m sure it will last for many years. If only we had known about the 15% discount for NHS workers it would have been even better

Gary Smith

After nearly 4 months waiting I'm very happy with my Trojan Plus, a serious step up from the plastic pig it's replacing. Easy to put up although I have put the doors on wrong way around, when it stops raining I'll rectify this

Paul Timmins

I'm delighted with my Gladiator P1 with storage pack. This came with shelves, hooks, a ramp and flooring. I'd have preferred the option to have two more shelves instead of the hooks but it's still good value compared to buying separately. The shed itself is excellent. It was assembled by two very nice guys from Asgard. Given its size, I wasn't going to attempt to assemble myself. I think the assembly cost of £275 is a bargain and well worth it. The finished shed is secure, blends in with the garden and trees and is extremely secure. I use it to store my mower and garden tools as well as four bikes. They all fit in comfortably so there's room for more. Expensive, yes but you get what you pay for. My only suggestion would be to include a pot of touch up paint with each shed. I spotted a couple of scratches and have this on its way. It would be a nice touch if included.

Bill Byrne

Chose this shed to provide a long lasting solution that doesn’t require any maintenance. After viewing the video of how to build I was confident that I could complete the task albeit with the help of my grandson. Looks great and also purchased flooring, hooks and shelves.


As promised our 10 year old gladiator plus one looks after all my toys still like brand new inside and out apart from attracting the pigeons

John Walsh

I had some experience with an Asgard shed as I had helped a relative put up a different model of Centurion. I decided to go for the bundle offer with the accessories as it is cheaper than purchasing them separately. The delivery service was able to accommodate my requirements exactly and were very helpful. The intended site was already laid out with concrete slabs so that considerably reduced the preparation time. A level base is best for good results when assembling. Shims are provided to take up any inconsistencies if required. The panels are heavy, so it is a two-person job! I used a small electric drill driver on a low torque setting in order to prevent stripping any of the crosshead self-tapping screws which make up the bulk of the fasteners. Only two or three screws are required to be inserted in order to secure each panel into position and you can leave the rest of them until the shed is fully assembled. Depending upon the accessories to be installed, some of the screws serve a dual purpose, so if you insert all of them at the start, you may well have to remove some of them again! What was not immediately obvious to me was that the rear section of the shed is slightly longer than the front section, so the two floor panels are different sizes to accommodate this. Silicone sealant was supplied for the roof jointing strip and the join between the two main sections. I found that it was useful to have an extra tube to hand just in case ….The doors are fastened by short countersunk bolts, and I found that it was easier to use an ordinary screwdriver to eliminate the chance of stripping either threads or crossheads or both. The ramp should be put in position next, as it slides under the front of the base. Once all of the self-tappers had been installed in the base panels, then it was time to fasten the shed to the concrete slabs using the masonry bolts supplied. I used stainless screws to secure the ramp onto the decking via the two screw holes provided. The floor panels slotted in perfectly, sitting just slightly proud of the metal. I painted these to match the colour of the decking outside, but that was personal preference and not strictly necessary. I then installed the two shelves, which only fit across the back of the shed and not the sides – so bear this in mind. After this was the tool rack, which in the case of the 5x7 shed, may only be fitted in either of the rear side panels as the front and rear are different lengths. This unfortunately means that the back part of the tool rack may only be used to hang shorter implements because it overlaps with the shelves. The hooks and eyelets completed the job. Purchasing the shed and accessories together meant that they are all colour matched, which is nice. However, one item which was supplied in green was the ten u-shaped brackets designed to be fastened into matching slots just under the roof. I have yet to learn exactly what these are for, since they do not appear to be structural. Finally, take care not to misplace any of the self-tapping screws as an exact quantity is supplied and I used every single one of them.The only poor experience I had was because the four M5 bolts which were supposed to be used to secure the front and rear of the ridge panel were missing from the pack supplied and this necessitated a quick shopping trip - now that this additional cost has been incurred, perhaps Asgard would be kind enough to compensate me by supplying some brown touch-up paint! I am very pleased with this shed and I can thoroughly recommend this product as secure and sturdy enough to last a lifetime.

Matthew O'Murphy

Great shed, easy to install. Recommend using more silicone than you think on the joints, also a bit of black gutter sealant works well in the roof joints outside. Also when it says a flat surface they mean really flat. We had some trouble aligning bolt holes as our surface was a little off


I've had the shed for over a year and waited until it had been up through all weathers. In the past I've had brick, plastic, wood and other metal sheds but none can compete with this one. I stored old blankets, cushions, furniture, tools etc etc to test through all weathers. There has been no condensation or dust or water ingress. No musty odours or damp as would be in other sheds. My home is open to the street so I love having a safe secure storage solution that matches the house because of the colours available. See photo. 10 out of 10. Delivery and communication were excellent. Highly recommended.

Patrick Simpson

I have been looking for a quality shed for a while now when I came across Asgard sheds. I cannot recommend this shed enough! Extremely happy with the service and quality of the product. I also assembled it myself within 2 hours - it was a very straight-forward and enjoyable experience! The shed is so secure I feel confident leaving my mower and tools in it. I would recommend this shed to anyone!

The Chicken Shed

Today’s job was to build the new @AsgardStorage shed for the vegetable plot at home. Desperately needed to tidy the mess from around the greenhouse door. And also in preparation for emptying the greenhouse which is coming down as soon as the tomatoes have finished.

Justin Haywood

Hi guys just thought I'd share with you a few photographs of my 10 year old Asgard fisherman's shed after being taken down and transferred to our new home just before Christmas. It has sat neglected and alone down the side of the house until today but now it's back up and in it's new home it looks as good as new. Not a sign of rust and everything went back together just as well as when it first went up 10 years ago. Bomb proof bit of kit ... We have even managed to bring two of the garden Lights into the shed for illumination.


@AsgardStorage Thanks for the 7ft x3ft Combined Metal Garden & Bike Shed. Here’s my son hanging his bike up! Thanks from the Foster Fam x

Ron Hall

We bought our Asgard Trojan Shed just over a year ago and just before lockdown we discovered water in the shed after very heavy rain. Having found this on following occasions we contacted Asgard. I have to say I was concerned as companies rarely have good customer service. However, you guys totally took our concerns away. Right from the start your attitude was what could you do to correct the issue. Rightly you asked for photos etc to validate issue but then quickly stated a new floor would be shipped out. Not only that, you agreed to send out an engineer to dismantle and re-build the shed for us. Today the floor arrived and so did the engineers who were excellent throughout and although the floor looked ok after dismantling, they did suggest possible reasons for the water ingress we experienced. None of which were implied to be our fault. Tracey, who handled the whole process was excellent and always prepared to help and keep us informed. I would totally recommend the company, the customer service and positive attitude to fix things as quickly as possible, Well done Asgard.

James Walkden

Thanks to everyone at asgard I now have a previously useless bit of land down the side of my house transformed. Just to show any other customers how narrow a space it can be built in, there is 5mm space each side between the house and a fence! Was straightforward to build and very sturdy. This is our second asgard shed, we also have a access bike store which is equally good.

P W Griffith

With only limited space and a great deal of garden tools to store, I decided on two identical sheds and you can see from the photo how well they fit in. Delighted and I will certainly recommend Asgard to my admiring neighbours, who are all in the process of improving their gardens and are very impressed with my sheds !!

Mark Glover

I bought my first Additions in 2015 and due to space issues needed a second one which I installed (very easily) in June 2020. The quality is second to none. In five years we have had no problems. There is no condensation whatsoever even with fabric products left throughout the year. I fully recommend anyone purchasing an Asgard shed. The only issue with the new one was a slight mark which Asgard addressed straight away. Excellent company. We now have 2 sheds next to each other as we were very tight for space.


The design, quality and finish of the shed are superb. Once constructed both the lift up lid and the two front opening doors allow for a variety of options to access the sheds contents. Also I would say that the shed is pretty much indestructible. Keep up the great work Asgard.

Peter Mead

Shed one of two installed. This is for the lawn mower and all the other garden equipment. Tomorrow we start on shed two, which is for the bikes.

Charles Pitt

Ebbisham Sports Club have had a Vangard shed for 7+ years. It has never rusted and remains as good to day as when first bought. So much so we have bought another!! Used to store tennis equipment and ball machine.

Tiffanie Lee

We love our new Asgard storage! It fits perfectly in our front yard and is roomy enough to fit lots of bulky items! It was easy to assemble, is of really good quality and pretty easy on the eyes too! Highly recommend @AsgardStorage

Ben and Terri Goodwin

Super impressed by quality if 5×7 flexistore shed, took under 3 hrs to make, very good instructions, superb lock, customer service 2 nd to none, delivery driver deserves a raise!!! Will buy another, far better and easier to erect than our plastic keter, never again!!! Cant thank you enough

Paul Hill

As promised our 10 year old gladiator plus one looks after all my toys still like brand new inside and out apart from attracting the pigeons

Stefan Kovacs

Great bike shed and was so impressed I purchased another tool shed better than flimsy wooden sheds nice and secure :)

Kerry Nattress

Although the shed seems expensive we could see why when it was erected. It's very strong and the men suggested having it pegged down which is great. It looks good and fits well in the garden. We can also fit our hedgecutter and marcher in it. I love the lid- great design.

Dave Pearce

Best investment ever!

Damian Waite

Got this beast last Friday.... what a piece of equipment. On Sunday I put it up (1 man job) until I got the lid, then got the neighbour to help out... I can not tell you how pleased I am, easy to assemble, solid and holds all 4 adult bikes (with a little bit of jiggling) but most importantly it has freed up space in my main shed so I can actually move in it. It's pricey but you pay for quality and you can tell straight away it will last for many years.

Mandy Holloway

And for those who have no bike but need somewhere to fire a pottery kiln.......

Andy Moore

Thought you might like this one - just built and put my Asgard for 29ers on wheels so I can move it around - has a couple of nice anchor points underneath also. Great bit of kit, strong, good instructions,easy to put together and nothing missing !!! Well done Asgard

Louise Morris‎

Love, love, love our new Asgard shed!

Helena Allum

Great service, excellent storage shed for extra long Kayaks, looks great. Purchased this centurion shed in ivory. We searched for ages for something that could store our fishing kayaks and store all the usual tools and patio chair cushions and looked good. This is one of the only products on the market which was long and narrow enough to fit in our small space. The high security features were an added bonus. We paid for assembly, which we were pleased we did. The shed was perfectly assembled in a few hours by the excellent fitters. Really delighted with it. When a few hooks failed to arrive, the after sales service was excellent. Getting them to us very quickly. It looks excellent. Glad we went for the Ivory.

Martin Knop

Excellent quality shed This is my second Asgard shed, and both are really great products. This shed is a perfect size for my garden tools and lawn mower. The quality is far superior to other metal sheds I have seen. Assembly was fairly easy but the self tappers supplied have a rather “blunt” point, which is the same size as the pilot hole. I found that to get the screw to “bite” into the pilot hole, you have to apply a lot of force. And then sometimes the screw slipped away and the battery screwdriver then strikes the metal surface. You’ll have to use a battery screwdriver - I certainly wouldn’t like to attempt assembly with a normal hand screwdriver. Overall I am extremely satisfied with my Asgard sheds, and thoroughly recommend them. They are strong, secure and well constructed. And I have not had any condensation inside them. My only negative was the customer service which could be improved, with regard to delivery time.

Stuart Cleaveley

Bought this 5x7 as we already own an Asgard shed which has moved with us and went back together no problem but needed more secure storage. I put it together by myself and it was really easy. They are well made and built to last. Would be great if a guttering system could be developed but would recommend them.

Tom Robson

We purchased the Lawn Mower Store as we have a number of wheeled items that need secure storage at our Church and Community Hall. Putting it together was straightforward, although it took 3 of us slightly longer than the 1 hour suggested. It feels sturdy and secure, and a good space for our needs.


Good tool shed. Thanks to Asgard, this is a great garden shed - intimidating to look at before you build it , and a couple of hours in the making, but well worth it in the end. We have adapted ours and added a waterfeed - so we can use our pressure washer any time we want.


I am really happy with this shed, great size and maintenance free. It was fairly easy to put up. So glad I won't have to paint it ever and it looks amazing.

Tym Smith

Hi just sending through photos of my Asgard sheds for the monthly competition. I’ve had the smaller cream one for about 4 years now and can’t fault it so bought the bigger brown one and just finished putting it together this weekend. Top quality, best sheds out there. Think I might need just one more next year

Jennifer Ebdy

A strong , well made metal shed product We are very pleased with our Asgard shed. It is strongly built and excellent value for money. The instructions and labeling were all very clear. I built it with my husband over one day and it was very easy and straightforward to build.

Peter Roberts

Super shed. The installation service had been suspended so we were a bit apprehensive being complete novices. We decided to have a go and once we got the hang of the instructions were pleased to find everything fit together perfectly. The only problems were two screws wouldn’t go in, one holding a door hinge and one holding the end of the ridge cap. I shortened the screws to avoid the offending bit of thread. It was hard work but we are very pleased with the result. A suggestion is that a short canopy be provided over the doors as rain gets in along the top edge even though the gap is small.

Adam Chaffe

Great quality and secure shed. Looks good and is durable. Excellent build service, worth the extra money. Some problems with delivery, which were quickly resolved by the team. Pleasant staff and very pleased with the result. Would highly recommend. Super product.

Colin Speed

Delivered on time and all in good order. Took my brother and I four hours to put together. Great product and nothing else like this on the market. Instructions not brilliant but I've seen worse. Not seeing much condensation so really pleased. I would happily recommend.

Catherine McVeigh

Gladiator 7x7 finally complete.

Andrew Dempster

BESPOKE PRODUCT. So 10/10 for the lovely Nicola, Helen and my superb delivery guy Paul. Firstly Nicola was epic on ordering exactly what I needed to replace a rat invested, asbestos ridden garage as a stockroom (Glad P3 + extras) and delaying delivery for a time that suited me. Minor delivery shenanigans swiftly avoided with a quick phone call, this lot clearly act as a very effective team. Delivery from Paul was epic. Lovely guy who explained each cage and it’s contents, what you need to do and how best to make it work, spending time actually visualising my shed in my intended space. Absolutely invaluable advice from a totally professional individual who clearly loves his job. Details like that are important to me when making this kind of investment. The actual build. I am my own worst enemy, I assumed my 1950s garage base was level, even and true. Nope, not even nearly.

Gail Marzetti

The shed is great. Big and roomy but not imposing in the space for it. It looks really good and can fit a lot of stuff. I paid to have it assembled and was really impressed with the professional efficiency of the company who put it up.

Chris Ball

This it is an extremely well designed product and would thoroughly recommend it. OK, it is expensive but this shed will, I am sure, outlive the purchasers, sad I know but we are thinking of including it in our will! The security of this shed is second to none, no external screws, the design of the very hefty doors, metal thickness and quality make this more secure than Don T’s lacquered hair. Self-Install - two of us, myself and her indoors, took approximately 5 hours (including tea breaks and biscuits). The only issue we had was knowing how to fit the roof seam cover and getting a bit mixed up with the internal cover strips. But after a yoga pose and yoghurt we worked it out. It is essential that you have a cordless screwdriver with the correct screwdriver bit. We also had an impact screwdriver as a standby, but would not advise using it unless you want to really upset your neighbours. I am sure the neighbours were already saying ‘ how many screws does it take to put up a shed (actually about 542), my wife started naming them but stopped at ten when she ran out of names, the first ten screws living happily together in section A rear panel right. The only criticism my wife has is that there is nowhere to hang curtains! We, that is the ‘royal we’ are most impressed by the quality of the shed, or garden storage condo, as my wife calls it. Customer service were very good keeping us informed from ordering to delivery. There was a slight issue with a small amount of damage to a part caused in transit. The damaged item was replaced with delivery a few days later. The Gladiator Plus 2 Pack Bundle, which I would thoroughly recommend. The wooden subfloor, shelving, hooks and ramp is at the same level of quality and strength as the shed.

Tom Atherton

Well impressed I keep my bikes in them

Churchwarden at St Mary's Church

Sorry, I meant to send this photograph following the delivery and fitting of our second shed last year. The original to the right is seven years old and looks no different to the new one ! Only the fresh concrete base shows the addition. I have recently recommended your company and products to another Church in a neighbouring town, which reminded me that I had not been in touch to say how pleased we were. Both of the Gladiator sheds were delivered on time, carefully packaged, all components complete, quality build and fitted together perfectly. I have fitted my own wood panelled floor, definitely a worthwhile addition.

Nigel Foster

Just finished building my shed and I’m delighted with it. I ignored the advice about leaving a metre around it which made it challenging to construct as I had only 3 inches spare on three sides. However the shed makes use of a wasted corner off our car port and houses lots of gear as well as two wheelie bins. All good but could do with some extra holes/fittings for heavy duty shelving? I am installing some 600mm deep shelving.

Steven Preston

This is our second Asgard storage shed, great quality and price, hence we have two! Designed and made in Britain. Asgard storage systems are excellent quality, great designs and are well priced. This is our second Asgard storage shed. We also have a 4 bike police approved 29ner bike storage shed. Because of its quality, cost and great customer service we received. It was a no brainer to purchase a second Asgard shed for our gardening equipment. Well done Asgard.

Geoffrey Wareing

A quality garden shed, the best I've ever had. Very pleased with this unit, well made and very secure. My wife and I are not spring chickens but we managed to put it together without any significant difficulties. I bought the accessory pack provided but found I needed to order two more shelves (4 in all). I also decided to make my own augmentation to the unit, a door stop attached to the side of the shed, to secure the door when open. This made me think a similar purpose made attachment would be a useful accessory to the unit, just a thought.

Kevan Crystal

Great shed. The shed is very strong easy to assemble, only needed someone to help me put roof on apart from loads of screws recommend a good electric screwdriver. loads of storage i bought the pack with floor panels these make a big difference could do with another shelf or two and less hooks. but would recommend this purchase to anyone.

Jennife Ebdy

A strong , well made metal shed product. We are very pleased with our Asgard shed. It is strongly built and excellent value for money. The instructions and labeling were all very clear. I built it with my husband over one day and it was very easy and straightforward to build.

Natalie Gould

Love Asgard sheds - my old bike shed from 2015 and now the brand new garden shed. In London this provides extra secure square footage of storage at reasonable prices


Received this shed just over a month ago. Help from team when I needed to rearrange delivery. Delivered whilst I was out, all pieces left in the order in which they needed to be put up. Was informed prior to delivery that wooden flooring would come in separate delivery as it wasn't in the warehouse when shed collected for delivery. This wasn't an issue, this was ready for delivery a few days later and when I opted to collect from the depot I got an email from Asgard reminding me about the collection a few days later. Putting the shed up was straightforward, instructions were clear, we had 3 of us putting it up but could be done by 2. Very happy with the quality of the shed and pleased with how it looks. My brother has had a similar one for a few years now and still looks as good as new. Would highly recommend this product and this company.


Purchased this small shed as we are limited in space, however it’s actually a really great size. Easily put together by two of us, with all screws supplied. Good quality metal and seems extremely sturdy once fixed in place on our concrete slab base. Ordering was very easy on the web site and delivery was more or less on time. Delivery driver kept us informed as to his timings etc and put it exactly where we wanted it. Would definitely recommend Asgard Sheds


I have two 7ft x 3ft sheds from Asgard. They have been in place since May 2018 - so well over a year now. I really cannot fault them. Being able to open up the entire front end with two wide doors means there is no wasted space. And to maximise space further i have added a full length shelf across the entire width and depth of the shed. I bought a shelf pack from Asgard, put one shelf at each end, and then laid 3x2 timbers between the two shelves, and placed a bit of ply on top - voila a massive shelf that effectively doubles the capacity of the shed.

Philip White

I have two. Bought one secondhand, panic buy, didn’t really know what I was buying. Loved the engineering and quality. Just bought the same again new for extra storage. Will never buy anything else but Asgard.!! I had to shift house in a hurry because it was sold. Asgard shed was on the selling pages. Picked it up same day with my car. Built it that night!! Best money I ever spent!! Picture of the two sheds.


I bought the Trojan Plus Metal Shed Complete Pack. It took two of us nearly 3 hours to put it together, but the finished product is really good. The shed becomes very solid once all the panels are screwed to each other. It is a lot more spacious than the website's photos of it make it appear to be, and it holds mountains of stuff. I would certainly recommend buying the wooden floor - it adds the finishing touch. Before the floor went in, it sounded noisy and tinny, but the wooden floor absorbs the sounds - nicer for the owner and the neighbours! The 'pack' includes 2 shelves and 10 hooks (and the floor) - to be honest I could have done with 4 shelves and 4 hooks. 10 hooks means you end up putting them up where you don't really want them, just to use them up. 2 shelves make you realised how useful shelves are, and make you want more! I chose the ivory colour, as I felt that if anyone were to be creeping around it, they would stand out against the ivory colour more than against dark brown or dark green. Also, the light coming in through the doors reflects around the inside of the shed making it easier to see what you're looking for, whereas brown or green wouldn't be so bright inside. Costing about the same as a good wooden shed, you can't beat this Trojan Metal Shed - so much more secure and longer lasting, can't be eaten by rats or mice, and doesn't need re-felting or re-treating. I'm thinking of buying a smaller version as well, now that I've seen how good they are.


We don't have bikes but being in the countryside we did have rats living under, and eventually in, our previous wooden shed. Solution was a metal shed and this one was ideal. The company was a pleasure to deal with and the shed is well made and very easy to put together. I added a gutter of my own design to catch rainwater, all fixed using the holes and bolts supplied, and painted Asgard green. The shed needs a flat concrete base so a bit of work involved before it arrives.

Peter Hardy

Here's my Asgard shed. And yes, it is in another shed!

Mo Mepani

4 years now still brilliant.

TJ Hooker

High quality, British made shed. All Metal construction gives us confidence that our equipment will be safe

Ian Grieve

Well pleased with my Asgard Addition bike shed! Great communication and customer service from the company and the delivery driver was excellent, telephoning to arrange a day and then delivered at 8:30am! Took a few hours to erect on my own with only a little help required from a neighbour to position the roof. Now houses my lightweight Diamondback MTB and my rather heavy electric MTB easily with the full length shelf and hooks holding all my cycle-related paraphernalia. The green colour also fits perfectly with our garden “decor”! Well done and thank you Asgard. Highly recommended!


I thought I’d submit a photo of our two Asgard sheds for Picture of the Month. With a bit of clever hard landscaping they’re disguised but still accessible. We’re very happy with the product and the way they fit at the back of our garden.


Built by a group of community allotmenteers on one Saturday morning. Still excellent a year later. We put it on a base of pavers due to sandy soil. Easy to order extra keys.

Helen McCarthy

Bellevue Playgroup has one. Perfect for all our outdoor equipment. Amazing quality and we have had it a few years now. Thank you

Row Saunders

Very sturdy shed and secure. Bit of a puzzle putting up, but got there in the end! The ramp didnt fit so couldnt use that

Christopher Merrell

Very happy with my Trojan plus, only problem is I may have to get another one . Piece of mind knowing that my fishing tackle is as safe as it can be.

Julie Tyler

Great new shed , lots of room & VERY sturdy

Mark Egan

Iv had my asgard shed for a while now and its a great product. I sleep soundly at night knowing my valuables are safe. I would highly recommend asgard sheds to anyone who is on the look out for a quality item that they can trust to keep their valuables safe at all times

Mark Arnold

So Good I bought a second one...... Having a base already laid out to the specification made building this unit very easy to build. The Shed was so good I have ordered a second one.

L Ward

Best purchase ever made, simple to put together, clear instructions, put together in just over an hour! Would highly recommend

Vince Finch

Purchased in brown as it would look more pleasing on the eye. We did notice a few small scratches after delivery when moving panels and it would have been better for a small tub of touch up paint to be included with each purchase. Its a very secure product and far better in my opinion than any timber shed. Should any attempt be made breaking in your going to hear a lot of noise. I will purchase again. We placed this on preserved 2x1 roofing batons on a flat concrete base to keep a flow of air underneath protecting the floor of the shed. All in all a fantastic item.

Jessica Auton

Absolutely love our new shed, I'm told it was easy to put together and it is really sturdy. Best of all it looks great!

Darren Bloore

Loads of secure storage space, really easy to put together and in ivory, doesn't dominate my small townhouse garden. I'd certainly recommend to anyone looking for outside secure storage. Quality product and great service from Asgard :-)


We recently took delivery of our new 7x3 combined metal garden and bike shed for our caravan. It was delivered when you said it would be by an extremely helpful and polite young man. I have a bad back so the shed was built entirely by my wife (apart from lifting the roof on) in 1 1/2 hours. I manfully steadied the panels and passed screws to her and made a cup of tea when required. We are absolutely delighted with every aspect of the purchase and ease of the erection of the shed, it is exceptionally well designed and built. We have had several people ask to look inside it so hopefully you will get more orders. I have attached a photograph of my wife proudly posing by it

Seb Ski

It has been fitted today. Very good product, high quality and looks great in my garden.

Wrose Community Garden

big thank you from wrose community garden and st cuthberts church for the fantastic new metal shed, it was delivered on the date and time agreed and the delivery guys gave us plenty of advice re erection, We have now erected the shed and I have enclosed a couple of photos. And already started to move stuff into it, it will he used to store gardening equipment and other items used by the 3 local primary schools who attend on a regular basis for wildlife lessons We are overwhelmed by you generosity. I have requested a big thank you also goes on our weekly notice sheet


When I first heard about Asgard from a good from of mine, who'd paid over a grand for his shed, I baulked at the idea of paying that much just to store my [much beloved] bikes in. But reading reviews and thinking it over for a along while I took plunge on this shed and do not regret doing so at all. the 5x11 Flexistore shed easily holds two bikes, golf clubs, garden furniture equipment, numerous tool boxes, and a bike travel bag ... with east. Still plenty of room to move around inside. You will need internal lighting fitted as it is rich black at night (so much so you can see the far end when stood at the open door). Having this shed has freed up space in my new home, which was a long term aim after moving in last year. A few things regarding the construction: you will need a caulk gun to apply the sealant. There [appears to be] no mention of this in the instructions which delayed our my (friend and I) plan to build to completion in one go, so instead had to build over two 2 1/2 stints over 10 days apart.

Ade Lautieri

My new Asgard shed erected this morning. I absolutely love it!

Cath Laycock

I love my Asgard shed.

Tony Covello

Loving the shed and could not be happier, cheers.

Simon Knowlton

Rearranging the shed before winter.

Andy Lewis

Final piece of the puzzle on a garden in Chorlton we did earlier in the spring

James Bailey

Great quality, solid and secure. An excellent product, it was very quick to put up (Quicker than the "Access" store I bought a few years previous). Laying on a flat base is essential. It's weighty, so I have no fear it will blow over in the wind. Comes with fixing bolts for added security. I haven't experienced any issues with condensation in it either. A minor glitch with the screws not fitting easily in all the holes was resolved when I contacted customer services and a pack of different screws was sent out the same day, no quibbles. Would recommend to anyone wanting a secure and robust product.