Mobility Scooter Storage FAQs

FAQs for storing mobility scooters.

Where can I store my mobility scooter?
If you live in a bungalow, house or your mobility scooter should be stored outside, preferably in a secure, lockable shed with its own power supply. The Asgard Mobility Scooter Shed is the ideal, safe and secure way to store your mobility or disability scooter. 

Where should I locate the Mobility Scooter Storage unit?
The Mobility Scooter shed from Asgard needs to be located where you have easy and convenient accessibility. You should think carefully about whether you can manoeuvre a mobility scooter up your path. Is it wide enough? Are there steps to the garden if you want to locate it at the back of the property?  Please contact us if you are not sure about the location of your scooter storage unit before placing your order.

Can I charge my mobility scooter battery in the Mobility Scooter Shed?
Yes, the Mobility Scooter Storage Unit from Asgard comes fitted with an electric power point, which means that you can charge up your scooter whilst it is being stored inside the unit.  However, please be advised that a qualified electrician will need to install the power unit and wiring (Not supplied by Asgard). 

Is it possible to ride in my disability scooter into the Shed?
The Mobility Scooter Storage shed from Asgard comes with a convenient access ramp making it easy to simply wheel in or ride your scooter inside the unit.  The ramp then simply slides under the unit after use. 

I would like to store 2 Scooters inside this unit, is the Mobility Scooter available in a larger size?
The Mobility Scooter from Asgard measures 5ft (1524mm) wide by 7ft 3" (2225mm) deep, which is large enough for storing mobility scooter and other miscellaneous items.  However, if you would like additional storage space, the unit can be extended in 1.1 metre (or 3ft 7") increments. 

Can I install a ground Anchor inside the Asgard shed to secure my mobility scooter?
The Asgard Mobility Scooter itself is a high quality, galvanised steel unit which will provide all-year round security for your scooter.  However, if you would like to increase the security level, you can also install a ground anchor inside the unit by drilling through the base of the unit and bolting it to the ground.  However please note that Asgard don't carry out any ground anchor installations.

Is the Asgard Mobility Scooter garage approved by Insurance companies?
Due to the high-security design of the Asgard Storage Units, many Insurance companies have considered the storage unit to be approved.  However, always check with your Insurance provider to confirm this before you place your order.

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