Emergency Services Lockers

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Emergency Services Lockers

Emergency Services Lockers

Asgard has provided personal lockers for a number of the UK emergency services. A number of standard locker packs are available in addition to the unique bespoke locker design service.

Our team of Design Engineers has 100 years of combined engineering experience - Over the last 50 years Asgard has designed many innovative products:

  • Wet Room Lockers
  • Post Room Lockers
  • Riot Shield Lockers
  • Laptop Lockers for schools and colleges

All our personal locker are available in a variety of colours, sizes and configurations.

Asgard lockers come with ventilated doors as standard and anti-bacterial paint if required. 

Browse through some client images to see a selection of Asgard lockers in use.

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As the price depends on your needs, we will have to quote a price for you. To receive a quote simply contact us at; sales@asgardsss.co.uk

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Custom made lockers


Standard Asgard locker features include:

  • Vented doors for ventilation.
  • Cardholder.
  • Fixed shelf.
  • Coat Hooks.
  • Padlock locking.
  • Electronic combination lock.
  • Cam lock.
  • Wet-room option (galvanised, water-resistant finish).
  • Bolt-together facility.
  • Bolt to wall facility.

Call our customer care team for further details of our Laptop lockers, wet room lockers, equipment lockers, single lockers, multiple-use lockers we have even made riot shield holders.

Asgard produces high quality, custom made lockers and personal storage lockers for the Police, the NHS and the Fire Brigade. All Asgard lockers are designed and manufactured by us, here in the UK.


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