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Asgard Office Lockers

Asgard has designed and manufactured bespoke lockers for a number of high profile customers:


York Council

Asgard Office Lockers made in the UK

Bespoke Office Lockers

Office lockers made by Asgard

Barnsley Council Office Lockers

Vented Lockers made by Asgard

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Asgard Lockers are designed and made here in Britain.  Our steel lockers can be used as standard office locker storage, or as school lockers or wetroom lockers.  Our lockers can be fitted with multiple lock options - Combination locks, coin-operated lockers, traditional key-operated lockers and so on.  Asgard lockers are vented as standard, ensuring equipment remains fresh and dry during the day, so great for storing gym equipment in through a working day.  All of our staff, wetroom lockers are made to order and priced according to For more information about our metal lockers and prices please contact us for a detailed bespoke quote - - or contact our office furniture sister company Flexiform Business Furniture