Cycling UK - guide bicycle storage & security at home

Cycling UK's guide to bicycle storage and security at home

CyclingUK - A guide to bicycle storage and security at home

Posted: March 16, 2018

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Dedicated external cycle storage
If you have a bit of outside space and you’re willing to invest in your bike’s longevity and security, buying a dedicated external storage product is a far more sensible option. These can vary from general use outside storage boxes available at home improvement stores to more purpose-built products, such as a ‘Lockerpod’ a ‘Bike Vault’, a ‘Protect-a-Cycle’, one of Asgard’s cycle storage products, or some other innovation.

Boxes and lockers will prevent poor weather conditions affecting your bike but be aware that just putting your bike out of sight in a box doesn’t make it instantly secure. Bicycle-specific outside storage products often have additional security features built-in but if you are using a more general-use product, you will have to make sure you have some kind of locking system directly securing your bike. Simply padlocking a plastic lid isn’t good enough!