Motorcycle storage - reviewed

Ride Magazine get a good look at Asgard Motorcycle storage sheds.

Our motorcycle garages are available in two standard sizes ... normal and plus.  Both units have been constructed from our heavy duty steel.  A fully galvanised construction ensures our units are not just secure but also weatherproof.

Worried about security??  Don't be, the Asgard motorbike sheds are fitted with a 5 point, pick and drill resistant locking system - a locking mechanism so secure that our units have been approved by the UK Locksmiths Association.

Asgard motorcycle sheds reviewed


Metal Shed designed specifically for bikes.

Asgard Motorcycle shed

Spending £1300 on a metal garage is a serious decision, especially when the same amount of money could buy one hell of a wooden shed. But after a few months using this Asgard garage I’ve been converted.

If security is an issue then this could be the answer. Secure locks give the doors a sturdy feel, and steel sides and roof would defeat all but the most serious of tools. The interior has a plug socket and vents so wet bikes can dry and there’s a shelf for your helmet.

It’s designed for one bike but you could squeeze two bikes in. It only takes up minimal room, but needs a concrete or slab base.

Matt Hull

With a 5 point locking system, fully galvanised construction and integral ventilation system, the Asgard motorbike storage garage has become a UK best seller. Take a look at some of the views and reviews throughout our website >

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