What is Sold Secure Security Standards?

Sold Secure

What is Sold Secure?

Sold Secure is a set of recognised security standards, designed to set a standard for security products in the UK.

Established in 1992, Sold Secure is a Home Office-backed organisation, originally set up by Essex and Northumbria Police, combining two separate initiatives into one combined organisation; Partnership Against Car Theft (PACT) and Sold Secure. Today the single Sold Secure brand is administered by the Master Locksmiths Association, from a dedicated testing facility in Warwickshire.

The Sold Secure team has created a comprehensive set of standard test specifications, in conjunction with the relevant, recognised organisations; The Police, and Insurance, Industry Bodies. The Sold Secure teams standard ensures that all products are tested to the same standards under the same conditions, guaranteeing a like-for-like set of standards ensuring that the product performs as it should.

Sold Secure Grading Levels

The Sold Secure team test products to one of our four levels of theft resistance. Each of these specifications varies in the type of attack, tools used, and time spent during the attack.

Sold Secure Bronze: Offering theft resistance against a basic tool list (aimed at preventing opportunist crime)

Sold Secure Silver: Offering theft resistance against an enhanced tool list (aimed at preventing more determined attacks)

Sold Secure Gold: Offering theft resistance against a dedicated tool list (aimed at preventing dedicated attacks)

Sold Secure Diamond: The highest level of theft resistance includes use of specialist tools (aimed at preventing the most destructive attacks that could include angle grinders) 

Are Asgard Sheds and Garages Sold Secure Tested?

Asgard offers a number of tested products, tested to various levels. Loss Prevention Certification, and Secured By Design compliance features throughout our range. Many of our add-on Pherpihals such as Ground anchors and locks are Sold Secure compliant, we supply these to add an extra layer of security. We are often asked why we offer so many different levels of security at different price points.  Simply put it is cost v need.  We offer different levels of security depending on needs. 

A heavy-duty fully tested Motorcycle garage will be more expensive than one of our budget sheds, but why? Well, our tested products have additional features such as reinforced panels, to beef up their security given the high value of their contents.  You don’t need a £2000 super secure shed to store cheap plastic patio furniture.

What is the difference in security levels of Asgard sheds and garages?

Asgard are unique, as all of our sheds and garages are designed and made by us, in the same way, and out of the same materials.  All of our sheds are designed with integral floors and use the same secure locking systems.  The difference in security is largely dictated by the testing standards for that model.   For example, our motorcycle garages have extra bracing bars, at strategic points compared to a Caravan shed.  The logic being, a caravan shed is on a site, with low-value contents and is unlikely to be a high-risk target, so though really secure, the chances are a thief will not make the effort to spend a lot of time attacking a unit. 

A motorcycle garage needs Secured By Design Approval to attract insurance discounts, and so we will meet their exact criteria, as can be seen by the videos here.

Which shed is best for my needs?

All Asgard sheds and garages are very secure, the deciding factor is how much security you need, and that depends on the value of your contents and location,  and how much space have you available. Don’t forget, an Asgard garage can be taken down and relocated if you move house, or is a great selling point for a house.

If in doubt call our friendly team and we will help you as much as we can.

“It is the Mission of Sold Secure to test and provide professional and accurate advice regarding effective security products to Commercial Customers, the Insurance Industry, the Home Office, the Police and the Public.” - Sold Secure