Asgard Bike Shed Review from Going Going Bike

The Annexe Bike Shed Review from Going Going Bike

At Asgard, we are very proud of our metal bike shed range as we think its the best secure storage unit for your bicycle and cycle equipment out there - our Annexe Bike Shed is even accredited by the Loss Prevention Certification Board for its security and design.

But if you have ever doubted just how tough an Annexe Bike Shed from Asgard is, then you will be very interested in the Annexe bike shed review below from Going Going Bike - The online bicycle auction website. 

After hearing positive reviews about the Bike sheds from Asgard, Going Going Bike decided to take a look at the Annexe unit and test it out for themselves - with a hammer and a chisel! To see how they got on, watch the video below.

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What does Going Going Bike think of the Asgard bike shed?

"Although it could be mistaken for a Challenger II tank it is in fact a highly secure bike shed that saw off our attacks with ease and will surely be a match for more 'experienced' bike thieves".

Read the full bike storage review here from Going Going Bike.

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