Bike Storage - Questions

Asgard bike storage FAQ 

Here is a list of the most common questions we have had over the last  few years for our best selling bike storage.

I have seen you bike store on your website. What is the difference between the Addition and the Annexe bike storage sheds?

Thanks for the question. The Addition and Annexe bike store are basically the same sheds aesthetically. However, The Annexe has had extra steel sections added to the panels and doors, to achieve an insurance rating of level 1. The Addition bike store is more than adequate for most uses. The Annexe is a 'beefed up' version and is ideal if you live in a remote area where any potential thief would have an excessive amount of time to try and enter the shed. The Annexe is popular with serious riders who have high value bikes to protect.

What is the point of the High Security Thatcham Pack for the bike stores?

This is a belt and braces approach to security. The pack contains a ground anchor and chain, both approved. So not only is your bike in a super tough bike store, but also chained to the shed inside.  This will give you a discount on your cycle insurance. This is ideal if you have shared ownership of the shed.  i.e. one bike can't be removed without permission. 

Are the bike storage sheds easy to build?

We think so!  If you choose not to opt for our installation option, then here is a list of tools you will need.

To build the shed

Posi drive - Electric Screw Driver

Some help

For bolting the shed to the ground

6mm Dia Masonry Drill

13mm Socket Spanner

Read more about building your own Asgard.

How many bikes can I get into the addition bike storage shed?

The Addition will fit up to 3 bikes in and the Access is designed to house up to 4. Though you need to check the dimensions of the bikes. If the bikes are very wide (over sized bars) you may only get 2 in, though if they are small bikes you could more than the recommended amount in.

I have an electric bike will that fit into an Addition?

No. We would recommend the Access bike store for an electric bike, as it is wider and deeper than the Addition. Though you must always check the size of your individual bike.

Why is the roof angled?

This allows rain water to fall away from the house (if you butt your shed against a house or wall) So you won't get a build up of mould behind the shed.

Why is the recommended concrete base size so much bigger than the size of the bike store?

This is so there is enough material to drill into. If the base is the same size as the bike store, it will crumble as you drill the fixing bolts into the ground.

Do I have to bolt the bike storage shed down?

We recommend you bolt the shed down to prevent thieves tipping the shed over to try and break in or moving the shed. Though this does depend on your location.

How secure are the bike stores?

Currently, they are the no1 seller in the UK, so we are quietly confident they are pretty good! All our metal sheds have integral metal floors, no exposed fixtures, approved locking*, a security rating*, thick heavy gauge steel, multiple locking points and floor bolts! - This is what makes our sheds so tough none of the competition offer all this!!

What's the wooden floor for?

These provide protection for the built in metal floor of the sheds, to prevent scratches and marks. They also help to prolong the life of your bike tyres.

Is the Access bike store lid heavy to lift?

Yes and no. The lid is heavy as it is reinforced for security, however, the lid is on gas lifts, so lifting the lid is virtually effortless when in use.

Your High-Security Bike Store (the Annexe) is LPCB to level 1. What does this mean?

LPCB stands for Loss Prevention Certification Board. This is an organization that assessed the security qualities of all sorts of products. Products with an LPCB rating normally benefits from insurance discounts. In essence, they give an individual a set of tools and a specific time in which to gain access to the shed. If they fail, the shed passes.

The Access bike store has 2 locks Why? And do they have different keys?

Two locks = twice the security. As the roof is very large we decided two locks would provide the best security for your precious bikes (one lock at each end). The locks are suited the same key opens both locks, also these are level 8 rated locks, not cheap rubbish!

Do your bike stores get condensation inside?

All our sheds have built-in vents in the roof. Though we never say never, we have found that it is rare to get excessive moisture inside our sheds. We at Asgard all have our bikes in them at home! You must adhere to the installation guide to ensure your shed is correctly situated, to reduce the condensation risk.

Metal rusts Do the Asgard bike stores?

Asgards are galvanized and powder coated, so they don't rust under normal circumstances. All you need to do is give them a wipe every so often and they will continue to give excellent performance for years. See our Asgard metal shed aftercare section on the website.

How are Asgard bike storage sheds delivered?

We have our own distribution network, so we deliver each and every shed personally. They are supplied in panel form, for self-assembly.

Do you build the bike storage shed on-site?

Yes, we can, though the current cost ranges between £225 and £325 depending on the size of the shed. The sheds always come with fully illustrated instructions, so they are easy enough to build yourself. Expect it to take around an hour for two people. Be warned, some of the panels are heavy.

*depends on the exact shed

I am confused by the twin bike locker why is it a different shape from the others?

The Twin Bike Locker is designed for a different use than our other bike stores. The twin bike locker is really for areas where there is little space, i.e. a small courtyard or down the side of a house. The twin bike locker fits two bikes in a secure manner in a very narrow area (also hooks are provided for bags, helmets etc.) The twin bike locker has the same locking system as the Addition bike store.

I don't really want a bike locker in my garden, they look ugly!  Can I hide it?

Asgard don't supply any camouflage for our sheds. However, some customers have found ways of blending garden and bike storage together. - Asgard take no responsibility for aftermarket modifications made to sheds.

How many bikes will I get into the large cycle garage/maintenance shed?

This really depends on how you put your bike in!  Mark our independent review at Singletrack World got 7 in!  We can comfortably get 4 in with all our gear as well.

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