Building your Asgard shed

How easy is it to build an Asgard shed?

The good news is - it is very easy to build an Asgard. Assembly Instructions here>

Before you start

Be sure you have a flat, level base on which to build your new Asgard shed.  A flat base will make the build easier and quicker.  Asgtad are precision-made items, with tight-fitting joints and accurate and secure locking points., so everything needs to line up.

If in doubt, here is a page explaining the importance of a level base, and a video of a local builder taking you through how to build a suitable base.


Asgard products are designed to be assembled by just two people with a minimum of tools.

Asgard metal storage units are supplied flat pack in panels - By flat pack do not think of cheap, lightweight household furniture.  Think thick, heavy steel panels.

Due to the size and weight of Asgard products, all of our panels are delivered on our own vehicles, packed in eco-friendly, reusable wool blankets.  Giving maximum protection with minimum waste.

You require a minimum of tools to build a basic Asgard shed. (tools not supplied)

A power drill will help when building your asgard shed   A Power Driver will make life easier

Building an asgard shed  PZ2 screw driver head

Building your asgard metal shed  A traditional screwdriver for fitting the doors

Asgard spanner for ground installation A spanner if you are bolting the shed to the ground


Shed Installation Packs

  • Each of our secure metal storage units is delivered with an installation pack.  This pack contains (contents may vary):
  • Self Tapper Screws -  Enough to complete the entire unit (quantities vary)
  • CSK screws - For fixing the doors to the unit 
  • Ground anchor bolts - For fixing your unit to the ground
  • 2 keys (subject to choice of unit)
  • Levellers - 2mm - 3mm and 5mm sizes - To help to get your unit 100% level
  • Step by Step fully illustrated instructions - Broken down into easy stages.  
  • Hole Bungs 
  • *Contents of pack may vary - depending on model ordered. 

Installation kits with every Asgard


Fixing screws, ground bolts, levelling shims, instructions and bungs*.


All of our products are supplied with illustrated, step by step instructions.

self build Asgard shed instructions


Each panel is individually labelled with a number and part description.

Clearly labelled metal shed panels


Asgard installation service.

If all of this sounds like a lot of effort then, don't worry - we also offer an installation service just select at the checkout.

Other useful pages - How to bolt your Asgard shed to the ground.