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The Best Bike Security  and Storage

Posted: 13/09/23

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Depending on where you live in the UK, you can vary your bike storage and security levels, but our thinking always remains the same: lock your bike up and keep it safe. From having a lock out with you when you’re commuting to making sure your bike is safe at home, we even have locks on those evening rides you swing past the pub. We have a brief list to ensure you have everything you need for the best bike security and storage.

Cycling Electric has a whole article dedicated to the best methods to prevent bike theft, but here we’ll look at the products in more detail to inform you better. Make no mistake that none of these products will prevent your bike from ever being stolen. If a thief wants to pinch your bike, they will. What they will do is try and prevent anyone from stealing your bike. You want to try and make your bike as hard to steal as possible.

As well as locks and bike stores, consider some cycling insurance. Companies like Cycleplan or Wiggle Cycle Insurance have options on a policy that may work for you. Cycleplan won’t only cover you if your bike is stolen. Still, it will also cover you if someone else is injured, offer personal accident cover, cover legal expenses and up to £1,000 for your accessories.


Perfect for your garden or the front of your house, bike sheds are often inconspicuous ways to store your bike. While they will free up space in your garage, you may need to consider their safety in your area, some are safer than others, but they’re a viable storage option.

3′ x 6’2 Asgard Premium Twin Bike Shed

Dimensions – 3’11” high x 2′ 11” wide x 6’ 3” deep
Locking feature – Tough Pick & Drill Resistant three-point Locking System
Material – Galvanized Steel

Best Commuter Bike Storage

Asgard is known for its bike security, and you only have to look at this purpose-built bike shed to realise why that is. With the door on the front, you can roll bikes in and out, storing up to 2 adult bikes. Perfect for down the side of your house or where space is limited. This shed is weatherproof and rust-resistant and uses a highly secure three-point lock. It comes with hinges on the left as standard, but Asgrad can make it with hinges on the right if you contact them.

Pros: Leaders in bike storage security, Easy to store bikes, Near maintenance free

Cons: Not accessible from the side, but it’s built for space saving


7’7 x 3’4 Asgard Access Premium Electric Bike Shed

Dimensions – 4 feet 4.76 inches high x 7 feet 6.79 inches wide x 3 feet 5.46 inches deep
Locking feature –
Shrouded, Twin Lock System (8.5 Heavy Security Rating)
Material –
Galvanized Steel

This is much more of a purpose-built storage shed which can house more than just your bikes—this of it as external storage for all your cycling needs. What’s more, if it’s built with e-bikes in mind, how? There are mounting plates for electrical sockets (not included) and access holes for charging cables. You can feed your charging cables in and top up your battery with peace of mind that your bike is safe from the elements and reduced risk from thieves. Staff writer Myles Warwood has had the Asgard shed for review, which you can read on Cycling Electric.

Pros: E-bike specific, Outstanding security, Charge your bikes while the shed is locked

Cons: Not many for this product

Best Electric Bike Shed

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