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The 7 best bike sheds on the market in 2022

Posted: 29th April 2022

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Best Bike Shed UK - by Asgard Secure Steel Storage

Choosing the best bike shed is important for protecting your bike and its accessories. A poor-quality shed will only cause issues in the long run, whether it's weather damage to your bike or becoming a target for opportunists. But how do you know whether a product is sufficient or if it's worth investing in something tougher?

We’ve put together a list of only the best bicycle sheds available on the market, alongside all the information you need to decide. You’ll also find a guide on what to look for in a bike shed below, which will help if you're new to cycling.

1 – Asgard Metal Bike Shelter, £589 (RRP £738)

Security should be a top priority when investing in outdoor bike storage. This product has been given the green light by North Yorkshire Police thanks to its ultra-tough three-point locking system and outstanding durability. Not only is it an all-metal bicycle storage shed, but it’s pick and drill resistant too.

Available in three natural colours, it’s one of the most discreet designs on the market and blends seamlessly into any environment. Gone are the days of bike sheds becoming eyesores against the backdrop of your garden.

Despite being the smallest unit in Asgard's product range, this shelter stores up to two bikes and your cycling accessories, thanks to the included kit hooks. The overall design is space-saving and practical down to the last detail, including the miniature ramp at its base that makes wheeling your bike away easy.

Need a quality yet cost-effective product? This is one of the best bike sheds we've come across. We recommend looking at Asgard’s other products if you require extra storage.


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