Vertical bike locker reviewed by CTC Magazine

Vertical Bike Locker Reviewed

Our Vertical bike locker is the most recent Asgard bike storage unit to be featured in a magazine review.

As with all of our products, this bike shed is made from tough, galvanised steel making the unit not just strong, but also weatherproof.  A pick and drill resistant lock further enhances the security of this unit.  Read more below ...

The Vertical bike locker has been reviewed in CTC cycling magazine. 

CTC Magazine

Cycle December/ January 2012-13

Page 20.

Asgard Vertical Bike Locker

Reviewed by Cycling Development Officer Steve Marsden

If you don’t have a garage and indoor storage isn’t an option, a bike locker is another way to keep your bike dry and secure. Asgard make a variety of heavyweight lockers for one, two, three or four bikes.

The vertical locker is handy for anyone without much floor space: the base is just 80x 120cm. The locker itself is 199cm tall and 75cm wide, easy big enough for most solo bikes. Mountain bikes with bars wider than 66cm or so will need the bars turned, which will probably mean undoing the stem bolts if you want the bike to hand down straight from the front wheel loop.

Inside on the steel floor there is a ramp to roll your bike up so there is no need to lift it. A wheel holder fits over the top of your front wheel, and as long as you lift this loop up first, it’s a very quick and easy locker to use. The locker is big enough to leave some of your kit inside too - a couple of hooks are provided.

It’s made from very strong galvanized and weatherproof steel. At 132kg, you might need a crane to move it – fortunately the price includes delivery, and it’s pre-built.

The locker comes with a fixing kit to fasten it to the floor and has its own ‘pick resistant 3-point locking system’, so there’s no need to carry a lock around with you. It comes with a 10-year warranty. If you can stretch to the price, this locker will keep your bike secure for a long time. It’s available in green or brown.

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